Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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5-Noy, 2018



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noice Soat oldin
Im a cancer and turns out i have a hella large Reese cup.
Fahad Zulfiqar
Fahad Zulfiqar 9 soat oldin
Spicy hot cocoa . Ew.
Cindel Melody
Cindel Melody 10 soat oldin
As a Scorpio I have the right to say that hot chocolate ain't a dessert 😂
Aldc Train
Aldc Train 12 soat oldin
Cancer check! Who else?
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 13 soat oldin
I am a cancer and I hate recces peanut butter cups
Likacute 13 soat oldin
2019 Like Leo comment
Rosie Gold
Rosie Gold 20 soat oldin
Me: Leo July 27th -not a trendsetter -antisocial -not really generous
Bruno The Expert
Bruno The Expert 12 soat oldin
Lol me too july 26th
Shanu Bag
Shanu Bag 20 soat oldin
I am Sagittarius but I hate apples and bananas (and the desert too 😑)
WolfShire 22 soat oldin
Who else absolutely loves the leo dessert? And who else actually is a leo?
Cookiiez Kun oldin
I’m an Aquarius and I can confirm that I am experimental, the most intelligent person in my class, and.. ... *_qUirKY aNd nOt lIke otHer giRls_*
Venkat Venkat
Venkat Venkat Kun oldin
I don't like bananas
Alive !
Alive ! Kun oldin
As an Aries I don’t approve this I like chocolate
Megan Haanstra
Megan Haanstra Kun oldin
i´m gemini but i hate coconut so no thnx
Chaddy Ormillo
Chaddy Ormillo Kun oldin
This is amazing an easy to prepare deserts. If youre going to host and throw a party for friends and budget friendly. I love my sign Libra you can do so much for a muffin a lot of ideas you can infuse. I love Leo though but oozing in diabetes ❤💙💚💜💛💖💋
Everything Emily
Everything Emily 2 kun oldin
Libras always get boring stuff
FunnySide TV
FunnySide TV 2 kun oldin
What! I've been eating somebody else's foods!!!! Plus I loooooove meringues ( Taurus)
k k
k k 2 kun oldin
This is soo wrong
Eden Alistair
Eden Alistair 2 kun oldin
HAHA BEACHES I GET THE GIANT CHOCOLATE BALL!!!!!! (See what I did there) 6 ) 6
Arfa Mo
Arfa Mo 2 kun oldin
I am Pisces.🐬🐬🐬🐬🐳🐳🐳 and I got aquarium cookies! Matching matching.
Helloim apersonya
Helloim apersonya 2 kun oldin
Your right i do love vanilla and white chocollate and you guessed my favorite colors too blue and navy
Sunset Lover
Sunset Lover 2 kun oldin
Man, I’m a Pisces and my only 2 hated desserts are both used: cookies and white chocolate rip
sleepy kitty
sleepy kitty 2 kun oldin
Me: What’s with all this fruit... *Wheres the chocolate..*
kalonice St. Moss
kalonice St. Moss 3 kun oldin
I’m a Gemini I’m not sharing the desert recipe/actual dessert with anyone Bc it meh food. (Watermelon dessert pizza!)
*Miserable thot*
*Miserable thot* 3 kun oldin
Can I do libra without the rum? I'm just 14.
momoxsans 29
momoxsans 29 3 kun oldin
ink. izzE
ink. izzE 4 kun oldin
5:44 NO!
Freya Dolch
Freya Dolch 5 kun oldin
Holy shit this is so accurate(for me at least) I’m a cancer and I’m literally in my bed right now eating peanut butter cups 😮😮😮
Laura Moonlight TM
Laura Moonlight TM 5 kun oldin
RIP Pisces
Shayla Alice
Shayla Alice 5 kun oldin
PrettyLittleMinxxx 5 kun oldin
Wait guys I'm 21st of May any that never came up only 20th and 22nd they skipped 21st so what does that mean for me
Falling for Deborah
Libra has rum in the recipe I'm 15 But having alcohol in my recipe totally speaks to me because i know when I'm 21 it'll be my water 😂
RtestEmma :3
RtestEmma :3 6 kun oldin
scorpio gang were y’all @ ?
* paintedrainclouds *
I’m a Libra.... BLESSED
Felma Yap
Felma Yap 7 kun oldin
press x to doibt
SnowFox 2074
SnowFox 2074 7 kun oldin
This is the definition of food-porn
YTBones 8 kun oldin
I am a Gemini and I love fruit, and that almost made me nut in my pants.
