YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

Dolan Twins
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We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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27-Noy, 2018



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Itz Lisa
Itz Lisa 4 soat oldin
0:57 Grayson:"you have to you're stuck" Me:"yeah stuck in your fucking beautiful eyes!"
Amy Salah
Amy Salah 9 soat oldin
“It’s chai enough” 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl 10 soat oldin
Imagine that u are having a bad day so u decide to get some coffee then u see the Dolan twins standing there to take your order
Kylie 12 soat oldin
they were bound to fail at this, the only thing the guy taught them how to make is a vanilla latte
Savannah Clegg
Savannah Clegg 14 soat oldin
Haha this is so funny I only take off my earring when it gets crusty
Emma Grace
Emma Grace 14 soat oldin
This is the most I have ever cringed in my entire life 😂 I love y’all 💖💖
사랑keilana 15 soat oldin
*Vanilla latte anyone?*
diana davidson
diana davidson 15 soat oldin
i could tell this place is jewish
S P 21 soat oldin
love gray in the suit, but like to answer gray, i would drink coffee from e and sit down and talk about buissnes w gray lmao (also who else is on a dolan twin binge)
Danielle Noyb
Danielle Noyb Kun oldin
I cringed so hard because this brought me back to my first day of work 😂
Alina Engel
Alina Engel Kun oldin
Grayson looks so hot as a barista wtf
Arella Andre
Arella Andre Kun oldin
I loved watching this so much, 😂 it was so funny. You guys should do something like this again
Me Mistake
Me Mistake Kun oldin
18:43 he went from gray to e real fast with just one hair swipe
Jessica Ruszkowska
U just got a new subscriber ☺️
Taylor Blais
Taylor Blais Kun oldin
This was stressing me out watching you guys struggle😂😂😂
Taylor Blais
Taylor Blais Kun oldin
I’m dyingggggg
Lucy Cromartie
Lucy Cromartie 2 kun oldin
We ran out of the chai😂😂😂😂😂
vivenator 2 kun oldin
they are actors right?
Everythang Skylar Raiyn
Grayson looks like he makes coffee for his wife every morning
Spill_the_tea SIS
Spill_the_tea SIS 2 kun oldin
Omg watching them struggle like this😓
Spill_the_tea SIS
Spill_the_tea SIS 2 kun oldin
Ethan: The nutella machine is down Girl: Nutella Machine? Ethan: *We ran out*
Victoria Tierno
Victoria Tierno 2 kun oldin
Ethan's only doing this so that he can learn how to make coffee for Emma when they get married
Leigha Mcgahey
Leigha Mcgahey 2 kun oldin
I had so much second hand embarrassment while watching this.
Jennifer Cleary
Jennifer Cleary 3 kun oldin
Omg this video watching them not knowing what they’re supposed to do gives me anxiety I can feel the pressure in this video
Paola Tinoco Rincon
Do another video where you guys get a job! Maybe like a fast food restaurant
Paola Tinoco Rincon
I wanna see them make my drink😂
angelica herrera
angelica herrera 3 kun oldin
Watching them stresses me out
Purple K
Purple K 4 kun oldin
I love their vids but I actually couldn't watch this whole thing this just gave me so much anxiety
Elijah Vargas
Elijah Vargas 4 kun oldin
The thing no one talks about is that they are so hot and that’s why they have lots of views EXPOSED
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green 4 kun oldin
M f love is dolan bother s my love doing real good jobs my lovely them look two sexy in hot at he s working thanks god for good jobs at work give your 9000000%💕💋😍💜
Katherine Davis
Katherine Davis 4 kun oldin
I'm cringing so hard watching this video lol
Noelle Turney
Noelle Turney 4 kun oldin
as a barista this gave me anxiety
Sofia Funk-Hansen
Sofia Funk-Hansen 5 kun oldin
This is such a great video idea! However... I'm a barista for a living and this genuinely hurt my soul...... Hahah
cummins diesel
cummins diesel 5 kun oldin
just watched this video, love most your videos BTW. in your defense the dude who trained you only showed you how to make one drink... the vanilla latte. he couldn't expect you to figure out all the rest of them without knowing how! couldn't imagine how hard making those drinks would be without having a clue where to start! LMAO lol lol love these kinda videos lol
