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What's the worst purchase the Mythical Team has ever made? GMMore #1437
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5-Dek, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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Helen Kun oldin
That cat is like forgive my human, I swear he’s normal.....ish
inbal 3 kun oldin
Jordan is such a cutey
Super Vidya Brothers
I hope Jordan doesn't have the gout
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter 7 kun oldin
These four are my favourite of the Mythical Crew.
S M 9 kun oldin
I can't live without cats.
Isabel 11 kun oldin
The day one of the McElroys (most likely Travis, this is his vibe) go on Good Mythical Morning.....my life will be complete
Cody Froese
Cody Froese 11 kun oldin
Emily actually looked sexy in that pic 🤔
Amberly Albrecht
Amberly Albrecht 12 kun oldin
I'm so thankful for my cats lol. I have turned cat haters into either cat lovers or toleraters just from my Gandalf. You can toss him around, he adores vigorous belly rubs, cuddles me and everyone all the time. I love all cats always but Gandalf is basically a dog in cat form and he is a gift.
Insobrietive Magic
Insobrietive Magic 12 kun oldin
no freaking Jen i see... disappointed
I'm kinda mad that the redhead isnt a natural redhead.
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 14 kun oldin
The worst purrr-chase ever, hahaha... Oke you can shoot me now.
K S 14 kun oldin
Yeah. SOME cats are mean. Some dogs kill people. I don’t hear Rhett saying he hates all dogs. I don’t think the cat hating schtick is funny
K S 14 kun oldin
I don’t like people who don’t like animals
Lamb 14 kun oldin
Christine is actually adorable omggg
hi dude
hi dude 19 kun oldin
LexyLovesYew 22 kun oldin
I expected the tongue to be floppy rather than hard plastic
Dog Lover Maya
Dog Lover Maya 23 kun oldin
I'm with Rhett, cats are evil lmao
Rbgatcha Oy oldin
That picture of that cat looks exactly like a picture of my cat that I posted on my old instagram I thing they stole that of my old Instagram
Ian Nicely
Ian Nicely Oy oldin
Is jordon Cotton Candy Randy?
Kayley Baker (Student)
6:26 my cat loves me
Coins With Why Daydreamer
Happy cotton candy day daddies... Please bring back Cotton Candy Randy!
Sniffles Oy oldin
Jordan is so funny...and Emily funny and gorgeous :D
Vanessa Cortes
3:56 (gasps) WHOOOO? I LLLoooooooove Cats 🐱 5:31 Probably because You are not being nice enough to her or You are not spending much with her, and more stuff like that... (not being mean)
Mandy Buffington
Mandy Buffington 2 oy oldin
Been listening to Jordan Jesse Go! for a couple of years (while also watching gmm 6+ years) and I can't believe I never realized it was THIS JORDAN! My mind is truly blown
Lisa Keown
Lisa Keown 2 oy oldin
Jordan said, "daddy" and I got a flashback to Cotton Candy Randy. 😂
Brenda Ferrari
Brenda Ferrari 2 oy oldin
Rescued cats are the most lovely... So dont buy them, its better to adopt
EstelleLass 2 oy oldin
Maia Jeans
Maia Jeans 2 oy oldin
I feel the exact same way about my cat..she’s the worst but I love her
Jeff McGinnis
Jeff McGinnis 2 oy oldin
I’m in love with Stevie.
joel persson
joel persson 2 oy oldin
i love how link is just silent in the corner
michael smith
michael smith 2 oy oldin
Stevie's smile is so cute. She looks like she's always happy.
Hykal Yusry
Hykal Yusry 2 oy oldin
what's christines Instagram again? I didn't hear lol
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 2 oy oldin
Jordon made that fart joke and I seriously laughed so hard I farted
Edana Gorham
Edana Gorham 2 oy oldin
Ah Stevie, I had the same sitch with my cat. He was suuuuper mean, like even when he wanted to be near me it was to sit on my chest and OWN me, like non-stop claw/kneading every part he could reach. the rest of the time he was just pure rage. We didn't go out of our way to get a cat, a relative asked us to take it when it was dumped at their house and their dog hated it. We cared for him and missed him when he died ( we assume he went missing) but yea, no something I will ever do again.
