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I will die but I never sold my soul my ancestors
A black kid and a white kid csn be friends
Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins Kun oldin
This land was given to black and brown people don't just tell half story tell the whole story on how whites have stolen everything we own
Ryan Kun oldin
No kid it wasn't "given" to you fucks. You stole WHITE land. Constantinople WAS STOLEN BY YOU. Tell the real history on how BLACKS STOLE EVERYTHING THEY'VE EVER HAD.
Andrea Yates
Andrea Yates 8 kun oldin
The is anti white world now! Its an agenda to replace white people. Its sick
mrmashedpotato 11 kun oldin
We are in the middle of a cold race war. One that is in danger of getting hot very quickly.
Tim Gammon
Tim Gammon 13 kun oldin
Let's go back to segregation so nobody's feelings get hurt
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 8 kun oldin
Tim Gammon nooo
boof 15 kun oldin
whites are racist period
k ent shuster
k ent shuster 15 kun oldin
Black people are racist
Rodolfo Perales
Rodolfo Perales 15 kun oldin
I go off how u sound not look thats just me cause ny face will fool you
tyler gnosis
tyler gnosis 16 kun oldin
I'm not racist, i hate everyone equally
Karen Hall
Karen Hall 17 kun oldin
I bet she's gonna adopt a black child, I wonder why we see more and more white raciest people adopting black children.
Christine Arceneaux
Christine Arceneaux 20 kun oldin
Why is it a thing just because it's written, some white people tell their kids that all the time...and you know it because when a white kid encounter you in a store, room, event, they immediately run the other way. Older people try to do it subtle. So I don't think they should act like this is a big deal because it's written....its silently being done.
HoneyBunn’s Podcasts
Look at the mad pale people ... BOOHOO
Ryan 25 kun oldin
'Mad'. Says the one making up stories about white people because you're envious, Ghetto hood rat.
Fyodor 26 kun oldin
I blame the Universe for all of this.
white male
white male Oy oldin
I don't believe for one second that girl in yellow ever got pulled over for driving while black. Not for one second I thought she was white.
bruce lee
bruce lee Oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg has to be the ugliest female iv ever seen in my life she looks like a ape with a wig
Mike D
Mike D Oy oldin
All I hear is a bunch of chickens. Why is this show still on?
American Patriot
It's ok to be white God bless America
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Oy oldin
I wonder why Whoopi Goldberg don't feel the same way about gender, the child only wants to be a child, why do they care about being classified as a girl when their natural hair boy forcefully.
Billie Johnson
YEAH...RIGHT. Your BEIGH Azz got pulled over for ' being Black'. Get the f real. More likely it was for being a dumbazz doin dumbazz shist.. stop trying to be a victim.
Richard Eduardo
Racist bit and you call your self a Christian.
kip smithers
kip smithers Oy oldin
mlk would be ashamed.
Dalemieka Jeter
I don’t trust people period 😒
sadetwizelve Oy oldin
Man people need to stop playing dumb! There are differences.
jgn percy
jgn percy Oy oldin
Liberals are the nastiest, most judgemental people in the country.
Keith Williamson
This mother is probably the real problem....kids don't see color only fun...unless their taught to see color...or hate...kids love everything and everyone...it's how their raised that shapes their character....
Mike Powell
Mike Powell Oy oldin
make sure to put a big sign in yard liberal, I'm sure the white kids would appreciate the heads up, now let that monkey talk
Sizzle Wrap
Sizzle Wrap Oy oldin
It’s pretty simple, this is racism. Black people have this idea that they can’t be racist🤣
John Carriere
John Carriere Oy oldin
I don't have anyone I can call my friend and I'm good with that
John Carriere
John Carriere Oy oldin
Why doesn't the view just go away
TXraindear Oy oldin
Only idiots and people with no lives talk about race. Get over yourselves.
Elvis Johnson
Elvis Johnson Oy oldin
Is this the View, I thought they took it off the air. Most people don't judge the color of skin but rather the person. U people need to shut Up and listen to your selves, I am sure you will find the very people you hate so much looking back at you in a mirror.
Lindsey Johnson
Kids just want to play only thing that matters is how long can we play. Then they grow up and things change.
Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike Oy oldin
I'm a white male and for 18 years I was nurse. Racism, gender bias, sexism....I COULD WRITE A BOOK!! The worst were American black females by far. Give my seat to a women? No chance.
Holliday Oy oldin
So true
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy Oy oldin
The women on the view are all severely retarded
Charles Farmer
As long as you post racist comments about everything, how are your kids going to be anti racist
Melissa Harris
Nobody is born a bigot.
