Zed: Death Mark | League Animation Workshop

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This assassin doesn’t just strike from the shadows - he is the shadow. And they don’t stand a chance.
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17-May, 2017

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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Luca Shi
Luca Shi 3 soat oldin
Took 1:12 to kill 2 minions. *zed op*
Dragon D
Dragon D Kun oldin
Unseen Shadow
Unseen Shadow 2 kun oldin
Spoiler: Zed was only killing minions
Carl Lito Tolentino
more helmet Bro like 👇
Ismail Sebbane
Ismail Sebbane 2 kun oldin
I m wondering what ppl would say if thus video came out on s9 ... RIP Zed
amine katteni
amine katteni 2 kun oldin
He dosn't do that in the game
Juicy Hobo
Juicy Hobo 3 kun oldin
This animation amaZED me.
Goto Boyler
Goto Boyler 3 kun oldin
F for helmet bro
Isaac 4 kun oldin
Well the last one survived at least very Long against zed Thais violently
Ralph de torres
Ralph de torres 4 kun oldin
elastic Shadow😤
Mathieu Haas
Mathieu Haas 4 kun oldin
Zed noobchamp
Z Gamer
Z Gamer 11 kun oldin
the last one was the dude who build 6 warmogs XD
Kayn The Shadow Reaper
Zed barely uses his claws
Dexter pieri
Dexter pieri 13 kun oldin
That is one tough minion! :3
Luluwu 13 kun oldin
Slice the shadows? Pizza Slice the shadows uwu Salami Slice the shadows *wut* Sandwich shadows *kek* Cat the last shadow from them *nani* 2019 anyone?
capt 14 kun oldin
Zed fullbuild vs xin zhao bronze noob dorans ring 3 support items Looking good
SovqJ Vape user
SovqJ Vape user 14 kun oldin
Where is Shen ? Xd
Joker Plague
Joker Plague 14 kun oldin
Zed farming minions
Thomas Munar
Thomas Munar 14 kun oldin
So all of the fightings are just Zed's shadows and the original Zed only comes when he's gonna finish and kill the enemy... hmmm... op
ergr grgr
ergr grgr 15 kun oldin
If only Zed can be hit like that in game, literally impossible to touch him cuz of shadow thingy, are they hitting zac instead of freaking zed
Αλεξης Τσιπρας
No true ,only Draven is so good
Joker Plague
Joker Plague 19 kun oldin
When the jg and the adc gank your lane
Tommy2604 19 kun oldin
johny _k
johny _k 20 kun oldin
a skin with face reveal?
Series Y Games Tv
Series Y Games Tv 20 kun oldin
Me gusta usar zed y los que se oponen que se coman una chingada esos que dicen que es de maricas lo dicen solo por el daño que hace perros pero digan les cuando su campeón hace full daño o arman a su sup full critico como tresh ahí no disen nada. Digo esto para que no ballan en contra de mi main y sería genial si zed tubiera una eskin de ₱ut∆ madre :)
Meiツ 23 kun oldin
Javier Alberto Ciau Uc
Falto que saque su maestria y escriba Ez :v
goblin 24 kun oldin
And my zed will be 0/10/1
Edi 25 kun oldin
Edi 25 kun oldin
DavidVanPuffYT dave
DavidVanPuffYT dave 28 kun oldin
Bronze 5 Garen:Hold My Beer
Vidan Marius
Vidan Marius 28 kun oldin
WTF was that kick :)))
tri fuentes
tri fuentes 28 kun oldin
Jajaja las tortugas ninjas se la pelan
James Gomez
James Gomez Oy oldin
The last guy puttin up a fight with zed
tancomebine AS
0:09 Zed's Q buffed : Can pin enemy unit to a wall like Bard's
piaskowski590 Oy oldin
Now riot do an animation that shows what happens when zed faces lissandra xD
idiotic madafaka
1:00 look at the trees... Nice logic 👌
ShaneIs NMN
ShaneIs NMN Oy oldin
Zed main where you at?
TRISTAN Oy oldin
Triple kill
VampDash Anims
VampDash Anims
New Skin?!? Caped Zed.......
Patrik Käll
Patrik Käll Oy oldin
I want to be like zed when i grow up
silverfade Oy oldin
ZED VS 3 super minions
galaxy man . jpg
what zed players think they look like.....