MJ Chirumblo
MJ Chirumblo 2 oy oldin
i had no idea jordan was the same jordan from jordan jesse go!! ive been a huge fan of a lot of maximum fun podcasts since last year [cough mbmbam and taz cough] and all of a sudden having this connection between two things i really like is so surreal
Scp 173
Scp 173 2 oy oldin
im happy with the way i am :,,)
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott 2 oy oldin
my cat is super sweet and cuddles with me all the time. quit cat hating ya'll
Dave Hendrickson
Dave Hendrickson 2 oy oldin
So does Christine still want a pet human?
Charles Blanton
Charles Blanton 2 oy oldin
I love cat
Gamergirl07 YT
Gamergirl07 YT 2 oy oldin
wHY would would you rEGRET buying a cAT?
Rachel D
Rachel D 2 oy oldin
Jordan never plugged his podcast... I'm interested 😁
Tam B
Tam B 2 oy oldin
Honestly Emily's hair "fail" looked pretty good to me. I thought the colour looked really nice on her
Marius x
Marius x 2 oy oldin
Wow.. your staff gets weirder and weirder :)))
scoobysnax 3 oy oldin
is there any way you guys would caption GMMore like you do regular GMM?
Brian Allen
Brian Allen 3 oy oldin
Jordan and Emily are fantastic additions to the show/team. I really love them.
Catherine Colwell
Found out about Jordan's podcast through My Brother, My Brother and Me (both on maximum fun network). But didn't put it together that it was THIS Jordan until recently!
Robert Browning
Robert Browning 3 oy oldin
love the red hair Emily, and Jordan is such a funny character.
Aspen Hunt
Aspen Hunt 3 oy oldin
Like for the Stevie joke XD
Lizeth Ortiz
Lizeth Ortiz 3 oy oldin
Halfway through the video at min 5 I realized that Jordan is cotton candy randy....😳😳 idk how to feel
Jini Manard
Jini Manard 3 oy oldin
allycookie2009 3 oy oldin
I didn't think she looked all that bad with that hair color.
Leafe0n66 YouTube
Black Sheep
Black Sheep 3 oy oldin
Jordan will use the green screen to marry Cotton Candy Randy in VR. Because you won't let yourself down, the best person to marry is yourself.
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 3 oy oldin
Jordan bares a strong resemblance to that guy that was frozen in the movie "Scrooged"
Kelsey Lee
Kelsey Lee 3 oy oldin
I DIDNT KNOW THAT JORDON WAS THAT JORDON small podcast world love from a maxfun donor!
avery rob
avery rob 3 oy oldin
Emily reminds me a lot of Emma stone in easy A
VlogUntilDawn 3 oy oldin
It's so funny to see so many people find out who Jordan is. xD
JadeRaven 3 oy oldin
tfw you just bought hair dye and then watch this
Bisontyson 3 oy oldin
Next Christmas season, you should donate to an animal shelter. They could really use that extra help, animals are so innocent and helpless. I’d for sure donate to help the animals, they’re so deserving of it. We have to be the voice for the voiceless, the defense for the defenseless, the strength for the weak. Our precious animals.
Kaia Blauser
Kaia Blauser 3 oy oldin
What if I do see the button, do want to donate, but feel like flipping a switch instead?
PeggyTankian 3 oy oldin
Are even Mike and Alex still working there? Or Kevin? The crew just seems a bunch of unknown people to me now. Like who's the girl with the morph suit....I dunno, it is changing constantly...I miss so many people from before
Joseph Buchanan
Joseph Buchanan 3 oy oldin
You should play with zoomer (a robot dog) and/or zoomer kitty (a robot cat) like if you agree so they can see this!!
DarknoorX 3 oy oldin
Keep Jordon safe, GMM. He's so much fun.
wiIdfIowcr 3 oy oldin
lmao marry me jordan
wiIdfIowcr 3 oy oldin
ladyworpledinker 3 oy oldin
This episode has me crushin' hard on Jordan.
dancergirl 14
dancergirl 14 3 oy oldin
Omg Love You Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blankoblanco 3 oy oldin
Man, sometimes they are the worst guessers though. How on earth do you give the Hair Dye one to Jordan over Emily? So much over-thinking was done here when it was really very obvious. (I am an overly competitive person. Still enjoy GMM)
Teresa Ferguson
Teresa Ferguson 3 oy oldin
I’m sorry Jordan is THE Jordan from Jordan, Jesse Go!? Um....how did I not know this?
Nikki Taylor
Nikki Taylor 3 oy oldin
Do they not know their crew to the point that they didn't know Jordan has a podcast or that Stevie hates her cat? /: I feel like these are things you would know about people you work with closely.
