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YBN Nahmir - Pain Away Ft. YBN Cordae (Official Music Video)

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YBN Nahmir "Pain Away" (ft. YBN Cordae)
Shot by: @SimonDavid__
Directed by: @Pplcallmeace
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27-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 11 410
txzlxr 17 soat oldin
brasil pohaaaa
Reece Flores
Reece Flores Kun oldin
this song bang
Colin Foster
Colin Foster Kun oldin
ok ybn namir is 18 ybn cordea is 21
Zaire Wolsky
Zaire Wolsky Kun oldin
Isaiah Ransom
Isaiah Ransom Kun oldin
this hard
Owe Foe
Owe Foe 2 kun oldin
Ybn trash but the decent on this track
Kardell Trent
Kardell Trent 2 kun oldin
Kardell Trent
Kardell Trent 2 kun oldin
Nahmir and corade kilt this shit put it on 2x speed btw
Jo jr Gottlieb
Jo jr Gottlieb 3 kun oldin
This song lit totally my ringtone 🔥🔥
Joshua Hyde
Joshua Hyde 3 kun oldin
Cordae goes HARD on this shit
thiago wilker
thiago wilker 3 kun oldin
Flickshot Gaming
Flickshot Gaming 3 kun oldin
~Take All The Pain Away~
Rocha Boi
Rocha Boi 3 kun oldin
One day ybn and EL Da Familia will collaborate 205 and 256, bham and the ville 256 aye!
Rocha Boi
Rocha Boi 3 kun oldin
256 all day 205 fuks wit it
Nhlanhla Mpofu
Nhlanhla Mpofu 3 kun oldin
-only world can stand with us
ッɦσlყ 4 kun oldin
Camisa do Brasil!!
Vitor Gomes
Vitor Gomes 4 kun oldin
Autas música
YoriJay 4 kun oldin
I come here for cordaes part
Alpha Kenny Buddy
Alpha Kenny Buddy 5 kun oldin
When you memorize the GTA cheats
Game Bros. 64 HD
Game Bros. 64 HD 6 kun oldin
Cordae went off
Anthony Nunez
Anthony Nunez 6 kun oldin
fire 1:02
Carlos Sorto
Carlos Sorto 6 kun oldin
we need more songs like this :))))))
Prod. Wavvy Jay
Prod. Wavvy Jay 8 kun oldin
You stole this beat from TWENTY TWO Beats nigga😂😂LAME AF uzvid.com/video/video--naSPyhJKjc.html
Julius Owens
Julius Owens 8 kun oldin
Song helped me thru sum shi
Fernando G.
Fernando G. 8 kun oldin
that shit is dope
Lil cjay
Lil cjay 8 kun oldin
Gang shittt is the brazil gang bitch ybn forever in the brazil
flowtzera 8 kun oldin
Brasilll presennteeee na cenaaaaaaaaa
Kids Lockwood
Kids Lockwood 8 kun oldin
Good Vibes🔥
JianjiTriivaco 8 kun oldin
Melke Lm
Melke Lm 8 kun oldin
This beat was trippie redd type beat free
dat boii fred
dat boii fred 8 kun oldin
Ab 8 kun oldin
Spend a few bands on ma drip Look at my kick, Spanish bitch all over dick
Andress Magana
Andress Magana 9 kun oldin
Add me on fortnite ANDREDSSisDead
Dondabest Anims
Dondabest Anims 9 kun oldin
0:56 is that Jay back there
Fierce XFacts
Fierce XFacts 9 kun oldin
I showed this to my mom Then she beat me 😭
luan ribeiro
luan ribeiro 9 kun oldin
brazill gangster
Bernaxrd Suicidal
Bernaxrd Suicidal 9 kun oldin
No offence but ybn cordae kinda trash but nahmir be on that grind shit
wellington santos
wellington santos 10 kun oldin
uou camisa do brasil krl
Y K4IQU3 OL1V3IR4 Y 10 kun oldin
*BR* ✌😎
Tavarious Samuel
Tavarious Samuel 10 kun oldin
This shot fire
AKILES.01$ 11 kun oldin
atapo kk
atapo kk 11 kun oldin
2.0 speed lol
Uilton Silva
Uilton Silva 11 kun oldin
Brasil porra
arnaldo Fernandes
arnaldo Fernandes 11 kun oldin
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 11 kun oldin
This song is like nicotine...