Vidal Baca
Vidal Baca Oy oldin
How fucking shallow can you be are you going to DNA test everyone skin color is skin deep that it same blood same mud
bob blount
bob blount Oy oldin
the girl in the yellow always interject something racial all the time, talking about getting pulled over, she probably was doing something wrong, maybe the cop was flirting with her, she owns racism, she is very racist, it is all she talks about.
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 25 kun oldin
bob blount lol why would a cop pull you over to flirt? 😂
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Oy oldin
I'm white and I have absolutely no problem with this at all. He can teach his kids anything he wants. I was raised to treat everyone as an equal and the way I'd like to be treated.... But I have learned from my own life experiences that MOST blacks are lazy, ignorant, rude, loud, obnoxious, dishonest, disrespectful, untrustworthy and the most racist people in this country.. So u can bet your black asses I'll be teaching my kids these lessons. Saving them from learning the hard way.
Armyvet22 Oy oldin
I'm an African-American that grew up in military housing and then went on to the military myself. I never had an issue with racism or playing with other children of color . we were all just children . I played with children across the Spectrum black, white. Oriental, Indian and indifferent and as long as I could play I was happy and I didn't care what color they were. It seems to me that's all adult b******* nothing more
Eric Oy oldin
That's racist why aren't they calling him a racist because if a white person says that they would be talking about how horrible this man is
Gerald Charles
Scott ??????
Scott ?????? Oy oldin
Whoopi - I'm the only one that can tell her she's using her white privilege. Why? Because Whoopi is privileged. They really need to rename this show to, Tooting My Own Horn. They always have to tell us how wonderful they are. I'm pregnant now so I'm hormonal. I had all white friends and one black. My adopted sister isn't white, and we might adopt a brown kid. This really doesn't ever effect anything. They accomplish nothing with this show.
Michael Swirsky
I feel like racism is the new witch hunt. Except it's exclusively against white people. Like seriously, a disproportionate number of black people in prison. Maybe it has to do with the fact that more than anything else growing up without a father predicts how likely you are to become a thug and most Black people are from single family homes. Nah, it's cause white cops are racist. A lot of black people don't wind up making it into the top colleges. Maybe it's because black literacy rates are so low. Nah, it's white people's fault. Will you please stop blaming white people for all of your problems! Maybe the reason the black community isn't doing so well is because black dads are leaving their families and ya'll have fallen into hedonism, a sense of entitlement, and this constant victimhood mentality
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Oy oldin
You get pulled over driving black because 85 percent of your race are criminals fix your people's problems instead of complaining its racism your fucking average IQ in your race is 65 most white kids have this IQ at 5
Avery Pagel
Avery Pagel Oy oldin
Just racist. Just racist. Just because a black person says something racist to a white person, that doesn’t mean it’s not racist
Bobby Moss
Bobby Moss Oy oldin
Blacks can be racists just like whites and I lived in the projects and they we're like that and had to fight every day I lived there thank God for wwf at the time learning dirty tricks to protect myself like throwing sand in the eyes of one to fight the other so I'm tired of hereing whites are the problem all the time white kids are getting forced out of public schools due to the violence kids need to go to learn not disrupt others so they can't and that's for all bully's white ,black, or other parents need to do there job!!!!!
Mohammed abdullahi
Mohammed abdullahi 13 soat oldin
I didnt know black kids were violent at school. I thought that was a white thing?
Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins Kun oldin
Bobby Moss You are very wrong
Slick Smoke
Slick Smoke Oy oldin
Welcome to Democrat libtard America..
Dra O
Dra O Oy oldin
My kids can’t be friends with whites. Why is that? Afraid they’ll learn something? That they’ll learn how to behave like civil beings? That they’d learn how to plan? Keep their yard mowed? Keep their home clean? Not smoke? Not rob? Be good parents? Exactly. Dayum, black kids NEED whites to reign in that feral animal behavior - it doesn’t work but at least they’ll have been expose to SOME smidgen of normalcy.
David Moore
David Moore Oy oldin
Waste all these dirty cunts. They are race baiters.
MrTadreis1 Oy oldin
Had to turn off when Megan started speaking.
jack Outback
jack Outback Oy oldin
When you listen to these “Black Privileged” presenters they always resort to the day they can remember balin hay in the 1800’s as slaves as if they lived that horrific era & it’s affected them to present day..... Go figure.........
Carlos Rodriguez-Pena
It's disgusting, how it's ok to degrade the white race, yet if the roles were flipped HERE , it would be called RACISM .
