Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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5-Noy, 2018

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SegaChild Starspawn
I'm an Aries, and I don't even like liquor 🤮 But the sorbet does look pretty... But I prefer chocolate.
Nadia Rabbitbaker
6:51 I am Libra! (29 Sep.) Wait it says artistic and I actally am really artistic! HOLY MOLY! Yaasss I got a good one!
Artmiese 💋Elizabeth
Fiery chili cocoa?...hmm, I’d have to give this a try.
Anya Jones
Anya Jones 4 soat oldin
Strawberry sundae topping Me: Ya mean jam Oh and I don't want to be Libra anymore
Erin Taylor-Boltonx
Erin Taylor-Boltonx 5 soat oldin
Let's be honest the leo one is the coolest 👍🌈❤️💙
Aaisha 7 soat oldin
Im a carpricorn and I literally do this every single time 🙈😂
MultiKalula 7 soat oldin
I am leo
Gacha Dawn
Gacha Dawn 8 soat oldin
My zodiac is aries. It had plenty white wine. I'm 13
talullah gardiner
talullah gardiner 12 soat oldin
The deserts kinda got basic towards the end🥺
bree 15 soat oldin
I'm a cancer let's just say....i hate reeses
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 16 soat oldin
I’m a Leo but I dislike ice cream and brownies, and messy food. That was a miss for me.
Bleeding Ink
Bleeding Ink 17 soat oldin
But I don’t like hot cocoa
Røsé Møøñ
Røsé Møøñ 17 soat oldin
So I'm a Pisces.. And I've gotta say Im not dissapointed xd
Taylor's Daily Mistakes
I'm a Libra and I HATE coconut
Epic Sam
Epic Sam 19 soat oldin
OH HELL NAH! Im a saggittarius and i would never eat that. I know i might get backlash but still thats disgusting as fu.. wait forgot there might children.....sorry
Kpop fan For life!!
Kpop fan For life!! 20 soat oldin
I am an cancer and the dessert looks really good! 🤤🤤 to bad I’m too lazy to make it 😢
Viceral 21 soat oldin
Pina Colada is great and all but... Cancer got a Giant Reece's and leo got a big brownie chocolate ball and Scorpio got HOT COCOA and Sagittarius got FRIED OREOS AND CHOCOLATE BARS AND OTHER STUFF and Capricorn got a chocolate muffin and Aquarius got ice cream and brownie and- * bursts into tears * *IJUSTWANEDSOMECHOCOLAAAAATTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE3EE* * Sobs *
Viceral 21 soat oldin
Stop it. I feel attacked. How DARE you know that I like Pina colada better then most other flavors!
Viceral 21 soat oldin
Honestly I'd just be happy with the sugar butter mixture. Any other Libras like this or just me?
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson 22 soat oldin
Nope. Reese cups are gross.
Morgan Schiller
Morgan Schiller 23 soat oldin
Scorpio has me dead on!
its your girl zai
its your girl zai 23 soat oldin
Me:*is Sagittarius* no wonder I'm fat I like to deep fry stuf
Desiree Shelton
Desiree Shelton Kun oldin
I'm a cancer and I don't like peanut butter
Magdalena Correa
I'm a Sagittarius and mine seems very appeasing and delicious, but everything looked so much better and tastier!!
Addi Ward
Addi Ward Kun oldin
Me: Loves chocolate Me: Leo yumm i got the best
Mohacsi Sara
Mohacsi Sara Kun oldin
Im a cancer lol
Horizon Kun oldin
I am Aries , but I can't have alcohol ;-;
I'm Gemini and cancer so I might try and mix these a bit
Pastel Queen
Pastel Queen Kun oldin
I'm a leo and I LOVED mine!
Katherine Nguyen
I’m Aquarius but.. *i dont know how to swim* IM READY FOR THE TOMATOS
Cindy_Playz Kun oldin
So im a scorpio. We get fiery chilli hot cocoa. *I dont know how i feel about that...*
Mmm, the Aries one looks really good!
Kasey Playz
Kasey Playz Kun oldin
lol nearly everyone wants to eat any dessert but their zodiac sign dessert
Cloudy bug!
Cloudy bug! Kun oldin
I'm a pisces and I approve on the little aquarium dessert it's very cute! 👌
Emma Vorasane
Emma Vorasane Kun oldin
Aries looked awesome
Glenda Chappell
Glenda Chappell Kun oldin
Capricorn here, never would’ve eaten that, sorry
Brielle Bxtch
Brielle Bxtch Kun oldin
Not sure how I feel about mine 🤔(Taurus)
Harley _Playz
Harley _Playz Kun oldin
Mine is libra........ I dont like pineapples.........
unknown person
unknown person Kun oldin
I watched a lot of food videos based on your zodiac sign and I must say this the least accurate...well atleast for me.
"Spaghetti and Meatballs Sundae" THAT IS SPAGHETTI EIS AND YOU WILL ACCEPT IT.
Rainbow Youtuber
I LOVE THE AQUARIUS ONE (mostly because im aquarius xD) BUT ALSO BECAUSE ITS ICE CREAM (and i like spaghetti!)
Terry The dragon
As an Aquarius, that dessert looks like some shit I'd make on a hungry sleepless night....awesome!!
Beau Hanlon
Beau Hanlon Kun oldin
Im a cancer and i dont like peanut butter
Matthew Williams
I’m a Capricorn but I clicked on the video just cuz I wanted that magic chocolate ball and to see how u make it 😂
Khorriedeyhn uwu
Aquarius'(did I spell that right? Idk and I don't care) was fucking awsome and I'm stuck here with this "aquarium cookie" shit (No offense to anyone who liked it, it's just not my thing)
Sinpai Kun oldin
SimonSHDs Kun oldin
Pretty sure they made the best ones for their signs
sophia SM
sophia SM Kun oldin
Zebra Port
Zebra Port Kun oldin
THIS IS SO TRUE. I am a Cancer♋ and I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter 🍫🥜 uwu
Newyorkercookie :/
5:24 when you a Leo ♌️🍫🍓🍒