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Lexi Browning
Lexi Browning Kun oldin
My husband is black and I met him through his sister who was my best friend through college. Now she’s my sister as well. Good loving people can be friends with anyone. The problem is the lack of love
Mike Morales
Mike Morales Kun oldin
This is the stupidest logic I've ever heard!! Friends are friends!! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Native, Alaskan,etc. A friend is a friend, someone who has your back, can make you feel happy on a rainy day, a person who supports you who tf cares?! It's 2018 almost near 2019, and we still are stupidly fixated on race because of bad history, I thought we're supposed to be looking toward the future ! But I guess that's gonna take another 155 years. You guys are simple, I'm black and I'm saying this...
David Eby
David Eby 7 kun oldin
I'm glad my kids can be friends with kids of all colors, but my kids are not being raised to be small minded racists.
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot 13 kun oldin
How quick our petty differences would suddenly be put to the side when s*** hits the fan how quick we all come together as a people and not idiots
Ingrid Dubbel
Ingrid Dubbel 14 kun oldin
According to what Pinterest sends me is I'm an black woman in my mid 20's...I'm a woman. I like Obama and Ella Fitzgerald. I didn't misrepresent myself but it is obvious the programs which determine interests are not equipped to address divergent interests without making assumptions.
Killsocialmedia 19 kun oldin
I learned to dislike blacks because I was raised around them. They are pathetic in your face violent and they are thieves
Docia Jones
Docia Jones 20 kun oldin
I'm a single black mother of a single black child who has had plenty of opportunity to learn the temperament and tolerations of my daughter who is now grown. I told her point blank, if ever you decide that you are gay, I will wish you weren't. BUT if you are, stick to your own kind. While these words may sound racist and somewhat homophobic to the average outsider I know my child. She would have a problem with not being the center of attention because she has never had to share. She doesn't have a father around; he married a Caucasian woman when she was young and basically deserted her. I know for a fact that she loves all people so she may not be conscious of any resentment but more likely than not, if she is provoked to a point where she must decide she will more than likely not be in the proper mindset-because of her experiences-to be fair and not consider race privilege a factor in a disagreement. I've explained to her the dangers of stereotypical thinking and also to weigh the pros and cons in any situation. So far she agrees with me that she will have a hard time living the life of a gay woman involved in an interracial relationship. I believe that lifestyle is a choice, and the choices we make have real consequences. She is a psychology major and I am super proud of the strong black woman she is becoming.
Carbon based bipedal water sack
People gravitate towards those they can relate to or have something in common with but the the wisest follow their own path.
nwo Razor Ramone
nwo Razor Ramone 20 kun oldin
Lol the state of modern parenting can we just fire up ww3 already haha
Akasha Vlog
Akasha Vlog 20 kun oldin
Genetics. Not race.
MyFriendlyPup 20 kun oldin
I’m proud to be Asian, said the Asian. I’m proud to be African, said the African. I’m proud to be Indian, said the Indian. I’m proud to be White, said the Racist.
Ryan 13 kun oldin
Darren R he's speaking about liberal logic.
Darren R
Darren R 19 kun oldin
You must live under a rock
Greg Van Gaasbeek
Greg Van Gaasbeek 21 kun oldin
Yea, white people don't get pulled over!? Bulloney. I get pulled over all the time.
Ricardo Campbell
Ricardo Campbell 21 kun oldin
It's mostly a trust issue that most blacks have with whites., that's all it is. Not only with whites., but the gov't who can possibly be unconstitutional towards blacks due to the fact that we don't remember our constitutional amendments rights that we learned in gov't class in the 9th grade.
Simone Wilson
Simone Wilson 21 kun oldin
I'm black and I haven't got pulled over by police... well actually one time becuase I was SPEEDING lol. funny tho becuase my husband who is WHITE gets pulled over constantly and have 5 tickets but I have no ticket 🤣🤣. Lol I guess male privilege!?
Karl Nelson
Karl Nelson 21 kun oldin
White people cant stand blacks at all. matter of fact blacks are the most disliked race on the planet.