Matej Trajkovski
Buff zed already
Worst Akali EUNE
I wish Zed would maul me like that
hynz sanchez
hynz sanchez Oy oldin
This is kinkoo country where all the assasins is living
Music Master
Music Master Oy oldin
Trees that are connected together at the top
Leon K
Leon K Oy oldin
One of the best fighting animations i have seen in a long long time!
allways28 2 oy oldin
audio sounds awesome
DaProGamer 2 oy oldin
Imagine if zed can do that all in League *(Ultimate 2nd Skill)*
Dz Gangasta
Dz Gangasta 2 oy oldin
Necrosis S
Necrosis S 2 oy oldin
Challanger zed
Quang Lâm Trần
Well I thought I was watching Shadow Fight trailer
zEdge 2 oy oldin
Lucas Felipe De Avila
Now this is some AMAZING sound work!
P.D Chamath Dimantha
Rito please
EvilRubberDucky 2 oy oldin
most defiantly filmed on a Minecraft server because of the trees
G L 2 oy oldin
Wow 😮
SKT T1 Oswald
SKT T1 Oswald 2 oy oldin
Always ban zed?
Lizzy the Furry
Lizzy the Furry 2 oy oldin
''What have I Done... Cannot be undone' '
Shadow Assault
Shadow Assault 3 oy oldin
2018 anyone?
Bob Hoe
Bob Hoe 3 oy oldin
Triple Kirrrrrr
FvaTheEvil 3 oy oldin
So when are you going to finally give Camille a skin as well?
AngelGhost 3 oy oldin
Who fed Zed?
Anil Kongad
Anil Kongad 4 oy oldin
animator's name ????
Possessed by Disease
Imagime if Zed passive was like the one in this video : whenever zed got targeted , he transforms auto. to shadow form LUL
K2J KeyJaY
K2J KeyJaY 4 oy oldin
who feed zed ?
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor 4 oy oldin
The trees are scared to move
HastedDubstep 4 oy oldin
Smoothest animation ever
BILL SWIFT 4 oy oldin
Hu hu huuuuuuuuu
Musi Bale
Musi Bale 4 oy oldin
That's Faker
moaz wagdy
moaz wagdy 4 oy oldin
gooood I luv zed
Jeverson Obang
Jeverson Obang 4 oy oldin
Clifford Casipe
Clifford Casipe 4 oy oldin
When you try to kill LL STYLISH
John Marc Tronco
John Marc Tronco 4 oy oldin
This is why i mian zed
FELIX GIL 4 oy oldin
they dont stand a chance? were in S8 cmon they lough at zeds face
krenny 5 oy oldin
and this is why i main zed.
DKTheDominikK 5 oy oldin
Zed could have killed them in a second without any effort but it would have been to short and boring, this way it looks cooler.
Alpha 70
Alpha 70 5 oy oldin
I wanna c an animation like this for Jhin
Hanzo Hassaszi
Hanzo Hassaszi 5 oy oldin
i wish his base skin looked like that
niels nielsen
niels nielsen 5 oy oldin
All 12 year old league players just came
Anal Implosion
Anal Implosion 5 oy oldin
deport mid for feeding zed
Kobra 5 oy oldin
they really nerfed zeds W cooldown after this
Leon 5 oy oldin
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest 5 oy oldin
I think the reason the trees don’t fall is because the branches got tangled up.
Caolatron 5 oy oldin
Nothing personal kid
cesar19062003 5 oy oldin
no se porque el último en morir me hizo recordar cuando el único bueno de tu equipo no puede por que fedearon al zed y los flamea :v
Max Power
Max Power 6 oy oldin
Pyrosys 6 oy oldin
Imagine the finished version.
DJArtist 6 oy oldin
River Zed
Tales Art
Tales Art 6 oy oldin
Watch in 2x speed thank me later
King Witch
King Witch 6 oy oldin
Kill 3 minion take that long ???
Roxanne Teruel
Roxanne Teruel 6 oy oldin
There is a bug on the trees
# Bisfenol
# Bisfenol 6 oy oldin
Amazing Ryze rework.
Srg Matrix
Srg Matrix 6 oy oldin
All that's missing is the mastery emote.
High Zed Player
High Zed Player 6 oy oldin
Wo shadow
BAKA- CHAN 6 oy oldin
Eu de Zed meu parceiro
Marco Valentino Alvarado
report mid
6 oy oldin
Pyke Stuff
6 oy oldin
If Goku Did His Job
20 soat oldin