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YBN Nahmir - Pain Away Ft. YBN Cordae (Official Music Video)

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YBN Nahmir "Pain Away" (ft. YBN Cordae)
Shot by: @SimonDavid__
Directed by: @Pplcallmeace
Twitter: @YbnNahmir @YbnCordae
Instagram: @YbnNahmir @YbnCordae
Facebook: @Ybn Nahmir - Nick Santana
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/nahmir205 soundcloud.com/ybncordae




27-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 9 795
Brownskinntingg Soat oldin
Thisss beat hard asf song some heat 🍃🔥🔥
PlayStation Godd
PlayStation Godd Soat oldin
Notice how he didnt hit the blunt at all
Victor Shadow Lopes
BRAZIL POHAA🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mad Mac
Mad Mac 3 soat oldin
Follow on IG @allen2clean
Jimmy J
Jimmy J 3 soat oldin
808's made me needa get a new pair of underwear ya feel
405 Fishing
405 Fishing 3 soat oldin
Best song he made facts
Anthony 4 soat oldin
why does the girl look like a bug
Isaias Garcia
Isaias Garcia 4 soat oldin
This need to be in spotify
jesse suarez
jesse suarez 4 soat oldin
Cordae smooth with it
kidstormtv 5 soat oldin
This was smooth
gaara Supreme
gaara Supreme 5 soat oldin
This is lit
Davonte Middleton
Davonte Middleton 6 soat oldin
Why the fuck is the bass so fucking clean on this shit? I can feel every decibel. Got me fuckin turnt.
Sigor 6 soat oldin
Representou o Brasil
Radamonthe Dayanah
Radamonthe Dayanah 6 soat oldin
Nik Pacheco
Nik Pacheco 6 soat oldin
Needs to be on Spotify
greatest ever
greatest ever 6 soat oldin
Tay k put them on
Kev Moore
Kev Moore 7 soat oldin
How life is
haxeey 7 soat oldin
Brasil porra
Filippo Ruzzi
Filippo Ruzzi 7 soat oldin
ツXXXTentacion 7 soat oldin
The flow
Torro7VEVO 8 soat oldin
Nice, but Torro7 new song mama really emotional nearly made me cry, and hes from London uk
Dan 8 soat oldin
This is 🔥🔥
theyadore niyaa
theyadore niyaa 8 soat oldin
I love nahmir bruh🤞
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 9 soat oldin
This beat knocks harder than Jehovah’s Witness
Keon Leiba
Keon Leiba 9 soat oldin
We can’t get this on apple music
PJ Harris Jr
PJ Harris Jr 9 soat oldin
this joint go crazy
Jschrob 9 soat oldin
Rip valley
dr. laughs
dr. laughs 10 soat oldin
"I leave you dead in your seat if you think about killing lil tay k for me" um idont thinks so not tay k
Michael Adair
Michael Adair 10 soat oldin
Lil nick
Slinkie 10 soat oldin
Spotify plz
Deovo 12 soat oldin
I swear I hear this song at least 100 times a day n I'm not exaggerating
Hyper Tv
Hyper Tv 12 soat oldin
Switch it up then YBN 🔥🔥
isdatbochi ??
isdatbochi ?? 12 soat oldin
Need rappers to rap on my beats !!🤘✨
Gus Man
Gus Man 13 soat oldin
Isaiah george
Isaiah george 13 soat oldin
This shit lit
Cheech Mcgee
Cheech Mcgee 13 soat oldin
This the shit
10,000 Subs Under 10 Videos
Lmao Nahmir's ad-libs are funny
Rock Versace
Rock Versace 15 soat oldin
oof this got 120k likes
xXDEADZMLGXx CASH 17 soat oldin
Name a better duo I’ll wait
King the Gamer
King the Gamer 19 soat oldin
This sound like a spongebob beat
Adrian's Beats
Adrian's Beats 19 soat oldin
zTurno Plays
zTurno Plays 20 soat oldin
Bands cannonfire
Bands cannonfire 20 soat oldin
I only came for Cordae part but nahmir with the hook is a actually good tho
Garrett Grima
Garrett Grima 20 soat oldin
There are definitely b songs from these two on GTA 6
ThatBoyBernz #420
ThatBoyBernz #420 21 soat oldin
Wiz is that you?