Robert Bell
Robert Bell 21 kun oldin
Boy ,that's not a racist statement !
Man on an island
Man on an island 21 kun oldin
It's funny so called special needs Children or People don't see color or race. So it makes you wonder who is the one with special needs.
mindscape7 21 kun oldin
“We get along...” -awkward laughter 😂
b. J.
b. J. 21 kun oldin
this guy is Racist and so lets call it how it its...a BLACK RACIST>..lets call it what it is...his kids will be screwed up for LIFE!!! NO dont shut your mouth, im white too and white priviledge is REVERSE RACISM so ill never shut up about the facts. Bull, white priviledge is reverse racism DONE!!!
miles deep
miles deep 21 kun oldin
The view is trash. Whoopi is a racist butt plug
Watogo 21 kun oldin
Can these women ever be friends with Stormy Daniels having lousy sex with THEIR husband? Will Whoopee always be black or will she eventually turn white like Michael Jackson? Is Abby Meghan Whoopee in Sunny’s Joy? When will Obama’s autobiography of his White House years titled Resident Evil be released? Stay tuned for live from the black plantation more B S of the View. Racism is clear.
Denise Armstrong
Denise Armstrong 21 kun oldin
It's TRUE can't be friends...
Denise Armstrong
Denise Armstrong 20 kun oldin
Ryan I am not racist, white people taught racism to the nations they are edomites an cannot be trusted, so what u talking abt, the truth is not in esua the deciever...
Ryan 20 kun oldin
Why are you so absolutely racist?
Democrats are cunts
Democrats are cunts 22 kun oldin
This just shows that black people can be racist and that's acceptable. The dad is racist, the paper supports racist ideas and so are the people who agree with the article.
จันทร์จิรา มหาวรรณ์
Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!,Hate Crackkuhs!Hate Crackkuhs!
Ryan 20 kun oldin
But yet the same people who "hate whites" use a WHITE language.
Ken Love
Ken Love 22 kun oldin
I live in Seattle Washington and i have a 3 year old the in there are Russian in middle Eastern mainly and the kids think RACISM NORMAL
Michael Giordano
Michael Giordano 22 kun oldin
Once the view is done taping they go thier own ways, I'm white and shock blacks all the time by saying hello and how are you? Only the older blacks and kids respond nicely, 18-50 yr old blacks are more racist than any white I know
Ummm I am pretty sure white people get pulled over all the time. Stop painting police a racists. They are pritecting you and ur community.
John Dyer
John Dyer 22 kun oldin
I still don't get why racism is a problem in America. It just makes no sense.
Go go Go go
Go go Go go 22 kun oldin
🙄 the view trying to be neutral yet all white people asking blacks for permission to speak. So all I heard here is the writer shouldn’t have written that but it’s okay they can be racist they’re black because we think the false facts of being pulled over while black!!! 🤦‍♂️ I’m gonna exercise my non existent white privilege in all its glory black leftist people are the sookiest bunch of self serving pretentious divisive group with hate in their hearts who are teaching children to be sinful and that is a disgraceful, disgusting & heinous act.
james miller
james miller 22 kun oldin
Black people are racist
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas 22 kun oldin
No one is born a racist , you learn it .
Chris Robertson
Chris Robertson 22 kun oldin
Whites are devils plain and simple. Separation is the only way, they history proves this
Ryan 20 kun oldin
History proves your kind needs to be extinct. All you've done is steal, steal, steal. Whites built Europe, Africa is a shithole and always was.
bada bing
bada bing 22 kun oldin
This show should be named "The Spew"
DENNIS EVA 22 kun oldin
driving while black......really ? really....REALLY !!!???
Ian Scheinberg
Ian Scheinberg 22 kun oldin
Paul Cowell
Paul Cowell 22 kun oldin
Idiotic idiotic idiotic....