Carlos Rodriguez-Pena
Dra O don’t worry, I know you and are different, and have complex outlooks on points as these. End of conversation.
Dra O
Dra O Oy oldin
Carlos Rodriguez-Pena Degrade the white race... the one that’s responsible for your well-being. That’s smart.
Janet Aguilar
Janet Aguilar Oy oldin
I'm a Latina so I really don't care much for the race, since I'm mixed race to begin with but if you're a jerk you get treated like such. My kids could have any friend they want, but I tell them to be careful don't trust all people. Keep your eyes open and listen carefully to a person's character. It will guide you if they're worth being friends with. Race, Religion, etc. has nothing to do with why I may dislike a person? Now trusting, I trust no one, not even fellow Latinos. I don't, I just cautious of people, especially nowadays.
J Pennington
J Pennington Oy oldin
Racism is COLOR BLIND! ALL RACES have racists in their race and creed. White people aren't the only race of people who has racist in it. Someone once asked the great Morgan Freeman quote "How do we get rid of racism?" Morgan Freeman replied with QUOTE "STOP TALKING ABOUT IT" ENOUGH SAID. UNFILTERED UNAPOLOGETIC TRUTH 🕇🇺🇸
Follow Me
Follow Me Oy oldin
Racism is taught, children aren't born knowing racism.that kid is going to have a hard life.
zdrumdude Oy oldin
What a racist topic...I’m starting a me too movement. Reverse discrimination. Just like the Cosby show where he made the only white guy the fat dumb white kid. The these hags
zdrumdude Oy oldin
Screw these cackling hags.
j m
j m Oy oldin
I was arested a lot as a teenage I have white skin was there sum sort of mistake
Billy Pardew
Billy Pardew Oy oldin
Why is Whoopi the only one that can tell her it's all right for her to talk about race and I don't even like that all Houston Sonny's remark about driving while black talk about race baton b*******
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump Oy oldin
Well, honey, My kids aren't allowed to play with chimps outside the zoo. So, no problem here.
DOG FACE Oy oldin
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Oy oldin
Black people are the most racist people in today's society!
Surae KinCannon
Oh shut up!
Dexter Schray
Dexter Schray Oy oldin
Based on this comment section, it appears the majority of black people in america want segregation back...
Reed Rothchild
Ahh... the "tolerant" left.
Jeff Jankowski
Take the view off the air.......it's a joke......nothing but trash
snacks1973 pepeco
Getting pulled over while BLACK. This just makes me cringe. You are suggesting you should never be pulled over or white people never get pulled over. Well here is one for you, in my college days me and a friend drove into the getto for drugs, got pulled over because we dont belong in the jungle and just looked like we were up to no good. Was i racially profiled by that cop? Quit with constantly bringing race into everything. 99% of people dont have a persons ethnicity in their thoughts but the occurence of the situation more so. Sunny you are the angry back women. You need to love people and atop judging. You sunny are not a ray of light but a bolt of lightning looking to strike white people
Steve Canham
Steve Canham Oy oldin
I refuse to hang out with black people too. Its a two way street
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas Oy oldin
Take you're race bait and stick it , I have all type of friend's , black , white Hispanic , Russian , I really don't care .
Marco Rios
Marco Rios Oy oldin
How about judging people, based on their actions, not race.
jenny vasquez
jenny vasquez Oy oldin
My child is 3 years old and I don't encourage my daughter to play with white kids. Most whites are rasicts and I don't want my daughter interacting with people who are going to mistreat her and display hateful behavior towards for no reason.
Jason Gallant
Jason Gallant Oy oldin
Okay...here goes Sunny Hostin with her "I am always a victim of racism story"... let me just say... when she talks, she really shows how stupid and insensitive she is.... and I can almost bet that she's lying... about her white friends saying that they never get pulled over... really lol... everybody gets pulled over.. you idiot ...its typical of a black person to think they're always a victim of being pulled over by police... you're basically stereotype white people as people of privilege for having the luxury for not getting pulled over.. which only shows how ignorant and biased you are... oh but wait a minute... aren't you the same people that get mad when somebody stereotypes your race??? Hypocrite huh.... you're too dumb to see how selfish you are... Candace Owens was right about you people being raised with this victim mentality... and Sunny Hostin.. you're sad and pathetic... you make your race look weak and sad
Bike Mike
Bike Mike Oy oldin
Back to the zoo
Jason Gallant
Jason Gallant Oy oldin
The funny thing is if you ask any honest Asian, White, Spanish, Mexican what race is the least to be trusted.... they would all say blacks... I hear it all the time... and if you want facts... what race commits the most crime in America ? The answer would be blacks.... so it looks to me maybe that guy should teach his kids not to trust his own people
justin turner
justin turner Oy oldin
White people created racsim
Dra O
Dra O Oy oldin
And that’s an issue why? It’s called learned experiences. When people see blacks fighting and robbing and killing, it’s only natural to avoid those groups. It’s more self-preservation and common sense than racism - but if you wanna call it racism, go ahead. People can be racist. It’s okay. If it weren’t okay, you’d be telling me what car I can drive or what house I can own - you’d be telling me how to live my life. Not happening in this lifetime. Sorry.