TurtleGerbil 67
TurtleGerbil 67 21 soat oldin
Y can’t u put new music on Spotify?
leonardo de haro
leonardo de haro 22 soat oldin
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Farrell 22 soat oldin
Ayo put this shit on Spotify 🔥💯🔥
thiper777 p
thiper777 p 23 soat oldin
Brasil 😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😛😛😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
lil tide pod
lil tide pod 23 soat oldin
fire af🔥
Ernesto Yanez
Ernesto Yanez 23 soat oldin
Nahmir - flow guy Jay - hype man Corsair - lyrical nigga
Zyro Kid
Zyro Kid 23 soat oldin
Tbh he isn’t like these fake ass rappers who are a one hit wonder this nigga will be known like Tupac No cap
Fortnite Boss
Fortnite Boss Kun oldin
Did he sell his soul
Mikey Devou
Mikey Devou Kun oldin
Vitor Cruz
Vitor Cruz Kun oldin
Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Familia da maiota
Brasil porrra
Devin Bigbear
Devin Bigbear Kun oldin
Ofn I felt ts "bro got locked up I had to go make gma proudd"💯🔥🔥
moh chavao
moh chavao Kun oldin
Brazil gaang
CnnNsh Kun oldin
probaly doesn't know what the kit represents tbh
moh chavao
moh chavao Kun oldin
Brazilian ❤️🔥🔥
Z Rain and friends
I need this beat
K.M.G chucky
K.M.G chucky Kun oldin
Sub me I sub back I am a new artist !!!
Ezus Kun oldin
this song lowkey takes the pain away
skull top
skull top Kun oldin
Asian doll clout chasin
jahesh. dagger
jahesh. dagger Kun oldin
swalla boo
swalla boo Kun oldin
Lol its funny how I know all of his songs word to word and now I know this song word to word
P A P P Y Kun oldin
Spark up 😂
D1_CLUTCH Kun oldin
This is shit
Just Impulse
Just Impulse Kun oldin
Here before dontai
Slley Kun oldin
Cordae is the goat
Victor Pianucci
Victor Pianucci Kun oldin
Nahmir com a peita do Brasil aí sim kkkkk 🇧🇷🔥
Patrick Mackee
Patrick Mackee Kun oldin
When this song blow up ima stop lisening 2this bit 4right now im blasting this shit
BusiHDTV Kun oldin
Oi brasiliero
kid kesh
kid kesh Kun oldin
Ybn cordae got that im a lyrical SoundCloud rapper haircut 😂🤣😂
nohemi garcia
nohemi garcia Kun oldin
Lol this guy on my bus showed me this
Blessed_Spawn10 》
This go hard 👍🔥
Imp God
Imp God Kun oldin
Song starts at 1:33
VQM Kun oldin
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Kun oldin
Simon Toro
Simon Toro Kun oldin
I swear they can make any word rhyme even when it’s not lol How the f u gonna say canabus instead of cannabis
spakka Kun oldin
Apple Music please
Rosmund McPherson
dis shid go so hard.
this song bangs and cordaes part is cold asl but why his hair like that
logan sneed
logan sneed Kun oldin
Cordae is about the only thing worth watching, This nigga Nahmir just sings a fucking hook.
Young Savage
Young Savage Kun oldin
Vitor Henrique
Vitor Henrique Kun oldin
Christopher Lozado
I wish this was on Spotify so I can add it to my playlist 😪
Ysidroo D
Ysidroo D Kun oldin
Highkey not lit 💀
mami tamiika
mami tamiika Kun oldin
who peeped asian doll
0rvix Kun oldin
Bro this ain’t on Spotify
CireFlame Kun oldin
Can you listen to my version of this song? It's on my channel.
Dun Daydo
Dun Daydo Kun oldin
I thought cordae don't smoke lol industry lies haha 😂
CireFlame Kun oldin
Can you listen to my version of this song? It's on my channel.
Lloyd Olalere
Lloyd Olalere Kun oldin
Why is this not on Spotify like if u agree
CireFlame Kun oldin
Can you listen to my version of this song? It's on my channel.
SEBBY Kun oldin
We gon spark that shit up its gon take all the pain away
CireFlame Kun oldin
Can you listen to my version of this song? It's on my channel.
The Crimson Chin The Crimson Chin
1.25x Is lit af.
Kaden Rice
Kaden Rice Kun oldin
1.25 speed is so hard OMM
Snow Beahr
Snow Beahr Kun oldin
Repeat type of mood 💊
23 kun oldin