Bee Out Of The Box
Bee Out Of The Box 8 kun oldin
Pisces got the worst
manga macha
manga macha 9 kun oldin
Sees her zodiac sooo simple A FREAKIN tart never eaten a tart before filled with peanut butter me never eaten peanut butter sees chocolate me like yum yum just because i as a cancer am romatic does not mean you have to base a desert solely on valentine it does not even look good especially peanut butter from wut i have heard is soo sugary really next do your research before just making valatine chocolate for your lover!!! I am romantic i agree still
HS L 9 kun oldin
I'm Libra, anyone else? Edit: Artistic, some people say I am Charming, not at all, I'm ugly and I have a bit autism Joyful, everyday is sad except when I'm finally alone
Brittany Nguyen
Brittany Nguyen 11 kun oldin
That poor kiwi lost half of itself into the trash.
Sparkly84 11 kun oldin
I got these cute aquarium cookies!
cutie tv
cutie tv 11 kun oldin
Awsome Adventures
Awsome Adventures 12 kun oldin
September and im virgo but that is my ideal desert
Rose Cupcake
Rose Cupcake 13 kun oldin
Of course my dessert is a cupcake. What else could it possibly be?
Carlos Ramses Gonzalez Bustos
OMG Aquarius looks awesome! I love things that looks like other things!!! 10/10 Pd: more than the half ended with bad desserts, LOL
Kylie Altimus
Kylie Altimus 13 kun oldin
I am a cancer and peanut butter cups 🥜are my favorite thing ever!! (Other than bread🥖🥖🥖
Lilly Gacha
Lilly Gacha 13 kun oldin
Im a leo, and firstly YASSS I LOVE THAT DESEERT and secondly how do you come up with these genius desserts and thirdly wouldn’t eat any of the other desserts so good job? Also how do u remove so “ carefully “ when ur a Leo lol I don’t got no time or patience for dat xD
Loonytunes 96
Loonytunes 96 13 kun oldin
Sagittarius stole my hear- I mean stomach!
Spoodaman 13 kun oldin
I am a capricorn and tbh I don't like chocolate that much, dark is better. I also don't like microwaved stuff. Not true.
Addilynn Shae Henson
I would have to politely disagree with but but on the inside be disappointed that I would get fruit for desert.
Reagon Shoaf
Reagon Shoaf 14 kun oldin
I’m an Scorpio XD
Emily Harris
Emily Harris 14 kun oldin
I iz happ with my dessert...but not breakfast.. ps ima ♐️ I’m cool with deep fried DELICIOUSNESS but not 🍅🥬soft boiled egg soup 🤮
Emily Harris
Emily Harris 14 kun oldin
No seriously watch the zodiac breakfast video and you’ll see what I mean.
MusicalGabby 14 kun oldin
Kurtandblaine_Gleek 14 kun oldin
This is wrong this should be based on your personality ...
Gacha_official Fox
Gacha_official Fox 14 kun oldin
Mines makes me feel so boring to everyone else's (mines is a choclate muffin)
Sofy Cool
Sofy Cool 14 kun oldin
My zodiac sign very accurate Leo ♌️ i looveeeee chocolate
Lilya Nur
Lilya Nur 14 kun oldin
im pisces i hate sugar cookies
Arelia Haywood
Arelia Haywood 15 kun oldin
Sagittarius was false ON SITE!!! I hate fried fucking apples!
Emery J Kolb
Emery J Kolb 15 kun oldin
I am Aries lucky me
Rita McCartt-Kordon
Rita McCartt-Kordon 15 kun oldin
Where can you get the recipes?? Their site? I don't DO Facebook!
Eloise P
Eloise P 15 kun oldin
I'm cancer But I hate peanut butter cups Lmao
GOogle ACCOUgt
GOogle ACCOUgt 15 kun oldin
Yas suckers I got a giant peanut cup, I cancer BTW
Someone Else
Someone Else 15 kun oldin
I am a ♋ and that is 100% true
Lydia Fabela
Lydia Fabela 15 kun oldin
...................all these cool ass desserts. And you give me fucking dessert spaghetti? screw you.
The lil weirdos
The lil weirdos 15 kun oldin
Mine is so for me ( leo)
SILVERHD 15 kun oldin
As a Gemini and fruit lover... This video couldn't be more right 😂😂😂
Sofia Trimmer
Sofia Trimmer 15 kun oldin
Yayyy I’m Leo ♌️
Georgette Thomas
Georgette Thomas 15 kun oldin
Chocolate Leo
Stephanie Sarkis
Stephanie Sarkis 15 kun oldin
TBH I'm a libra and I hate cupcakes and pineapple soooo could u make another
Laurena VX
Laurena VX 15 kun oldin
Arquarious and I thought mine looked disgusting and I hate strawberry
The Crazy Gecko
The Crazy Gecko 15 kun oldin
I’m a Gemini and literally the only food in my dessert that I like was the watermelon.
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 16 kun oldin
I'm Leo and tbh I am so happy with mine ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Ellie Islington
Ellie Islington 16 kun oldin
Gacha TalEnny
Gacha TalEnny 16 kun oldin
I'm a Virgo Well I guess I love chocolate and cake pops.
