Worst Toys To Step On (TEST)

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We're stepping up to the plate to determine the worst toys to step on, so you don't have to. GMM #1442

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12-Dek, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 006
Minjin Chung
Minjin Chung 2 soat oldin
MR SPARKS 5 soat oldin
Rhett has like the best dad voice
Alexis Alan White
Alexis Alan White 11 soat oldin
As you can see we *CANT*
Amy Ashmore
Amy Ashmore 19 soat oldin
Why did Rhett get his head cut off for most of the episode? Seriously, that was disconcerting.
Lethargic Dawson
No hot wheels, they roll if you step on them.
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet Kun oldin
I step on legos and they don’t hurt 😐
Kennie loo
Kennie loo Kun oldin
Living for that intro 😂
Glenn Turner
Glenn Turner Kun oldin
Lincoln Logs are actually named after Abraham Lincoln. It's a tribute to his childhood growing up in a log cabin.
Brian Cerna
Brian Cerna Kun oldin
Rhett, Yes Ironman and the rest of the character are going to come back in the next avengers endgame film bro following Spider-Man far from home
Mockingjayvia 2 kun oldin
They should have done Barbie shoes instead of just Barbies
dafreakto 2 kun oldin
Blue foot
PGHobGoblin 2 kun oldin
A pleasant "Mushroom like" Experience.
TheBlazeGamerTBG 2 kun oldin
Rhett: thats the worst thing i stepped in my life Me: i stepped on legos last time Rhett: and i stepped on a nail Me: *speaking with jaw down* ok you win rhett
TheBlazeGamerTBG 2 kun oldin
Rhett: *grunts* Link: *trashtalking while screaming about bins and trashcans*
The King Kreative
The King Kreative 2 kun oldin
Why is links toe blue
Ava Bucci
Ava Bucci 3 kun oldin
I’ll catch you. *walks away
Quenten Brown
Quenten Brown 3 kun oldin
Should have done jacks
abdulrahman mahmoud
Link is thanos xd , just stepping all over marvels' ass
Kristoffer Nielsen
Kristoffer Nielsen 3 kun oldin
Natalie Augstein
Natalie Augstein 3 kun oldin
It was obvious, that it will be the Legos 😂
Liz Pascoe
Liz Pascoe 4 kun oldin
as a mother of a boy I will tell you right now the worst things to step on are hot wheels cars and legos lmfaoo with the hot wheels not only do they stab you in the foot but they will make you fall right onto your arse since they have wheels lmfaooo
ToxicPlayZ 4 kun oldin
*i actually cleaned my room when link yelled at the camera*
Galaxy guy
Galaxy guy 4 kun oldin
Nothing is as painful as hitting your shins on those little tables for tea parties, it’s like getting a round, plastic, thing hitting your shins harder than puberty
Galaxy guy
Galaxy guy 4 kun oldin
These might not be toys, but sand left in the sun for 10 or more years and steping on them barefoot, will.boil.your.toes
The Pegleg Gamer
The Pegleg Gamer 5 kun oldin
12:28 😂😂😂
Izzyboi123 456
Izzyboi123 456 5 kun oldin
0:36 I’m Dying😂🤣😂🤣👌🏼
Claire Monroe
Claire Monroe 5 kun oldin
For me every single time I step on my little sisters lol doll the sphere is always pointed up
Amonkey 28
Amonkey 28 5 kun oldin
best quote ever 0:41 "you got to pull out of it"
Jeffrey Helmus
Jeffrey Helmus 5 kun oldin
Legos are ferocious little monsters, I'm telling you. One time my older brother got a tiny, round one stuck in between his teeth, and my dad had to yank it out with real, metal pliers. It was one of the most pivotal moments in Lego history.
zooinaroom 5 kun oldin
12:27 if you hear that sound in the woods run
Wolfplays 5 kun oldin
I never leave any of my toys (model horses) on the floor.
Wolfplays 5 kun oldin
My only toys are my iPad , my Breyer horses, my model horses in a case, and my big model horse that I always put in the same place on the printer/her stall. Don’t yell at me!
A Human
A Human 6 kun oldin
Link needs to prank Rhett and put lols in his house at night😂😂😂
Bea r
Bea r 6 kun oldin
0:47 to 1:04 my dad when I didn't pick up my toys
Laiken M
Laiken M 6 kun oldin
Step on the barbies arms the fingers hurt
Burger King Employee
"I'm getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies, um, but also just a little pleasure."
Dave Downs Jr.