O G 22 kun oldin
Sick of the black and white bull if the heavenly father won't everyone and everything one color it would be it would be a bland world no favor. So we need to enjoy the world like our father won't us too be bless and stop the stress
Patrick plumber
Patrick plumber 22 kun oldin
There are 2 things I hate racist's ! And white people some one needs to do something about them ! 👍
John Doe
John Doe 22 kun oldin
I had a Mexican friend when i was about 5 and went over to his house and his mom screamed get that white pos out of here! The only racists i have delt with have been Indians and Mexicans.
Berkshire 88
Berkshire 88 22 kun oldin
It should be the other way around with the crime statistics .
Gilberth Mpahleni
Gilberth Mpahleni 22 kun oldin
Somehow Am' Agreeing Wholeheartedly with the Courageous Writer. Fact is: Most Whites are Absolutely Nót to be Trusted. Always be Very/Extra Cautious With & Around Them.
tee jay
tee jay 22 kun oldin
Ryan 20 kun oldin
Tee Jay yet you use a white language. So you're worshipping whites by using a white language (english), white internet, white clothes, white vehicles, so on.
Queen of Independence
tee jay not all of them are evil. There is still some white people in the world that love black people like me. I was taught to be racist when I was a child, but that all changed around when I met my boyfriend.
John Couture
John Couture 23 kun oldin
I haven't heard what the lady said about children thinking they can fool their teacher because they have the same haircut ever happening, but maybe it is true. It seems odd that the kids can see the difference or similarity of their haircut, but not the difference or similarity of their skin color. Is it just me? Neither haircut nor skin color should be the deciding factor as to who is a good person or who isn't but surely if they can see the difference in one then they can see the difference in the other tho right?
Kevin *****
Kevin ***** 23 kun oldin
Topics like this are the reason why this show needs to be cancelled! We as people no longer segregate each other by color, it's the fake uneducated people that only care about their pocket books, such as politicians and tv show producers and fake journalists in this country, that keep racism alive! How about we ban all labels in this country pertaining to race....instead of black and white and brown or African American or Caucasian or native american..how about we all unite under one term.....AMERICAN !!!
No Way
No Way 23 kun oldin
1. "When I was growing up I had all white friends and I lived a life of privledge. It wasnt until I got to college and started taking liberal classes and being brainwashed that I began to relate my being black"... "We are 100% going to adopt".. Two women cant have a kid, do you have another option? The logic of these women is just mind boggling pathetic.
DarkLight 23 kun oldin
whoopi doesn't care for white folks either so what
Royce 23 kun oldin
White people are ignorant to the actual function of Racism aka White supremacy and how it works....Thier questions about it comes from a Eurocentric idea on how they function...everything in this world is to be seen from their perspective.....
Kids don't know about the car jack, the smash and grab, the dine and dash, the burn and loot, the drive by, the gang bang, obscenity just to mention a few, but us adults are all too familiar....
Jordan Zlotolow
Jordan Zlotolow 23 kun oldin
A lot of white people died for slaves.
JON DOE 23 kun oldin
When i was growing up i had a ton of white freinds. Um, I'm white too. I just didn't want to feel left out.
Travis Reed
Travis Reed 23 kun oldin
Martin Luther King Jr., Would be spinning in his grave.
Nia Ra
Nia Ra 23 kun oldin
This is pointless... Black people are always expected to open to our detriment! It’s all good and dandy until your brown child brings home racist ideology from their white “friends”... Wish I knew to guard my children earlier...
Bazza 23 kun oldin
Black people thrive off racism they would be lost without it
kai ostrander
kai ostrander 23 kun oldin
I was adopted by a white family and all I have to say is black babies need black homes it's a lot of false news when you were a child a black child in a white family talking about we all the same and the other day when you grow up when you are growing up is easy to see that you were getting treated differently in the world
Ryan 20 kun oldin
Oh shut up you are not treated differently unless you WANT to be treated differently.
loving life
loving life 23 kun oldin
What do You expect with all of the race-baiting going on in the world and especially THIS show!
Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson 23 kun oldin
As a white woman, non-white babies and sometimes toddlers love me!! They see no difference in me, but their parents often do. It makes me very sad. Equal love from me for all groups, except for hate groups.
