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XXXTENTACION & Lil Pump ft. Maluma & Swae Lee - "Arms Around You" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump
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16-Noy, 2018

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Josh Perez
Josh Perez 48 daqiqa oldin
He didn't finish his lines because he was shot
Anfal Hassan
Anfal Hassan 49 daqiqa oldin
jukilo 50 daqiqa oldin
X is in my heard!!
liza ogly
liza ogly 55 daqiqa oldin
i love xxxtentacion Lil pump
Yvonne Steiner
Yvonne Steiner 58 daqiqa oldin
xxxtancion is death like for xxxtencion !!!!!!!!!!!!
Aimée Bara
Aimée Bara Soat oldin
Cristiano Nunes
Cristiano Nunes Soat oldin
Tá bom nenhum brasileiro tendi
Yamen Bwerat
Yamen Bwerat Soat oldin
How is he dead and still uploading new alboms?!!
ivy great singer in hiding
I wasn't a lil pump fan but this song made me a stan😘😢💪
Ruperto Bustamante
kaleb yarborough
kaleb yarborough Soat oldin
Xxxtentacion had alot of hate ans love and inspiration. What did he do soo badly that it has to end like this. Like x did nothing to nobodu actually he helped alot of people in life that yall wouldnt know they were going threw. Rip x💔
Kristxnah Soat oldin
Amo esa música 😍
Matheus Kayrón
Matheus Kayrón Soat oldin
beatriz Santos
beatriz Santos Soat oldin
Vai te fdr
bianca komang
bianca komang Soat oldin
I from indonesia but i love this song I so sad Rip X fans but i love song X
Mike Brehm
Mike Brehm Soat oldin
Rip x
Daniel Stoican
Daniel Stoican Soat oldin
Just perfect ❤️🔥
RJ PRICE Soat oldin
No hate but Maluma kill it get rid of him and then that’s a hit
Nazir Younus
Nazir Younus Soat oldin
Rip x❤️🌹
Zanu Ar
Zanu Ar Soat oldin
Don't do more comment "Like for xtentaction Comment for Lil Pum" Because all best 😍
Damion beatty
Damion beatty Soat oldin
Love this song Fr for sad 😢 days
Zacarias Jansson
Zacarias Jansson Soat oldin
famous dead this year 1. avitchii /Tim 2. xxx
Can someone explain how xx is in here when he died already?
Silvava Persici
Silvava Persici Soat oldin
Rip X 😥
Mei .3.
Mei .3. Soat oldin
“Yes im gonna miss you though but i gotta lot of those” kinda harsh
Josh Coca
Josh Coca Soat oldin
Lil pump you look like willy wonka
HACKER Soat oldin
X is dead
Sirine Talmoudi
Sirine Talmoudi Soat oldin
Je me lacerait JAMAIS DE SE SON sur de xxxtentation
Panther Chef
Panther Chef Soat oldin
I love how all my favourite rappers were in this song. This is now my new fave song. Im pretty sure everybody liked this.
Анна Борисенко
Like 👍
KURD GOHST Soat oldin
Amari Murphy
Amari Murphy Soat oldin
I’m trying so Hard not to cry
Martin Soat oldin
*I like this song so much. I'm 24 years old and i can say that i was never heard about X before he die. It's really sad, because young and talent people leaving us. And now i understand how much i miss, because i was never heard about this amazing singer. Now i have all his songs in my car. Rest in Peace, brother!* *I hope you are at better place now! Much love!*
Amari Murphy
Amari Murphy Soat oldin
le gameur 79
le gameur 79 Soat oldin
Je tadord xxxtantation
Maypormay 11
Maypormay 11 Soat oldin
Marcelo Varas Andersson
i like swae lee so very
kill_forWin 123
kill_forWin 123 2 soat oldin
R.I.P for xxxtentacion 😭😭I don't know why sometimes I mean he is life I have 13 years when I hear x songs make my cry 😭
The lit Brothers
The lit Brothers 2 soat oldin
XxXTENTCION I miss himmmmm
Mohamed Zak
Mohamed Zak 2 soat oldin
love x and I miss him more then anyone in the wold
Soltani Lilia
Soltani Lilia 2 soat oldin
Soltani Lilia
Soltani Lilia 2 soat oldin
Michael Soto
Michael Soto 2 soat oldin
Fornitowy Świr
Fornitowy Świr 2 soat oldin
Its very good
Team Tenz
Team Tenz 2 soat oldin
Lithuania miss you xxx Rip X😓
Зигмунд Фрейд
Сколько вообще фитов вышло после смерти икса?