Shawn Durnell
Shawn Durnell Oy oldin
Prove it.
Ryan Oy oldin
Sure kid. What year did racism begin, and when were people NOT racists before that year?
clay klinske
clay klinske Oy oldin
This is such a f*****-up statement because my kids aren't history and his kids aren't history they're making their history as it goes as it comes up so don't put the past on our children
John Stanley
John Stanley Oy oldin
This show sucks more than cnn
Tim Rhinehart
Tim Rhinehart Oy oldin
Racist come in all colors not just white
Bud Bundy
Bud Bundy Oy oldin
So can your black child play with a mixed race child? Or 8f a white couple adopted a black child, can they play together still? There's so many rules when you go down that road.
James Whitman
James Whitman Oy oldin
Don't befriend people who always cries about racism and imaginary problems that don't exist
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown Oy oldin
You can tell they didn't read the whole article
Ryan Oy oldin
+Tanya Brown Stop using that same fucking excuse. "Oh you didn't read all of mein kampf! just ignore the bits about genocide!!!"
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown Oy oldin
+Ryan you can tell you either didn't read the article or could not comprehend based on your conclusion
Ryan Oy oldin
The article is racist, period. It's judging white people as a whole, what makes BLACK people so "worthy" to speak about others?
pepe gunner
pepe gunner Oy oldin
derper derp
derper derp Oy oldin
Whoopy was scary when she played the predator role and fought Schwarzenegger.
Nikkisheers Oy oldin
The left is eating itself. This is racism. Period. The left is not against racism, not entirely. They support racism against whites. Any kind of bigotry or hatred of white people is good with the left. That's called hypocrisy, you racist, ignorant fool.
Jacob Stahl
Jacob Stahl Oy oldin
I have a question for all you experts here . Why is it that all these black rappers , their lyrics they use the N word like every 4th word and yet if someone white calls them that , its racism? Like explain please.
Victoria Martin
This is absolutely ridiculous. When will people start realizing it’s not the color of anyone skin it’s the character. It is shameful not to like someone because of their race no matter what your race is. It is also shameful to assume someone is a certain way because of their race. It has nothing to do with peoples race it is your values and your core character that matters. I just wish everyone would put all the race thing aside and see someone for what’s in their heart and soul.
hellboy withhorns
pleeeease, girl its probably your driving habits that get you pulled over, quit with the friggin race card or at least let dark skinned people use it, you are lighter than a tanned white person, there is no way a cop could tell you are black through car windows in the few seconds that they can actually see you.
Fred Crider III
You should read the article before formulating an opinion. It's really not coming from a racist place. It's written from the perspective of a father trying to educate and inform... PROTECT his children from what inevitably will happen at some point in their lives.
Dogporch Dogporch
If you watch the view you are already a fuckin retard racist
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Oy oldin
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Oy oldin
Racism: the thing screamed by minorities whenever they can yet never fail to continue it...and then cry about racism still being around. Wonder where the my white kids can never be friends with minorities article is?
Thomas Clemens
whoopi sucks white dicks.
Wesley Bomar
Wesley Bomar Oy oldin
This proves what I have always said. Blacks are more racist and bigoted then all the other races.
Jeremiah Skopp
Well my wife is black so yea lol
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Oy oldin
Why did you get pulled over in the first place.
Mike Rice
Mike Rice Oy oldin
Driveing while black lmao ok
Robert White
Robert White Oy oldin
I’m white and I have never met a black person I could trust
Kim R
Kim R Oy oldin
Why does she talk so much n not say anything?
Amanda Sheppard
White people dont understand racism...😒
Dora Dennis
Dora Dennis Oy oldin
Supposedly I am a racist for simply not liking the job that Obama did as president. I had black friends in Kindergarten through College, but was painted racist as soon as I said that I disagreed with Obama.
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