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds 23 kun oldin
Whoopi is a race-bating racist.
Austin Browning
Austin Browning 23 kun oldin
If blacks wanna self segregate go for it. At least I wouldn't have to hear how I'm the devil because I have less melanin
Dontai's broke headphones
If a black/muslim/hispanic acts racist they flip it on white people BUT if a colored person calls out white racism they pull the "well the same thing could be said for black"
jason bryant
jason bryant 23 kun oldin
Dontai's broke headphones
We live in a world with constant hate for each other
Chanel 23 kun oldin
Kids do see color
Blind Squid
Blind Squid 23 kun oldin
The phew, a small collection of overly opinionated mouthy entitled women doing what women do....talk.....talk....talk. Never ever DO anything cept tell others what to do. Broom riders of the bimbo Escadrille.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 23 kun oldin
Ronald Coates
Ronald Coates 23 kun oldin
Fact not fiction!!!just look at history of world 🌎 that will tell you all you need to know??💯🙊🙉🙈🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Ryan 20 kun oldin
History of the world? That every nation, people and race has JUST as much bad history as the other?
bama Fan
bama Fan 23 kun oldin
I read most of the comments and most everyone on here is a bald faced liar.
Yvonne Poole
Yvonne Poole 23 kun oldin
After the Charlotte riots (where I live) I don't trust blacks, I'm cautious & suspicious.
iris marinou
iris marinou 23 kun oldin
My mom - which is a total white blonde Northern European- was forbidding me to be friend with kids that were using bad words. She was interested on bkack kids mothers because she likes to cook and always hunting new recips. But guys, in Europe EITHER black people are saying they are black. Like NEVER! They are saying - like any normal person-: im Italian, im German, im French etc! Yes they have a tendance to have friends but with people from their provenance country, not black people in general. I mean the association is always made because of CULTURAL reasons, not racial.
Omono Asamoa
Omono Asamoa 23 kun oldin
Making politically correct statements which doesn't exist in the real world!
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 23 kun oldin
Bring back segregation
Manuug Thomas
Manuug Thomas 23 kun oldin
That white lady needs to STFU about race
John Richardson
John Richardson 23 kun oldin
The guy that is exactly right I didn't allow my kids to have anything to do with white kids
Devil's Adv0cate
Devil's Adv0cate 23 kun oldin
Racism in American starts with the school. It's taught by omission.
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch 23 kun oldin
Who wants to be friends that are black just look s serena Williams cheats lies and plays the black card and whoppy fles not know the right and wrong.as for the view it's all based on hate
jamal williams
jamal williams 23 kun oldin
How long will just talking about changing this systematic racism take? If they are not talking about eliminating the system that they reap the benefits from than it's all just talk. none of them talk about relinquishing wht privilege.
jamal williams
jamal williams 23 kun oldin
Of course an anathema Neanderthal troglodyte melanin deficient dog smelling when wet pale even pink sodomite knuckle dragging amorite remnant would say that, it's expected to come from you. But your opinion has no value with me. It just really shows your ignorance or your arrogance. So go back to your caves with your best friend a dog. Gtfoh
Ryan 23 kun oldin
ShootingWithMike 24 kun oldin
The view is a disgrace
Elite Potential
Elite Potential 24 kun oldin
Country is full of delusional idiots. People complain about a time they never lived in and had no effect on them.
TheBighappy4u 24 kun oldin
No that’s how white kids get jumped.
Robert I
Robert I 24 kun oldin
Neither can mine
jon nuanez
jon nuanez 24 kun oldin
How about just having friends, instead of counting how many friends you have based on skin color? #tokenism
Cheahn Hawkins
Cheahn Hawkins 24 kun oldin
Tha fuxk??!!
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 24 kun oldin
I'm a Black man and to be honest two White people have said this before to me. They said they don't understand why Black people would ever trust White people. I'm being very serious. I even remember a Jewish guy back in the 90s who use to be on the radio saying the same thing. I'm not saying I agree with it fully. But history doesn't lie. The only lie is the way its written.