Frezz_BurN YT
Frezz_BurN YT 2 soat oldin
Même les FR sont avec lui repose en paix X.
benjamin 80
benjamin 80 2 soat oldin
Lik Lil pump comment xxxtentation j'adore
Katie Martin
Katie Martin 2 soat oldin
like: xxxtentacion reply: lil pump
Skillz. 2 soat oldin
Sad that X couldn't participate to the clip..Rip Legend
TiMkKa Warp
TiMkKa Warp 2 soat oldin
Maluma stupid
עמירם אטדגי
Vadim Ushakov
Vadim Ushakov 2 soat oldin
Кто здесь русский ставит мне лайк
Raul Ardelean
Raul Ardelean 2 soat oldin
alex vlog gaming
alex vlog gaming 2 soat oldin
zul zalal ikrm
zul zalal ikrm 2 soat oldin
Leticia Rivera
Leticia Rivera 2 soat oldin
My song this is 🔥 makes me become the stripper i use to be lol
Yessica Miranda
Yessica Miranda 2 soat oldin
Who saw skrillex at 1:20
Nb7777777 Nb7777777
Nb7777777 Nb7777777 2 soat oldin
Me cago en maluma
acaprzz 2 soat oldin
Is that skrillex?
simpla ja de e ja Lpwena
3 weeks ago?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...😭😭
This is Бeka.
This is Бeka. 2 soat oldin
lautaro acevedo
lautaro acevedo 2 soat oldin
Unico español? :v
Mahi Hussain
Mahi Hussain 2 soat oldin
Help me to 100,000 SUBS With one video
X is dead nigga
Pavliboy 3 soat oldin
Denise Schembri
Denise Schembri 3 soat oldin
KevInTheHouse 3 soat oldin
UZvid Completely Forgot about X, What a Shame, They Could not even Put It In Rewind, X Is A Legend. Once A Legend, Always A Legend.
BLUE HULK 3 soat oldin
This deserves more views than any other song on UZvid Like if u agree And....RIP LEGEND😭
Tushkan *
Tushkan * 3 soat oldin
Есть кто русский? Я просто пздц заэбался смотреть на английские комменты
james coulson
james coulson 3 soat oldin
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL this is wat music is now adays?? jesus chris
Scrailz :D
Scrailz :D 3 soat oldin
Take on me 2?
saifgamer133 saifsaif
Lil pump make a diss track to my friend because they are your haters I swearing
Joan issac
Joan issac 3 soat oldin
The only time Lil Pump didn't yell !!!!
Isidora Misovic
Isidora Misovic 3 soat oldin
Now here, you can see what is talent, and what isn't
Connor _skullYT
Connor _skullYT 3 soat oldin
But I thought x was dead
Prawdziwy Albańczyk
BobStab 3 soat oldin
Que alguien me esplique que hace ay maluma.... vaya tela, a mi me sobra totalmente
BobStab 2 soat oldin
+Rober ffr pero asi, totalmente de acuerdo.
Rober ffr
Rober ffr 3 soat oldin
Estropear la canción ...
noam 3 soat oldin
Love XXXTENTACION The kiler is son of a bitch R.I.P XXX 18.7.19 SAD
SARA COOL 3 soat oldin
raulex 2022
raulex 2022 3 soat oldin
R.I.P Maluma
Rober ffr
Rober ffr 3 soat oldin
Dydy78 974
Dydy78 974 3 soat oldin
Rip X 😭 💪😇🙏🌎
Kadidjq Neggaz
Kadidjq Neggaz 4 soat oldin
Vex Music
Vex Music 4 soat oldin
i miss x so much
Hoxics 4 soat oldin
Rip X. If I was a rapper the person i would love to collab with is X.
Aladdin Agayev
Aladdin Agayev 4 soat oldin
Everybody commended X
Aladdin Agayev
Aladdin Agayev 4 soat oldin
X !
Grizzly Rameur
Grizzly Rameur 4 soat oldin
I love you song
Nadav Yefet
Nadav Yefet 4 soat oldin
They so baddd
Kio Liam
Kio Liam 4 soat oldin
My name is kio like wtf
dilan damiian
dilan damiian 4 soat oldin
Razvan 4 soat oldin
Respect for X 😢😢😢😦😦😣😣😣😢
xkoxu 209
xkoxu 209 4 soat oldin
kike hrdz.
kike hrdz. 4 soat oldin
Fuck Maluma.🖕
Buadou prod
Buadou prod 4 soat oldin
0:50 !? "TANOS IN THE STUDIO" !!? 😨
Alex Matt
Alex Matt 4 soat oldin
Fuck the bastard that killed this guy ⚘
탕수육 4 soat oldin
텐타시온은 목소리 자체가 존좋
mr.pickle 1
mr.pickle 1 5 soat oldin
R I P JAHSEH ONFROY "tupac of this generation"
Trapstronaut 5 soat oldin
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Close Friends
2 oy oldin
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