Sara Anjum
Sara Anjum 17 kun oldin
I need to make mine when I get back to england you got mah loves right
Sara Anjum
Sara Anjum 17 kun oldin
Just saving mah time don't mind me 10:50
hib n
hib n 17 kun oldin
Seriously I'm a scorpio and I don't like spicy hot chocolate give me cookies.
•ʟɨʍɛ ċaҡɛ•
Whos Gonna be a Madlad and Start Eating all The Deserts But Dosent Care if They're a Taurus or Not? :D *tHIs GaL--*
Syntax Error
Syntax Error 17 kun oldin
i knew it hahaha..
Snail Family Productions
I'm Gemini......I don't like watermelon or coconuts.....gimmie my fricken chocolates!!!! >:P o.O EDIT: My mom's is Leo and she hates chocolate and loves watermelon, apricot, coconut and any fruits.... I hate my life.
Leeloo Wheeler
Leeloo Wheeler 17 kun oldin
i'm a scorpio and mine was okay but i'd rather be a leo or pisces my mom wouldn't like her dessert either. (she's a pisces) first, she's gluten free second, she hates most fruit flavors
Gacha Horselover
Gacha Horselover 18 kun oldin
IM NOT VIRGO! i mean I dont act anything like a Virgo I act like a Agarius But im not sure which One i am
-sweet_tooth- 18 kun oldin
my mom is a cancer so i can approve and that is her fav food/dessert
Sama Ahmed
Sama Ahmed 18 kun oldin
Gemini Anyone???
Rubi Ahmad Wijaya
Rubi Ahmad Wijaya 18 kun oldin
I'm sagitarius. - i love fruit - i love fried food - i love chocolate - i love honey That's my thing
Moony MoMo Bear
Moony MoMo Bear 19 kun oldin
Mine is cancer ;-; My grandpa died because of cancer ;-; Coincidence?!?!???!?!? I THINK NOT
Julia DZ
Julia DZ 19 kun oldin
See I'm a Libra and all that desert said for me was something I wouldn't eat it's like give me chocolate
Claire Bear
Claire Bear 19 kun oldin
Aquarius was mine! Might explain why I like the Ocean!
Joshua Reid
Joshua Reid 19 kun oldin
capicorn where are you
Heather Schrempf-White
I'm a Gemini. Saw the word watermelon. Me: Okay. You can stop right there. No need to go any further. You have already figured out my favorite dessert. Continues to watch and sees the Cancer dessert. Me: *I take everything I just said back* Continues to watch and sees all the other delicious deserts. Me: WHY MUST I BE A GEMINI?! 😭 In all honesty, I don't think your zodiac sign gas anything to do with your food preferences. I love these dessert ideas though.
Manga girl
Manga girl 19 kun oldin
You can’t tell me what my desert sine is
Leah Mea Fortes
Leah Mea Fortes 19 kun oldin
why do scorpio have chilli flakes btw i'm a scorpio
Cassandra Serrano
Cassandra Serrano 19 kun oldin
*when you don't like your sign's dessert*
Baby Cat SansYT
Baby Cat SansYT 16 kun oldin
ree ree ree ree ree reereereeree REE REE ( if u guessed illuminati u guessed right )
Bella Knight
Bella Knight 19 kun oldin
I am so making mine, I'm an Aquarius
Kkaepjang BTS
Kkaepjang BTS 20 kun oldin
When you searched so hard for yout zodiac sign but you realized that the idea sucked....
WolfShire 22 soat oldin
Haha too bad, I got one of the best.😜 I'mma leo btw
Cookiiez Kun oldin
I think my spaghetti was *_qUirkY_*
Katie Hudgins
Katie Hudgins 3 kun oldin
Viral Vibes was yours Gemini ♊️
Viral Vibes
Viral Vibes 16 kun oldin
Exactly like mine was the worst one 😂
Charlotte Unicorn face
Aim Capricorn, First off I hate honey Microwaved desserts And muffins. The only good things in there were chocolate and vanilla
Yanni Trinidad
Yanni Trinidad 12 kun oldin
Happy Little Tree
Happy Little Tree 20 kun oldin
I'm a Cancer and hate tarts
Creative 20 kun oldin
Aquarius fam! 👌❤😄
The little Weebabo
The little Weebabo 20 kun oldin
As a Leo. No I won’t eat that
Leeloo Wheeler
Leeloo Wheeler 18 kun oldin
more for me then- (i'm a scorpio, and mine was okay but there were way better things in the video)
Pau Clemens
Pau Clemens 20 kun oldin
I camt even eat cake😭😭😢 im allergic to eggs.(btw im virgo).
Zach Winston
Zach Winston 20 kun oldin
Who's Libra here?
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