zhavia doing her makeup better than james charles

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Dolley doodles
Dolley doodles 52 daqiqa oldin
1:52 James takes a shower
Orekal Anthony
Orekal Anthony Kun oldin
Why do people actually think that you need like four brushes to do your eyeshadow
Plamena Stoyanova
Plamena Stoyanova 2 kun oldin
That ain’t sis
Lia Deleo
Lia Deleo 2 kun oldin
People are talking about her hair yet it is unique and beautiful.❤️😌🤠
Kristen Febey
Kristen Febey 3 kun oldin
Omg he takes soooo long to do his makeup 🙄🙄🙄
Bryony xo
Bryony xo 3 kun oldin
Naty Kamian
Naty Kamian 3 kun oldin
Ayaloid 96
Ayaloid 96 3 kun oldin
The edit is amazing lmao
Janey Buehrer
Janey Buehrer 3 kun oldin
She's pretty, she's amazing at makeup, and sounds like a goddess when she's singing..? WHO DID YOU SELL YOUR SOUL TO?!
Kayden Alexander
Kayden Alexander 4 kun oldin
If Billie Eilish was a culture vulture....
OhHi- Its E -
OhHi- Its E - 4 kun oldin
Zhavia sounds like she needs to clear her throat
Suha Nafsi
Suha Nafsi 4 kun oldin
With two brushes? That was sick
Abby Bolling
Abby Bolling 5 kun oldin
Her eyeshadow is goals
Pink Heart
Pink Heart 5 kun oldin
That pink eyeshadow tho😍
ozioma akahara
ozioma akahara 5 kun oldin
Her eyes look just like Marilyn Monroe's
itzlexiz alex
itzlexiz alex 5 kun oldin
Wooahh James is MUDERING his eyelidd
Cat Deme
Cat Deme 5 kun oldin
Whatever you say ....a pro doing make up shows ...if James did her make up it would have been 100x better
Manyata Patel
Manyata Patel 7 kun oldin
JAMES IS GOOD AT HIS WORK!!! And i dont see anything anyone better here, she can't be a makeup artist like him. Nor can he sing like her. They both are good at their own work. Shut the stupid title idiots!
brebre15 Nevarez
brebre15 Nevarez 7 kun oldin
I wish i sing like her and do makeup like. So beautiful👑🌟❤
Sam 7 kun oldin
I love sister James and think he’s talent but I mean he does the same makeup look every time
Onajourney 7 kun oldin
I love how real and humble she is
Justin A
Justin A 7 kun oldin
The singing sounded good until James started
moonlight_103 Elif
moonlight_103 Elif 8 kun oldin
When you realize you should step aside
ImThe Artifact
ImThe Artifact 8 kun oldin
Yna Clemente
Yna Clemente 8 kun oldin
wth hahahaha shit i havemt laughed this hard in a video hahahaha
mistressdianarahim 8 kun oldin
James just has performance anxiety 😅
Gabriella Kate
Gabriella Kate 8 kun oldin
I’m *sHoOk*
jade gooding
jade gooding 9 kun oldin
wasn't she in the voice or something??
tana mongoose
tana mongoose 9 kun oldin
ouch the ear rape
Xin XO
Xin XO 9 kun oldin
I love her dreadlocks
Akie Akito
Akie Akito 9 kun oldin
James Charles is annoying.
Rosie The Virgo
Rosie The Virgo 9 kun oldin
Sorry James but take singing lessons or don’t sing at all
Julie Gutierrez
Julie Gutierrez 9 kun oldin
His foundation and contour is always either oompa loompa, chester cheetoh, or the pink panther. He needs to STOP.
Cosmic Dot
Cosmic Dot 5 kun oldin
.POTS ot sdeen hH .rehtnap knip eht or ,hoteehc retsehc ,apmool apmoo rethie syawla si ruotnoc dna noitadnuof siH
OOF On 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one who doesn’t like her singing...lmao she and James seem like those people that sing loudly just so someone will compliment them
Calcifer Splash
Calcifer Splash 10 kun oldin
Zhavia: blending calmly while also singing James : ***vigorously blending nothing***
Leslie pliego
Leslie pliego 10 kun oldin
what product is she using for cutting her crease???