Dave Downs Jr. 6 kun oldin
12:29 That is legit real terror in Rhett's voice 😂
u jimmy
u jimmy 7 kun oldin
I love your guys vidoes
Cam j0721
Cam j0721 7 kun oldin
3:54 I allmost died
Cam j0721
Cam j0721 7 kun oldin
Uhhh sary
Jojo Nguyen
Jojo Nguyen 7 kun oldin
they do not lego
haanauth sukhu
haanauth sukhu 7 kun oldin
they do not LEGO
Jeremy Willis
Jeremy Willis 7 kun oldin
tmw003 7 kun oldin
They're worse on hard floor
Alex Stott
Alex Stott 7 kun oldin
didn't everyone expect lego
Ultra 7 kun oldin
Wait what? One, Two... two and a half XD
Can I get 50 Subs for no reason
Wuss=sock users
Lily Carden
Lily Carden 8 kun oldin
Diego Aguilar
Diego Aguilar 8 kun oldin
This video is amazing 😂
Griffin White
Griffin White 8 kun oldin
Ur awesome
Griffin White
Griffin White 8 kun oldin
Griffin White
Griffin White 8 kun oldin
U forgot knifes
Nicole Pelo
Nicole Pelo 8 kun oldin
"As a hard core Paw Patrol fan" -Rhett 2k18
Slimy Boy
Slimy Boy 8 kun oldin
“I’m getting more pain from stepping on the babies.”-Link
the unknown anonymous
9:01 Rhett: I think I'm just gonna fall. Link: I'll catch you. Me: AWWWWW BROMANCE ❤
Ella Jackson
Ella Jackson 8 kun oldin
my dad stepped on a cluster of barbie shoes once and still doesn’t walk around his house barefoot 20+ years later
UnderSans 9 kun oldin
I hate stepping on legos
Rebelflight m a t e
Yeah because I always step on my toys
Yo boi
Yo boi 9 kun oldin
Your favorite video game
somehowsurviving 9 kun oldin
This is not accurate because you can’t be expecting the pain it is so much worse as a
Bungles films
Bungles films 9 kun oldin
Can l have the Barbie
Bungles films
Bungles films 9 kun oldin
Can I have the lol dolls
Fan Vixtion
Fan Vixtion 10 kun oldin
Luis Paculaba
Luis Paculaba 10 kun oldin
Link looks and sounds more like a grampa than a daddy. Mmm... daddy...
WookieeCookie 32
WookieeCookie 32 10 kun oldin
Ironically Lincoln logs are named after link and Rhett is the one that likes wood
Jamie Yu
Jamie Yu 10 kun oldin
9:10 “I’ll catch ya”, Link says as he walks away.... I’ll do the same thing!
Skyler Spence
Skyler Spence 10 kun oldin
12:29 when u c a cockroach crawl on u
Dr Monday
Dr Monday 10 kun oldin
I have a strange immunity to Legos. Even barefoot. My friends call it witchcraft
Purple Prancing Perfect Unicorns
The worst thing I would step on is slime/putty, it’s so painful for my socks
Lil Cloudburst
Lil Cloudburst 10 kun oldin
Now which is the worst toy to swallow 🤔
TheCyndabot 900
TheCyndabot 900 10 kun oldin
Nothing worse than stepping on medieval weaponry in the middle of the night
Sidney James
Sidney James 11 kun oldin
They went into full DAD MODE! I love it!
Connor IsDumb
Connor IsDumb 11 kun oldin
At 1:07 Link looks like he wants to end his life
Rene Herrera
Rene Herrera 11 kun oldin
Wouldn't we all except that
SmileyBean 11 kun oldin
"Once again, I'm getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies." - Link, 2018
Breanna Roberts
Breanna Roberts 11 kun oldin
I love the Nintendo switch so fun
Joeleezy Marie
Joeleezy Marie 11 kun oldin
when rhett yells he sounds like negan from the walking dead
Lisa Tarpley
Lisa Tarpley 11 kun oldin
If you thank legos hurt the worst then try stepping on beyblades
PanHead 537
PanHead 537 11 kun oldin
5:19 and 5:49 I've never seen a more beautiful sight in my life!
Feta Cheese
Feta Cheese 11 kun oldin
“LEGO do leg go” -Link in pain
FrOsT Squad
FrOsT Squad 11 kun oldin
Link and Rhett would make great dads
George Pig
George Pig 11 kun oldin
10>42 they do not lego XD
How Do I Make A Username?
I bet Sony hired them to step on a Switch
Baba ganoush
Baba ganoush 12 kun oldin
you know, im just happy to be able to watch my favourite youtubers again.
Jake Libera
Jake Libera 12 kun oldin
The Legos won't LEG-O of their feet
I am Iron man
I am Iron man 12 kun oldin
My feet went numb as a child from stepping on so many LEGO's.
Edward Carroll
Edward Carroll 12 kun oldin
Can I get the lol dolls.
Melody B
Melody B 12 kun oldin
Zx GhOsT
Zx GhOsT 12 kun oldin
"Im feeling a little more pain from stepping on the babies" Link-2018
Eric Klingenberg
Eric Klingenberg 12 kun oldin
Hard ground would make it a better competition
Feral Doxi
Feral Doxi 12 kun oldin
People with foot fetish be orgasming rn 😂😂
David Probus
David Probus 12 kun oldin
Rhett looks and sounds like Daniel Stern in Home Alone when he's stepping on the Christmas ornaments lol
RohanOfficial 12 kun oldin
R.I.P old intro
Erin Is Trash like most people
Take a shot every time someone makes a "Lol Suprise" joke 😂
Ryan Arenas
Ryan Arenas 12 kun oldin
it does int hurt me went i step on legos
Emily Petersen
Emily Petersen 12 kun oldin
They forgot one of the worst toys.. BEADS!!!!!
Slice 13 kun oldin
In Link's case, the worst toy to step on is knives.
Lauren Kate
Lauren Kate 13 kun oldin
Link's hair was trimmed :) Like if you know what video I'm talking about (Foot hair)
Sweet Berry Dreams
Sweet Berry Dreams 13 kun oldin
Am I the only one that noticed that they had a GOLD RARE LOL SUPRISE🤭
Susans Martin
Susans Martin 13 kun oldin
How they can find pants that fit them
Do You Have OCD?
4 yil oldin