YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

Dolan Twins
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We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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27-Noy, 2018

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Emma Tate
Emma Tate Soat oldin
Ethan:that’s not chai Grayson:it’s chai enough Lmao
Johnie Farr
Johnie Farr 2 soat oldin
You guys take for fucking ever to say stuff, I've fast forwarded this video more than I wanted too and I actually like you guys.
Sofia F
Sofia F 2 soat oldin
Poor kids got no help on any of the other drinks 😂
Sofia F
Sofia F 2 soat oldin
Oh man I couldn't help but cringe this whole vid😭😂💗
Sam Stephens
Sam Stephens 3 soat oldin
"Do you guys have a lid or....?" lol
Alicia Marion
Alicia Marion 4 soat oldin
Why did I realize this whole video is so freaking cringe. But they make up for it for being funny and weird.
hannah clifford
hannah clifford 5 soat oldin
"are you having a good day?" "yes!" "ok"
All about Alana
All about Alana 7 soat oldin
Why werent they taught to make more than a vanilla latte? 😂 i feel bad for them 😂
Amy Chambers
Amy Chambers 7 soat oldin
Probably my favourite video, I just cannot believe they were left alone.
Serena Greaney
Serena Greaney 9 soat oldin
My anxiety watching this😂
Joanne Kim
Joanne Kim 13 soat oldin
I was dying 😂
galaxy games
galaxy games 15 soat oldin
People should try and make memes out of thus
Meghan & Maddie
Meghan & Maddie 18 soat oldin
If this was a Starbucks those customers would be spazzing out🤣🤣🤣 I would know I got beaten emotionally by a lot of middle aged angry people for almost 4 years working there 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
Hannah Million
Hannah Million 23 soat oldin
i cringed so hard during this lmao
JULIA CALCULLI 23 soat oldin
I'll buy the merch but in May 31st :3
Jetta Blackwood
Jetta Blackwood Kun oldin
Gray: “Here are the hands of a professional... pastry handler.?!”
LottieHarcup 2712
Did no one else Notice that they are running the cafe at night 😂 and everyone just agreed to have a vanilla latte
Mikayla Johnson
Mikayla Johnson Kun oldin
Grayson interview was funny af
Mikayla Johnson
Mikayla Johnson Kun oldin
1:03 Meeee😂
Olivia Duke
Olivia Duke Kun oldin
Cutest baristas ever
Beth Wats
Beth Wats Kun oldin
I love watching other people in pain... but I had a panic attack for them.
Ko Ko Bops And Milk Make A Bowl Full Of Fun
Y'all are so cute 😂
Carla Abbott
Carla Abbott Kun oldin
18:44 gray looks so much like e. is it just me who sees that?
dark clouds
dark clouds Kun oldin
she looked at grayson and smiled more in her head shes like damn he fine
Yannice Ilunga
Yannice Ilunga Kun oldin
“I blamed it on the guy in the back, there’s no guy in the back, I’m the guy in the back”
Yannice Ilunga
Yannice Ilunga Kun oldin
what if 10 years from now we will be watching dolan twin family vlogs with their wives and kids .... mind blowing
Natasha Asmus
Natasha Asmus Kun oldin
I tried watching this a couple times now, but it’s so cringy!
shea mealey
shea mealey Kun oldin
Gray is just dragging him😂 omg the interviews😂😂😂
daddys edits
daddys edits Kun oldin
Conspiracy theory they chose to work at a coffee shop cuz emma loves coffee
Victoria K
Victoria K 2 kun oldin
“That’s not chai” - Ethan “It’s chai enough” - Grayson I’m dead 😂😂😂
Melissa_ LK
Melissa_ LK 2 kun oldin
Mop juice???😂🤣🤣🤣
CJ Sowles
CJ Sowles 2 kun oldin
no one: Dolan twins: Have you tried the vanilla latte??
