zhavia doing her makeup better than james charles

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zhavia doing her makeup better than james charles



5-Apr, 2018



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Ramona bolen
Ramona bolen 54 daqiqa oldin
I don't like her hair
caitlin sutherland
caitlin sutherland 2 soat oldin
i think james charles pt more effort and time to try layer and make it cuter. james wins in my opinion
Chaimae Hakim
Chaimae Hakim 6 soat oldin
She looks like Billie, Onision's ex gf
Sadia Ahmed
Sadia Ahmed Kun oldin
I need her brushes
angel Kun oldin
no hate or anything but James isn’t very good at singing neither am i so don’t @ me
Amanda Hirsch
Amanda Hirsch 2 kun oldin
not only is she better at makeup but singing as well
bucca2 2 kun oldin
She has white dreads so she’s automatically trash, no tea no shade
arrington jackson
arrington jackson 2 kun oldin
unpopular opinion: james charles can not sing
eichsi jae
eichsi jae 2 kun oldin
HAHAHAHAHHAA this is entertaining
fishygal53 2 kun oldin
I love the editing
Vin1681 2 kun oldin
Hahahhaha!! The music
Oof J
Oof J 2 kun oldin
He did so much extra shit just for his makeup to look simple asf,
Lindi Lyons
Lindi Lyons 2 kun oldin
Why are y'all trashing him though. Leave him be, I like their make-up, both of them. He's with them, focusing on their presence rather than trying to outshine them or compete. Like when did make-up become such a magnet for drama. What happened to it being about the freedom to express yourself in any way. 🙄
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 3 kun oldin
Their voices sound good together ❤❤ did anyone else hear that
moonlight Martinez
moonlight Martinez 3 kun oldin
No one and I mean no one can do their makeup better than James Charles
liv kealy
liv kealy 3 kun oldin
regardless of someones singing skill, i can not fucking stand it when people just start singing out of nowhere.
/U N D E R D O G\
/U N D E R D O G\ 3 kun oldin
James Charles is just me every morning doing my make up
Kelly Amato
Kelly Amato 3 kun oldin
He sucks and her dreads are too gross at the top
Faith Valdez
Faith Valdez 3 kun oldin
He more of a skin tone meanwhile Zhavia is COLORFUL❤
Alexxx 3 kun oldin
James is an expert at doing the exact same make up look every time He never changes it up or does anything different. Same look different day
Sienna Gashi
Sienna Gashi 4 kun oldin
zhavia is so cute i can’t even ❤️💕 i wish i had her smile 😭❤️😂
Cιʅσ Fʅσɯҽɾ
They are both amazing I loved James makeup and Zhavia's I will always love both!💖
Bij Grace
Bij Grace 4 kun oldin
God Im laughing my ass off the musiccc
arooj tahira
arooj tahira 5 kun oldin
Make-up doesn't even looking good
arooj tahira
arooj tahira 5 kun oldin
James is just ruining her or his face
turpa kiinni sönkkö
Eibhlin Cassidy
Eibhlin Cassidy 6 kun oldin
Why do y’all hate James so much? He has a classic makeup look and more materials or doing makeup faster doesn’t mean worse or better.
• cringe •
• cringe • 6 kun oldin
Im supposed to be doing homework rn.......
Olivia Eason
Olivia Eason 7 kun oldin
Zhava is going slow cause she don’t know what she’s doing while James knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and did zhava ever come out with a pallet?
bel c
bel c 9 kun oldin
Spill The Tea
Spill The Tea 9 kun oldin
He decided to play it safe because of the video with Zendaya xD
un pra
un pra 11 kun oldin
I think this is so rude... Lol i fucking love zhavia..i loved her since the starting of the four..and i still stand her.. But tbh we know that james can do 10 times better than zhavia when it comes to make up.. We've seen james doing incredible make up looks.. This time he just did a glam simple look..and zhavia a color one THATS IT!!
Leona Goff
Leona Goff 11 kun oldin
It is ok to be a basic queen, got it???