Squidward Xxxtentecals
This video gave me a panic attack
Lina Aali
Lina Aali 6 kun oldin
Omg they were so awakward lol l feel them I was so nervous for them haha
Brianna Bush
Brianna Bush 6 kun oldin
Literally not like a real life job bc you would actually train with people who know the job. But still love them and their effort 😂❤️
Lynda Bond
Lynda Bond 6 kun oldin
Hey , your wearing a suit"...your wearing 2 earrings...lady interviews says remove the 1 earring nothing about Ethan’s 2 lol. Vanilla latte iced. Good thing it’s my favorite lol 😂. Really glad you guys have a you tube channel..just sayin 😊🙈🙌✌️
Kendal Seay
Kendal Seay 6 kun oldin
Stick with UZvid guys
Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl 6 kun oldin
No one: Ethan: VANILLA LATTE
Isobel Lea
Isobel Lea 6 kun oldin
"I think we're starting to get the hang of this right now" Until someone walks in that doesn't want an iced vanilla latte
Anna 7 kun oldin
what a shit show 😂😭
Diamondly 7 kun oldin
Ummmm youtube is a real job just because its fun dose not make it fake
Ruthiel Roño
Ruthiel Roño 7 kun oldin
Deja Mirage
Deja Mirage 7 kun oldin
This video gives me anxiety 😂😬😂
Dr. Frandon
Dr. Frandon 7 kun oldin
I literally cant watch this video without cringes like it feels like I'm there, and they're embarrassing themselves
Julia〈3_23 7 kun oldin
like of you think the twins should do a reaction vid on this one
Julia〈3_23 7 kun oldin
i first watched this video in november and i only finished it today i cant bare
Julia〈3_23 7 kun oldin
the first 10 minutes of this video is alright the rest was just ugh i felt their struggle
Julia〈3_23 7 kun oldin
am i the only one thats also struggling to watch them struggle
Megan Milless
Megan Milless 7 kun oldin
I'm trying to get through this video but I literally can't 😂 I keep cringing
RickReviews 7 kun oldin
@9:44 Lets go make some coffee!!
Mia Ella
Mia Ella 7 kun oldin
IDK THO they probably think $60 is cheep
Mia Ella
Mia Ella 7 kun oldin
So boys we have a problem..... IM POOR and one long sleeve shirt (of your merch) IS $60 ????????????? DONT YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY I NEED CHEEP CLOTHING PLZ, thanks😊
Jemma Bradley
Jemma Bradley 7 kun oldin
I’d love it if you’d come and be a barista at my work!! I could teach you so much easier than this 😂 would be a blast!! Come over to the UK!!✌🏻
TopSecretVid 8 kun oldin
There is no guy in the back...I’m the guy in the back..lol
james Dougherty
james Dougherty 8 kun oldin
Im from 2019
james Dougherty
james Dougherty 8 kun oldin
Emma chamberlin whould be a expert in this job
Sienna Edwards
Sienna Edwards 7 soat oldin
Emma would make all the coffee and drink it by her self! 😂 Although you are right
james Dougherty
james Dougherty 8 kun oldin
They are definitely fired
TopSecretVid 8 kun oldin
This is too funny..
james Dougherty
james Dougherty 8 kun oldin
james Dougherty
james Dougherty 8 kun oldin
Im scared for them
Hailey Morgan
Hailey Morgan 8 kun oldin
I’m watching this for the 8th time counting ! Anyone else??? No???
kermit the frog
kermit the frog 8 kun oldin
26 minutes of them trying to make people buy the vanilla latte.
tinylocket 8 kun oldin
This made me so stressed out and I'm not even there Lol
Zoya Sameer
Zoya Sameer 8 kun oldin
HAHAHA imagine getting COMPLIMENT "vanilla latte kinda guy"
Zoya Sameer
Zoya Sameer 8 kun oldin
5:20 just me or his facial expressions remind me of 2016 ethan SO MUCH
Keep Calm And Sing
Keep Calm And Sing 8 kun oldin
Emma Chamberlain should do this!
anaya! 9 kun oldin
littlemonkays 9 kun oldin
"there’s no guy in the back- *I’m* the guy in the back."
littlemonkays 9 kun oldin
who let grayson get so hOT?? 😩
littlemonkays 9 kun oldin
i’d rather drink it from that guy, too.
littlemonkays 9 kun oldin
graysons looking super fIIINEEE 🥵🥵
Holy fuck i was really tripping out during the whole video
Roxana Georgiana
Roxana Georgiana 9 kun oldin
The boss let you to work without give you instruction.. It's like you let a blind to do it..
