YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

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We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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27-Noy, 2018

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Shea Magnus
Shea Magnus 12 daqiqa oldin
I am a 19 year old who just started my first job, also as a barista, at my university coffee shop. It was SOOO hard to learn all the drinks at first, but now I've been working for about 3 months and it is SOOO fun. Great that y'all got out and tried something new and challenging.
Julia Sacta
Julia Sacta Soat oldin
Ethan's crew neck matches his skin tone better than James can match his foundation
Unicorn Magic
Unicorn Magic Soat oldin
Heloisa Carmo
Heloisa Carmo 3 soat oldin
Zoe Pence
Zoe Pence 3 soat oldin
In the intro Ethan reminds me of a stoner that burnt all their braincells lmao😂😂
Nani Sostre
Nani Sostre 3 soat oldin
Lmaooo they’re literally my mood
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Incredible World 3 soat oldin
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Amiee Erickson
Amiee Erickson 3 soat oldin
"Sorry our nutella machine is down"😂😂 I can't breathe. I'm dead
Mishka 5 soat oldin
Ouffff stressful man 😂😂😭 you guys are too much 😂😂😂
Mishka 5 soat oldin
Wthhh😂😂😂😭 I'm crying 🤣🤣😭 it's 2:00 am right now and here I am watching this for like the *100th* time 😂😂😂😭
Lola Henschke
Lola Henschke 5 soat oldin
*cleaning....I find it very therapeutic*
Jocelyn Cox
Jocelyn Cox 5 soat oldin
Professional dum asses 🖕lol😂
Jocelyn Cox
Jocelyn Cox 5 soat oldin
Professional dom asses
Ja-lay-lay Beatrina
Ja-lay-lay Beatrina 5 soat oldin
Just started watching the Dolan twins and I’m hella rolling of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cintia Roldan
Cintia Roldan 5 soat oldin
i love this video hahahaha
Ella M.
Ella M. 6 soat oldin
in the gentlemans handbook it says reaching the bekt line
Ella M.
Ella M. 6 soat oldin
grayson your tie is too short
Gaming Animals
Gaming Animals 6 soat oldin
This made me so uncomfortable
Fitness World _
Fitness World _ 6 soat oldin
I tell ya, that suit made a fucking difference😂 Noticed how she treated them the first 50 seconds on meeting them?
jordana c
jordana c 6 soat oldin
i wanna see another one, of them working at like a fast food chain HAHAHAH
jordana c
jordana c 6 soat oldin
this literally gave me anxiety, where was the guy that was supposed to be training them? he can’t teach them one drink and just expect them to go on their own? that would have been soooo stressful and unfair on them :\
Julianna Fraser
Julianna Fraser 6 soat oldin
Grayson tuck in your shirt
Abigail Gibbons
Abigail Gibbons 8 soat oldin
they literally picked the hardest job omg
Ella Sophia
Ella Sophia 8 soat oldin
This is soooo cringy to me 🙆‍♀️
K is for Kameron
K is for Kameron 9 soat oldin
Hey Twins 👯 did y’all come to Elle’s
Shaey Dianna Wall
Shaey Dianna Wall 10 soat oldin
This hurt my head
Debora Snel
Debora Snel 10 soat oldin
Jordan Bourg
Jordan Bourg 10 soat oldin
$8 for a coffee!? Good God, I know everything in Beverly Hills is expensive but DAAAAANG lol.
Incredible World
Incredible World 11 soat oldin
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Veronica Khongwir
Veronica Khongwir 11 soat oldin
My anxiety level rose real high superfast😂
ktamanaja1993 12 soat oldin
Omg this video was so funny i loved it ❤️🤣🤣🤣
billies avocadoss
billies avocadoss 13 soat oldin
the manager looks like he wants to kill himself LAMOAAOAOOA
billies avocadoss
billies avocadoss 13 soat oldin
lmao the costumers are like "wtf is happening"
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 13 soat oldin
Them fighting is my favourite part of all of their videos
it’s annabelle
it’s annabelle 14 soat oldin
lol imagine if this became a series. working with the dolan twins 😂
rainbowwstar 17 soat oldin
i wouldve had a panic attack
Mystical Cessy
Mystical Cessy 17 soat oldin
*am I the only one that is addicted to gray’s smile?* 💛❤️🖤
Ashlee Casey
Ashlee Casey 18 soat oldin
This was the funniest fucking video ever
Incredible World
Incredible World 18 soat oldin
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arctic_cactuZz 19 soat oldin
Vanilla lattes for everyone
Kelly Gonzalez
Kelly Gonzalez 20 soat oldin
“I mean we can make the other thing whatever you said” lmao I’m dyinggggg
Kelly Gonzalez
Kelly Gonzalez 20 soat oldin
The Nutella machine is down lmao
Zoey Bartlett
Zoey Bartlett 21 soat oldin
At 8 min oms.....
Incredible World
Incredible World 21 soat oldin
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vicky o
vicky o 22 soat oldin
This cant be real😂💀
Xuan Pham
Xuan Pham 23 soat oldin
Words cannot express how much i love the Dolan Twins and their videos 😂😂😂❤️❤️
Calista Hosein
Calista Hosein 23 soat oldin
😂😂😂 im dying
Mimi fufu
Mimi fufu 23 soat oldin
I love you
Washma Nabi
Washma Nabi 23 soat oldin
“Do you think he’s actually gonna notice if this chai tea is actually coffee” WOITTT🤣🤣🤣
audrey isobel
audrey isobel 23 soat oldin
normally when you work in a cafe you’d have someone assist you and train you for a few shifts until you know what you’re doing. why the hell did the boss think teaching them how to make one drink was going to work?