JLew 12 kun oldin
James Charles imo has never been good st make up , lol First Zendaya and Now Zhavia .. like honestly ...
Kelsey Phillips
Kelsey Phillips 13 kun oldin
I’m Zhavia when i do makeup. Then James Charles comes like: SIS three brushes?! AaaAAA
RICE 14 kun oldin
I wonder what zhavia's hair feels like i really wanna touch it!
Abbie Xxx
Abbie Xxx 15 kun oldin
Just because she’s done a bold look doesn’t mean he has to lmao🤣his makeup isn’t bad it’s just simple
Heida Maria
Heida Maria 15 kun oldin
She’s so pretty tho
jamie lo
jamie lo 15 kun oldin
We must be having a style swap because yours is great and mine’s just this doesn’t know when he’s being rude 🙃
Tejaswani Bhardwaj
Tejaswani Bhardwaj 16 kun oldin
2019 anyone. This is so entertaining. 😱😂😂😂😂
Camilo h
Camilo h 16 kun oldin
Does make up better: James: turns out it was styleswap hehe
ella uwu
ella uwu 16 kun oldin
*james charles is upset and sad and triggered*
A- Rod
A- Rod 17 kun oldin
I love this video so much
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 17 kun oldin
A disgrace to all these negative comments about James. Honestly.
zahra 17 kun oldin
zahra 17 kun oldin
“StYle SwAP” 😂💀💀
Maximum Melody
Maximum Melody 17 kun oldin
Okay makeup sure but her VOICE.
Skylynn Lunsford
Skylynn Lunsford 18 kun oldin
Better at singing and makeup hmmm
Hailey Cornejo
Hailey Cornejo 18 kun oldin
She is better than him in eavery way 👏
Ramya Rao
Ramya Rao 18 kun oldin
James is amazing his make up is amazing his pallette is amazing I can't imagine a 19 yo being as successful as James He's all hard work and nothing less I absolutely love his style And his versatility Y'all can hate him now but Don't Tell me that you won't go get a picture with him if u see him somewhere
maire 14
maire 14 18 kun oldin
She did lol I'm proud of her
I'm okay.
I'm okay. 18 kun oldin
James career is now shister stolen by zhavia
Winnie Fred
Winnie Fred 18 kun oldin
sniccoll 19 kun oldin
the music and edit on this is everything LOLOL
Ruczuz 19 kun oldin
this is not a hate comment, nor a appreciation one but what song are they singing
\Lily\ 18 kun oldin
I believe it's set fire to the rain
Arini Siddiqui
Arini Siddiqui 19 kun oldin
I love how the music changes
binx isma
binx isma 19 kun oldin
They sound amazing together, tbh. Her make-up look is more my style but James really knows how to make eyes pop
Manuela Cabrera Schult
I think that james charles make up looks better than the other ones, I don't hate zhavias' make up, but I am not really into pink but both of them did it better than I would do it... Both looking great ;)
Elizabeth Salas
Elizabeth Salas 19 kun oldin
Honestly though and she only uses like 4 brushes 😁😁😆😆😮😮
Serena Palomarez
Serena Palomarez 19 kun oldin
She’s creative. She’s talented. She’s on Earth.
Andry Mattel
Andry Mattel 19 kun oldin
and singing better
kels matthews
kels matthews 19 kun oldin
If they ended up doing the same look I feel like people wouldn't feel this way. Hers was way different and bolder which is why people think it's "better"
RaiderKay MSP
RaiderKay MSP 19 kun oldin
I hated the way she sang that song. Just no, sing normal or make a cover for it.