Sabtain Sharif
Sabtain Sharif 3 oy oldin
I own a home shelter for 11 cats at the moment, among which many were abandoned by previous owners, left in boxes, strays, unhealthy and ill. After all the safety, love and care I provided them with, not a single one has ever shown anything but love and affection in return. It seems like, you really get what you put in terms of work considering cats!
lumos 3 oy oldin
Get Jackson Galaxy on this show to give Rhett cat therapy please, he desperately needs it.
daydreamer 3 oy oldin
Knew Christine wasn’t my type of person, doesn’t like pets !!
LUIS J.R 3 oy oldin
Stevie's laugh is so cute.
maserati chau
maserati chau 3 oy oldin
i wish rhett & link sat closer to the crew, it feels more distant, & it was better when they used to all be stuck in a small space
Mika Magnol
Mika Magnol 3 oy oldin
Am I weird for liking that "burnt copper" hair color?
biro24 3 oy oldin
Rachel The Mannequin Head
jordyn, cotton candy randy in somewhat normal person form
Carrie 3 oy oldin
Rhett's cat hate is a bit much.
jassy leonard
jassy leonard 3 oy oldin
please see my comment.
ohnoyoudidnt 3 oy oldin
Christine seems like the friend you have who is always giggling about something and makes you wanna giggle and the teacher asks you why you were giggling and you giggle some more because nobody knows why you are giggling
le ciel
le ciel 3 oy oldin
No shade but Christine sounds like Stacy Dilson
Unknown Vortex
Unknown Vortex 3 oy oldin
I felt like a lot of this episode was each person waiting for the other person to finish talking so that they could say their joke but none of them landed.
Zach Clayton
Zach Clayton 3 oy oldin
her hair looked better with the other color lol
Maria Barnard
Maria Barnard 3 oy oldin
Whoa, *that's* Jordan? I've never actually listened to J&JG but from what I've heard in other maxfun podcasts I always thought of him as a minor celebrity. He's so self-deprecating and chill
Trisha Perkins Trisha's Pets
All the cat hate makes me sad.
Brittany Kittany
Brittany Kittany 3 oy oldin
Does anyone else have a huge crush on Jordan? 🤔
A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge
“The package said Honey Mist Auburn!” “Well honey, you mist Auburn big time”
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson 3 oy oldin
I love jordan
Diana Osoria
Diana Osoria 3 oy oldin
Stevie should get the guy from My Cat from Hell to help her lol
Saba De
Saba De 3 oy oldin
Rhet always gives me the vibe that he likes stevie...
D Bone
D Bone 3 oy oldin
Her hair didn't look so bad.
Puddlenaut 3 oy oldin
Wait, that's Jordan? I listen to several maxfun podcasts and hear about it all the time. I'll have to give it a shot
Eight1Five 3 oy oldin
"Morph Suit Wedding Night" New band name I call it!!!
Hank Lynne
Hank Lynne 3 oy oldin
I just realized that he is Cotton Candy Randy.... o_o
Joe Bandella
Joe Bandella 3 oy oldin
My lord. Christine is just, DAMN
Jamie Ehlers
Jamie Ehlers 3 oy oldin
I dye my hair all the time and been doing it myself since I was 19 years old. Now I am 31
Sarah Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence 3 oy oldin
That’s so awesome they let Jordan put his podcast out there like that. I’ve honestly been listening to it since and it’s golden. Way to go Rhett & Link for caring about the success of your team and congratulations Jordan on your cool podcast and having awesome bosses!
Kyle Fordyce
Kyle Fordyce 3 oy oldin
Looks like California is a very high water ankle friendly place.
Gil Gongo
Gil Gongo 3 oy oldin
This GMMore made it pretty clear that R&L don't fully understand who they hired when they put Jordan on the payroll. The guy is a legend in the podcasting world and has an incredibly loyal fanbase all his own. His connections could lead to some really great future guests for GMM. Hopefully Rhett and Link will be guests on some MaxFun shows as well!
Indico Lite
Indico Lite 3 oy oldin
Rhett and Link probably don't do the hiring for their company or research what their crew is up to outside of their work for Mythical. Link did mention once looking up someone's Instagram before hiring them. Jordan is not the only one from the Mythical crew with their own content out there. A few of them have podcasts, some are stand-up comedians and some others make their own comedy videos on UZvid. I got the impression that Rhett and Link are generally not interested in promoting their employees' personal ventures.
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