Ryan 23 kun oldin
"history doesn't lie"? and history tells us blacks started the slave trade and enslaved whites for 1000 years. But guess what? WHITES. FORGAVE. YOU. Even when you STILL enslave people in Africa.
Randy Boone
Randy Boone 24 kun oldin
please play close attention to the Jewish woman's outfit Miss Goldbergs her outfit is black what color is her face is that not a shade of skin. your outfit is actually black.
Stanley Yelnats
Stanley Yelnats 24 kun oldin
I wonder if this panel would be so calm and collected if this story was about a white father talking about how his son would not be allowed to be friends with black people. This conversations was very respectful and polite but I wonder if this conversation would of been a lot more aggressive and blunt if it was reversed. To me this father is a racist, plain and simple. Why so hesitant to call this man a racist? Because he’s black?
Nakia Miller
Nakia Miller 24 kun oldin
I wouldn't want my child hanging around them either
Denise G- Hill
Denise G- Hill 24 kun oldin
It's nuts my friends are different colours I dont care what colour you are. Are you a good person that's it. My friends are white english, Albanien and German some are black British and some are Asian (British Bengali) 1 is Zimbabwean. People forget what Martin Luther said about judging people by the content of their character not the colour of their skin. Maybe the "I have a dream speech" should be put up in all kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities.
John McCourt
John McCourt 24 kun oldin
Woopie says she don’t know has to get opinion of others Can you believe I got pulled over while Black Wtf
michael collum
michael collum 24 kun oldin
I hate sunny so much... And not because she is any race it's because she is dumb as a bag of hair lol... There is no such thing as driving while black, or walking while black, or eating while black... If that was real then ever black person ever born would be in jail... The facts are simple but they are never brought up because it goes against the liberal lie... More white men are killed by cops than black men... Where is the outrage... Where is white lives matter... Look up the stats... Black people have it pretty good in this #blacklivesmatter, #metoo world
michael collum
michael collum 24 kun oldin
Wow so the view is openly racist now huh... They always were but they hid it better than this lol
Sabrina Adam
Sabrina Adam 24 kun oldin
I get where the dad is coming from on some level but at the same time you can’t judge all white people based on the past. People are different, there are a lot of good white people that have nothing to do with racism even though they may benefit from it.
Eric Maye
Eric Maye 24 kun oldin
Quit making such a big deal out of rage
Bill Colello
Bill Colello 24 kun oldin
These 5 get along because they are all liberal idiots.
Jasper Martini
Jasper Martini 25 kun oldin
Stupid bitchs.
Nichelles Matos
Nichelles Matos 25 kun oldin
I get it at the end of the day no matter how a child is born if they are being raised by white parents they will be racist... it was lil kids in those pictures with black people being hung.
It doesn't matter to me what color you are .
Lola's Beauty
Lola's Beauty 25 kun oldin
As a person of color i have experienced racism when i was younger. White kids did make sure to make a child of color even if they are biracial, to let them know they are different which already leads to seperation. Now i dont believe all white people are racist, but do they want us to succeed?
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones 25 kun oldin
Some black people have a good reason not to trust white people some of the same people that were winching and hanging and murdering innocent black people for the people that was supposed to be there to protect them such as cops fireman judges and lawyers but in the same token there were some good who saw a Injustice and fought for the rights of humanity for a black person to group all white people in one category it's just like a white person grouping all black people in one category there is really no such thing as race just cultures there's only one race which is the human race
Ryan 23 kun oldin
Nobody has a reason to mistrust an entire race, PERIOD. Racism = you don't deserve to exist in the world.
Surface Medix JamesP
Blacks have taught me everything I needed to know about racism..... GF yourself
roasted firebrand
roasted firebrand 28 kun oldin
How is a daughter of a War criminal on the View? Tells the truth about all of you!
Tatersalad19 Cars
Tatersalad19 Cars 29 kun oldin
Racism is simply an example of Christ’s “ splinter in another’s eye, and log in your own” analogy