Katy Helen
Katy Helen 2 kun oldin
Tuesdays r my favourite day of the year no joke 😺😻🙀😿😼😸😹😽😾
Sama Alobaidi
Sama Alobaidi 2 kun oldin
The Tea Sis
The Tea Sis 2 kun oldin
Emma are you proud?
The Tea Sis
The Tea Sis 2 kun oldin
Emma entered the chat..
allie 2 kun oldin
HAHAHA i loved this
Charlotte Rossi
Charlotte Rossi 2 kun oldin
It was the bosses folt
Evelyn Rightmire
Evelyn Rightmire 2 kun oldin
“The Nutella machine is down” lmao
Ami Mckechnie
Ami Mckechnie 2 kun oldin
*why does this remind me of the stress when playing cooking fever?*
Danielle C
Danielle C 2 kun oldin
this became tense for me to watch at the end lol.
Maddy Conner
Maddy Conner 2 kun oldin
This is so fucking cringe I had to stop watching it the first time and come back
Angie Lulgjuraj
Angie Lulgjuraj 2 kun oldin
Angie Lulgjuraj
Angie Lulgjuraj 2 kun oldin
Ugh! I hated watching this. I had a headache, because of the stress they were under!
Valerie Navarro
Valerie Navarro 2 kun oldin
I don’t think they understand that making the coffee is gonna take time like it’s not gonna take like 30 sec
Jada Storey
Jada Storey 2 kun oldin
This was stressing me out just watching lol
Mazez Dragon
Mazez Dragon 2 kun oldin
I was reading comments throughout this cause otherwise I probs would have died of an anxiety attack...
Emma Morton
Emma Morton 2 kun oldin
13:44 I’m DYING😂😂
peje peje
peje peje 3 kun oldin
well they only teach them one drink
Jasmine Gould
Jasmine Gould 3 kun oldin
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green 3 kun oldin
Sexy ass own your jobs in sexy in hot when your working your a good job s cooking long not hot when cooking i love it baby s my f lovely you know it like red hot in cool 💜💜💜💜💜👍😘💘💘💘💘💘🔥🔥🔥
_Derpy Silhouette_
_Derpy Silhouette_ 3 kun oldin
O actually felt their pain through this
Iris Cruse
Iris Cruse 3 kun oldin
*6:34**-**7:07** Grayson throwing shade at Ethan for 33 seconds straight*
Ellie Brxtn
Ellie Brxtn 3 kun oldin
‘I need to check you out’ Grayson Bailey Dolan~2k18 😂
Adah Larson
Adah Larson 3 kun oldin
He makes them all get a vanilla latte LOL
Queen Tima
Queen Tima 3 kun oldin
Literally me
Dayshanna .Haugen
Dayshanna .Haugen 3 kun oldin
This video made me cringe so much!😂👏😂👏
mackenzie flynn
mackenzie flynn 3 kun oldin
and this has been: the dolan twins two seconds away from having a panic attack for 26 minutes
mackenzie flynn
mackenzie flynn 3 kun oldin
okay but why did the boss ONLY teach them how to make a vanilla latte? people are gonna order other things
ѕυиfυииу Xo
ѕυиfυииу Xo 3 kun oldin
Cooking fever.......ARGH
Sophia Shubbar
Sophia Shubbar 3 kun oldin
I love how Ethan was trying to get the job while Grayson was just exposing him 😂
emma chisholm
emma chisholm 3 kun oldin
I could not watch this😂 you’d think that the boss would show them what to do🤣👎🏼
Abigail Tuaño
Abigail Tuaño 3 kun oldin
Would accept a ice vanilla latte from them any day
Cheyanne Delisle
Cheyanne Delisle 4 kun oldin
“I clean for fun sometimes”. 😂😂
Lola & Brody
Lola & Brody 4 kun oldin
I am always getting coffa and i lovvveee the Dolan twins so if they were there when I walked into a coffee shop then I’d cry
Grace e
Grace e 4 kun oldin
1:35 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erin Evans
Erin Evans 4 kun oldin
The most funniest vid ever with grayson coming out in the suite