Danica Keane
Danica Keane 23 soat oldin
Why do they fight in the intro in every video lmao 😂
mlance kelley
mlance kelley Kun oldin
How do they find out what goes in the drinks??
Ratel Abdul
Ratel Abdul Kun oldin
I really hope they were acting and knew what they were doing
Liv Pollione
Liv Pollione Kun oldin
Liv Pollione
Liv Pollione Kun oldin
Wait it was $8 for a large iced americano? Wtf
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Hermione Granger
I hope this was fake😂 I would be super embarrassed for them if it was real... 😂
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Gianna Genovesi
Gianna Genovesi Kun oldin
is this staged
Emilingo Kun oldin
I think Emma would be a good Barrista 😊😂
Ace Dela Cruz
Ace Dela Cruz Kun oldin
holy shit i wish every barista in a coffee place looks like them, I wouldn't mind going everyday 😂😂😂😭😭😭💯💯💯
Sage Kenyon
Sage Kenyon Kun oldin
I love you guys, but that was so cringe.
Queen Happiness
Queen Happiness Kun oldin
Grayson:"are you having a good day 🌚".... 😂😂😂😂
נועה אוחנה
Ethan and Grayson making iced vanilla lattes for 26 minutes straight
Andrea Velez
Andrea Velez Kun oldin
Lol I work at Starbucks
NaP slimes
NaP slimes Kun oldin
Convincing people to order iced vanilla lattes for 26 minutes strait😂🤣
Mia Lilly
Mia Lilly Kun oldin
i think they did pretty well considering they only got showed how to make a an iced vanilla latte
Rihanna 34
Rihanna 34 Kun oldin
Meredith Miele
Meredith Miele Kun oldin
good thing yall are youtubers OMG LMAO
Lola Kun oldin
Lola Kun oldin
Oh that laugh Grayson 23:22 you soo freaking cute
Jaime Milne
Jaime Milne Kun oldin
Oml Grayson looks so good in a suit 🤤
Dmart 360
Dmart 360 Kun oldin
New subscriber ♥️❤️
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Kun oldin
“I need more mop Juice...”😂😂😭
KRYS S.Philly
KRYS S.Philly Kun oldin
Wtf they only taught them one drink..n left them..lol
KRYS S.Philly
KRYS S.Philly Kun oldin
Haha keeps putting Ethan down in his interview..his whole point is I'm better..lol
Summer Blackwolfe
Lmfao just started watching them and I’m getting a kick out of their cute little sibling fights haha I love it 😂
Sofya katy
Sofya katy Kun oldin
Video starts at 3:59
sistersquad tea
sistersquad tea Kun oldin
Teigan Ballantyne
*the dolan twins rethinking their decisions for 26 minutes straight.*
okayxhan Kun oldin
“I recommend the vanilla latte(or whatever it’s called) and if you don’t want that your goNNA GET IT!”
Evelyn Alanis
Evelyn Alanis Kun oldin
You guys tried giving every customer a vanilla latte 😂 HILARIOUS & the tea issue 😂
وستواصل قويوست
I cried watching this video.. loool
Kaylee C
Kaylee C Kun oldin
"Here's your lukewarm latte on the house"
Geneva Ayala
Geneva Ayala 2 kun oldin
Im a barista , this was so hard too watch!😃 It's definitely not easy at first. Good job you guy's you did great!
So Drey
So Drey 2 kun oldin
ethan: just relax grayson: ethan i can’t relax bc idk where the chai tea is ethan: alr well we’ll figure it out later... grayson: wyd. ethan: idk. grayson: that’s not chai. ethan: well it’s chai enough i’m deadddddd💀😂😂😂😂
justinaann simmons
justinaann simmons 2 kun oldin
Yo that is so awesome that you guys got a REAL JOB... I was a barista at a coffee shop it was so much fun, but I'm not really a big fan of coffee😒😕
Grace Krueger
Grace Krueger 2 kun oldin
This is stressful to watch my heart is racing WHY ID THEY LEAVE THEM THERE ALONE???!! thats honestly just stupid on the manager's part
Grace Krueger
Grace Krueger 2 kun oldin
I work at a coffee shop and watching this video made me really nervous haha
Grace Krueger
Grace Krueger 2 kun oldin
"Grayson you're not working at Microsoft HQ" im deadddd
Talynne Cochran
Talynne Cochran 2 kun oldin
This is giving me anxiety 😂
Lin Essential
Lin Essential 2 kun oldin
i NeEd MoRe MoP jUiCe
Laura Madera
Laura Madera 2 kun oldin
#ethma for life like for ethma for life
Alexandria Fernandez.
They did so bad😂😂
Samantha Olsen
Samantha Olsen 2 kun oldin
the boss is smiling behind you
Incredible World
Incredible World 2 kun oldin
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Emily Moisant
Emily Moisant 2 kun oldin
This is so real I love it
Lola Andlee
Lola Andlee 2 kun oldin
The shop owner told them how to make one type of drink um
Sarah Aguirre
Sarah Aguirre 2 kun oldin
"I blamed it on the guy in the back." "There's no guy in the back" Im literally laughing and taking breaks to comment this
Sarah Aguirre
Sarah Aguirre 2 kun oldin
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