Roxana Georgiana
Roxana Georgiana 9 kun oldin
Ethan :that not Chai tea .. Grayson : it's Chai tea enough 😂😂😂😂😂
Roxana Georgiana
Roxana Georgiana 9 kun oldin
You destroy the business guys.. You suppose ask if you need help
Narrowpath247 9 kun oldin
No the customer is not always right sometimes actually alot of times they are a dumbass.
Anjali Iyer
Anjali Iyer 10 kun oldin
Grayson is so hot ❤️😭
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 10 kun oldin
Did they film the outro before the video
Joy Udinsky
Joy Udinsky 10 kun oldin
(There’s no Nutella latte on the menu!!) Uhhh.. the Nutella machine is down... 😂😂😂
LeeLee 9753
LeeLee 9753 6 kun oldin
Joy Udinsky 10:59 look in the back
LeeLee 9753
LeeLee 9753 6 kun oldin
Joy Udinsky yes there is
Life of a Morales
Life of a Morales 10 kun oldin
Also tell your friends the ace family I also shouted them out
Lily Zaina
Lily Zaina 10 kun oldin
I work at Starbucks... this video gave me so much anxiety!!!! Good try guys, it takes some practice
Maya Mcghee
Maya Mcghee 10 kun oldin
"you look like a vanilla latte kinda guy" lmao
laila alexander
laila alexander 10 kun oldin
Stick to what you're good at # UZvid
Emmopolemo 11 kun oldin
do you think this guys is going to notice this chai tea is actually coffee
Melanie Gómez
Melanie Gómez 11 kun oldin
OH MY FUCKING GOD! You guys had me like dying cuz i can't i want so bad been there to help us because u look so stress out
Christina Pinto
Christina Pinto 11 kun oldin
I work in customer service and I cringed EVERY SECOND
Grace Varghese
Grace Varghese 11 kun oldin
wow that's all it takes for a interview
• Cinnamon •
• Cinnamon • 11 kun oldin
Gray looks amazing in a suit, his future gf is so lucky😂😍
K Dud
K Dud 11 kun oldin
Literally watching this right after watching Jessy Taylor's sob story. Ironic. It's good you are willing to do this because what does happen if this all goes away? You guys are good role models and now everyone thinks they can be social media famous. Props to you because this is what real life looks like.
corinne ducrot
corinne ducrot 11 kun oldin
"My earing sometimes get crusty and I wash it [;"
corinne ducrot
corinne ducrot 11 kun oldin
Grayson: My feet are good.....
corinne ducrot
corinne ducrot 11 kun oldin
"what about cleaning?" Ethan's eyes shift. "Yeah. Sure totally. None of it bothers me." What i' thinking: Never cleans up.
V's bias ARMY
V's bias ARMY 11 kun oldin
Interviews are the worst 😂😂 like we all know the only reason why we want to work is cuz we are broke 😂 This was me on my first day at Dunkin Doughnuts 😂
sara tfkh
sara tfkh 11 kun oldin
I've never been more nervous watching anything xD
Stablemate Girl 13
Stablemate Girl 13 12 kun oldin
I find it funny E didn’t think Gray wearing a suit was a good idea but in fact Gray did the best thing because if you dress really good it helps with first impressions, if this was like not a planned video and a real real interview Gray would definitely be considered more than E just because his first impression clothes wise shows he is taking things so much more seriously
Nay’Ana Durham
Nay’Ana Durham 12 kun oldin
Ethan was lying to all of them lmao
Ramses Marquez
Ramses Marquez 12 kun oldin
This video gives me so much anxiety.. but I still choose to watch it 😭
King Dukesy
King Dukesy 12 kun oldin
Actually sounds really hard to do though
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