Guuh 019
Guuh 019 11 kun oldin
Paulo Brificado
Paulo Brificado 12 kun oldin
euler kaique.01
euler kaique.01 12 kun oldin
YBN hamind ft lil mosey 🔥fire
OUTCAST 13 kun oldin
Watch while your high n it’s 10x better istg I promise I’m high asab right now like super dam high
J_O_E_Y_333_ YT
J_O_E_Y_333_ YT 14 kun oldin
Typo in the description (TBH Cordae)
Juan Calderon
Juan Calderon 14 kun oldin
ballgod 14
ballgod 14 14 kun oldin
Ernie chavez
Ernie chavez 15 kun oldin
Lol the blue haired girl trying so hard to be in front , song fire 💥
Boi Meme
Boi Meme 15 kun oldin
Can @Im_Dontai react yet
Lakeshia Morgan
Lakeshia Morgan 15 kun oldin
It is hard but it's
Gustavo Verna
Gustavo Verna 16 kun oldin
lani Vaka
lani Vaka 16 kun oldin
Does YBN Namhir lives in bay area??
Juliana Barcelos
Juliana Barcelos 16 kun oldin
Brasil Ybn The Best
ChristhaKing 16 kun oldin
I no want smok
Esczbar 17 kun oldin
In My Feelings😞💔
blaze god
blaze god 18 kun oldin
Love this song it is hard
JoSePh I
JoSePh I 18 kun oldin
I’m feeling nahmirs flow in this bru
YoungAntPROD 18 kun oldin
This is hot garbage
Bushkat 18 kun oldin
I’m stuck in my ass
Nezhera 18 kun oldin
Only the wheel can stand with us
Ø mıťø
Ø mıťø 18 kun oldin
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 19 kun oldin
*sips tea*
*sips tea* 19 kun oldin
1:21 anyone else peep Asian doll?
mojo 19 kun oldin
Cordae can do everything
0 20 kun oldin
When this gonna hit spotify
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
Feliph santos
Feliph santos 20 kun oldin
Ø mıťø
Ø mıťø 18 kun oldin
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
TeeTee Aje
TeeTee Aje 20 kun oldin
Play in 1.25x thank me later🔥
Flickshot Gaming
Flickshot Gaming 20 kun oldin
Who else stressing and smokin on canni-bus ?
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
Luke Busine
Luke Busine 21 kun oldin
Xxxtetacion sneak diss at 0:47?
J Parker
J Parker 22 kun oldin
fuck that bass is hard
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
sport tv
sport tv 22 kun oldin
Hey hey brazil
Ø mıťø
Ø mıťø 18 kun oldin
Brazillll brrrr
Amari Mcghee
Amari Mcghee 23 kun oldin
it's going hard out there boy
Co Be
Co Be 23 kun oldin
They're all like 14 ?
hellboy 23 kun oldin
Nahmir ruined the song no cap
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
Nicky_nike treyissa
Nicky_nike treyissa 24 kun oldin
Ppl this song it's for chilled ppl YBN Nahmir this song is hottest
CireFlame 19 kun oldin
Would mind checking out my version of this song? It's on my channel. I promise i snapped 🔥
Crazy Clips Yt
Crazy Clips Yt 25 kun oldin
I Acually like dis song
OG Kumar
OG Kumar 25 kun oldin
Bruh this fr an underrated song
KJ Legacy
KJ Legacy 25 kun oldin
Nigga look like a white wiz Khalifa😂,🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Meny Manuelo
Meny Manuelo 25 kun oldin
2 Legends... 2 Ybn... Wow :v
New Rap Music
New Rap Music 25 kun oldin
This Song SmoothGioooo (In Other Words Fire) 🔥
zo Tuff
zo Tuff 28 kun oldin
Cordae part is the best change my mind
tyler easter
tyler easter 28 kun oldin
Just made a trip to los Angeles its funny man i used to lay on the bus enough now😎😎😃
Austin H
Austin H Oy oldin
This music video doesn't fit with the song at all
nana baybii
nana baybii 27 kun oldin
it does tho. they family & friends inna video.
WAR Zylon
WAR Zylon Oy oldin
His style was too hard in this video
nana baybii
nana baybii 27 kun oldin
right, his fine ass.
Sam 187
Sam 187 Oy oldin
yhea bro
Lesly Rodriguez
nahmir frfr needa hmu💀
nana baybii
nana baybii 27 kun oldin
watch out 💀
namedbywill Oy oldin
He's wearing a brazil t-shirt.. I'm from Brazil and I can tell, we love u
rey_ davis
rey_ davis Oy oldin
Sum times I wonder what you rep ybn,foe or,gd
Lilly Waters
Lilly Waters Oy oldin
Cordae my favorite ❤️❤️
cara de ajo
cara de ajo Oy oldin
Nahmir looks like wiz
JoshtheTurtle Oy oldin
Its like only ybn nahmir can have a smooth beat yet keep it hype the entire time
WAR Zylon
WAR Zylon Oy oldin
South America Memes
I love músic
Lucineia Reinaldo
Luke Straps
Luke Straps Oy oldin
Defensive Editzz
This still slaps ❌🧢
You right
8 oy oldin
Mob Ties
4 oy oldin