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes 4 kun oldin
The intro stops at 4:00 😂😂 your welcome
I’m B o r e d
I’m B o r e d 4 kun oldin
15:16 Ethan: *says her order* Grayson: WtF iS tHaT
Marlee Woolsey
Marlee Woolsey 4 kun oldin
I would loved to be served by them 🤣
Alexis Gaytan
Alexis Gaytan 4 kun oldin
They weren’t ready 😭😂
Natalie Cho
Natalie Cho 4 kun oldin
“sometime my earring gets crusty and I take it out” ummmm 🙄💀
Lily Hutchins
Lily Hutchins 4 kun oldin
dont have anything to comment but i want to comment something so hi
abelamilia 4 kun oldin
i'd freakout if the baristas in my local coffee shop are the dolan twins. god, they're so hot wearing those uniform :$
abelamilia 4 kun oldin
2019 anyone? :)
Joe Mann
Joe Mann 4 kun oldin
😂it’s so stressful
Arriana Too
Arriana Too 5 kun oldin
Why didnt they hire Emma Chamberlain? I mean she is the BEST person to make coffee
Metzy rojas
Metzy rojas 5 kun oldin
Natasha Fuller
Natasha Fuller 5 kun oldin
This video stresses me out so much
Josie’s world Josie’s world
I’m starting off 2019 HORRIBLE!! 😭😭😭. I have to get 2 Root canals and 1 tooth pulled out!! PLEASE can someone tell me if root canals hurt and getting your tooth pulled out???!!!!
Dado 23
Dado 23 5 kun oldin
I get really nervous every time I watch this 😂
Arlis M.
Arlis M. 5 kun oldin
A have a heart attack when i saw Grayson in suit. He’s so handsome 🤤🤤
Harper Tulleson
Harper Tulleson 5 kun oldin
I am nervous for you
ninslitbro/cool 5 kun oldin
Y’all will get to 10 M subscribers in at least 2 months
Quin'Taviious Jackson
Thiis Viideo Was A Lil Intense.... Oh & Anybody Else Diied When Ethan Triied To Refund That Dude's Order 😂😭
Faith Petrillo
Faith Petrillo 6 kun oldin
Ok but there is something fishy about this. Because one, they wouldve failed their interviews with how they answered the questions. Second, there should be experienced staff helping and guiding them, third there is no way those customers would be that patient and understanding.
Gina G
Gina G 6 kun oldin
Grayson throwing Ethan under the bus🤣🤣🤣
Alita Cutchall
Alita Cutchall 6 kun oldin
They need to take notes
May 6 kun oldin
why is grayson going all fifty shades
May 6 kun oldin
why couldn’t I have walked in that place at that time?
Laura Isaza
Laura Isaza 6 kun oldin
Wow Grayson in a suit and I’m here for it!!! 👏🏻👌🏻
Orange Slice
Orange Slice 6 kun oldin
In every video Ethan is me lolol
Maia Buckner
Maia Buckner 6 kun oldin
this was published on my birthday:)
Rithika Eagala
Rithika Eagala 6 kun oldin
"dude sir"
Jaida Shewfelt
Jaida Shewfelt 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks “wow an Ice Almond Milk Latte THE SAME DRINK EMMA ALWAYS HAS”
TheSecret Goddess
TheSecret Goddess 7 kun oldin
“Sometimes it gets a little crusty and I take it out and wash it out” LMFAO I LOVE U GUYS LMAOOOO
Cry Bxby
Cry Bxby 7 kun oldin
How much money did they get
tea sis
tea sis 7 kun oldin
x Sablix x
x Sablix x 7 kun oldin
this is so painful to watch lol. good thing they won’t need to ever get a job
Cutesizenina 7 kun oldin
Watching this was really stressful! You guys are a mess lol Keep doing videos!
Yvonne The Potato
Yvonne The Potato 7 kun oldin
But like why did the boss not teach them how to make all the other drinks
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