Cindy Tran
Cindy Tran 19 kun oldin
And sings better than him
claire msp x
claire msp x 19 kun oldin
It wasnt better than James wtf u mean
Luxy Rena
Luxy Rena 19 kun oldin
The background music is goals I stan 😂😂😂😂💛
Shania Maitland
Shania Maitland 19 kun oldin
Maybe if he stopped using orange colours as contours he wouldn’t look so bad
ethereal poison
ethereal poison 20 kun oldin
James - light sprits me - really? ‘cause in my eyes that was a lot
Paracosmic 20 kun oldin
I cant even cut the crease while talking, and zhavia fucken SINGS while doing so
olivia 20 kun oldin
he can’t sing either
Lily Sargeant
Lily Sargeant 20 kun oldin
Today I’m using the morphie d-4738292928373. Eyeshadow brush 🙂
Nat SilPin
Nat SilPin 21 kun oldin
Goshhh, those are different techniques, everyone would kill themselves to do as well as James or zhavia...
Nåt -.-
Nåt -.- 21 kun oldin
I love her voice
BingBing BongBong
BingBing BongBong 21 kun oldin
James trying to sing for 2 mins straight
eleventeen 22 kun oldin
This comment section is trash.
Make up Chloe
Make up Chloe 22 kun oldin
James I was ruining her singing 🎤 ughh😥
Nela Benešová
Nela Benešová 22 kun oldin
she cant sing shit but her makeup is on point
Makayla Baldovino
Makayla Baldovino 23 kun oldin
James thinking he can sing , she can sing periodddddd !
Kacey May
Kacey May 23 kun oldin
can name stfu he’s ruining her singing lmao
mickey O'Neil
mickey O'Neil 23 kun oldin
They're two different kind of looks tho
Valeria La Rosa
Valeria La Rosa 23 kun oldin
Ok but like James was doin full face when Zhavia was only doin eye shadow so I kinda get it
Ash Trancy
Ash Trancy 24 kun oldin
I feel like James Charles is always passive aggressive or pissed off. He always seems mad or annoyed.
Kyler Panda
Kyler Panda 24 kun oldin
Both look so amazing
聪聪Coco 24 kun oldin
The music choice was... interesting...
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl 25 kun oldin
Her dreads are just so awful, I’m sorry
Natalie King
Natalie King 25 kun oldin
I lost it at 1:18 idk why 😭
erin the egg
erin the egg 25 kun oldin
They can both do makeup and sing
Sara Kurtis
Sara Kurtis 25 kun oldin
Wow from x factor whit mum to coming here
veronica belmonte
veronica belmonte 25 kun oldin
And this has been SNAPPED!
I love nuggets
I love nuggets 25 kun oldin
Both good but lmao this is gold
Grainy hana
Grainy hana 25 kun oldin
The music makes everything better
Grainy hana
Grainy hana 25 kun oldin
But james charles improved his makeup
K Cover Reviews
K Cover Reviews 25 kun oldin
*Warning, this comment may be offensive to some people* First of all, I am not a huge fan of James Charles for reasons. It's just whenever I think about him I think of the mean popular girls in your school buying his Sister's merch and saying "Look at me, I support rainbows!!" IDK. That's just me. And also for all of you that get offended, or triggered and come down to the comment section to "rage", and say mean things about people. If you can't handle the comment section, then why are you down here? This applies for everyone. You have no idea what people's lives are like in the real world. If someone asked you, 'would you say that to their face?' Most would say yes. But, let's be honest. A decent human being would never do that, and you would most likely not. Just...be kind. If we work together, we can save the world! If you read all of this, I apologize for taking time out of your precious lives. Love Yourself 💖💖
Swornam Chicken
Swornam Chicken 26 kun oldin
This is so funny
Kassidy Singh
Kassidy Singh 26 kun oldin
Damn u really don’t like James Charles huh?
KIKI 26 kun oldin
her hair looks so dirty
Katherine Mendoza
Katherine Mendoza 26 kun oldin
Wooww so pretty girl 🤩💗
Lll AAA 26 kun oldin
That's not truee!!!!!!
N J 26 kun oldin
Dudes and dudettes, stop hatin’ on every one. They’re both good. They’re both sweet. They both have feelings.
Shushified 26 kun oldin
Y’all are rude. You guys kept on shaming James Charles about his makeup skills but in reality you suck on doing it. The purpose of his collaboration is to let people know his guess, not because he wants to outshine them. You are all cancers in our society.
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