Olivia Austin
Olivia Austin 10 kun oldin
*this is just my opinion* I don't think James is that good at makeup most of the time....
Jhanae Avent
Jhanae Avent 10 kun oldin
0:14 killed me😂😂😭
shookcityslimes 10 kun oldin
Zhavia is a mix of Ariana Grande and Bella Thorne
RT 900
RT 900 10 kun oldin
Hell no sister still looks fabulous
Serinu Amai
Serinu Amai 10 kun oldin
I love her but pls no dreads-
Jesika N
Jesika N 11 kun oldin
Remembering the good old days when we only used 1 brush and or eyesponge to do our eyeshadow 😂
swiftie swift
swiftie swift 11 kun oldin
this was totally unnecessary like i'm not even a big james charles fan but like why compare?
Leen Jordan
Leen Jordan 11 kun oldin
Actually, both looks are good.
Wendy Jung
Wendy Jung 11 kun oldin
K I don't think James can sing but when they harmonized it sounded good like she was cancelling out his inability to sing? Lol
weiirdo rin
weiirdo rin 11 kun oldin
I use my fingers and one brush. Is that bad..
Duhh_ Jess
Duhh_ Jess 11 kun oldin
His eye makeup looks like a 7th grader who has been doing makeup for a week
Cecania cc
Cecania cc 11 kun oldin
You can actually just use 2 brushes but you have to apply the eye shadow evenly on both eyes before you move on to the next color, and the other brush would be for blending.
// snake emoji //
// snake emoji // 11 kun oldin
yikes she might be talented but she's racist af
Alexis F
Alexis F 12 kun oldin
Make-up shouldnt take 20+ brushes. Only 3 is a pretty good amount.
Meowzerz 0w0
Meowzerz 0w0 12 kun oldin
Have you seen all his other vids tho?
Yu Janoswky
Yu Janoswky 12 kun oldin
•Lemon Tea•
•Lemon Tea• 12 kun oldin
1:09 wtf that sound like the music from The Arcana
Erica Says Bai
Erica Says Bai 12 kun oldin
Lmao. When you don’t have anything else to do so you have to hate on James Charles. Crappy video btw. 😂😘
Ignacio Guarnizo
Ignacio Guarnizo 12 kun oldin
Sissy man Still being man dude heheh
Cierra McAfee
Cierra McAfee 12 kun oldin
Dude where's her makeup channel
softteok 12 kun oldin
James: viciously beats face
Bella Smith
Bella Smith 12 kun oldin
James, honey, why are you so stressed?? are you okay?😂😂
Karen The grilled cheese
What gets me is how much effort James put into singing simple parts of songs in that video but she’s there like “ nah these notes are nothing queen”
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles 12 kun oldin
Ouuu they sound good together
Klarice Waage
Klarice Waage 13 kun oldin
Tbh the only reason y’all think she did better is cuz she did a more creative look and James went for a day to day kind of look. We all have seen James do amazing creative looks and know what he can do. They’re both equally very talented🥰
Dr Philly Jr
Dr Philly Jr 13 kun oldin
The music too loud boo boo
upsettispaghetti eddi
This music and editing makes it 10 times better
Amelia Pond
Amelia Pond 13 kun oldin
YOOOO this killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
Rylee Tune
Rylee Tune 13 kun oldin
She’s coming for his brand 🤭
Okay Ku
Okay Ku 13 kun oldin
Yeah let's hate and bully james charles because he is such a bad person apparently?¿
April H
April H 13 kun oldin
Is that poppy?
Mandy 13 kun oldin
What did she do to her hair
Maria's GachaEdits
Maria's GachaEdits 13 kun oldin
Idk how every video with guest over, (from what I watched) James has like the same look always
Suicidal Squid
Suicidal Squid 13 kun oldin
Why he gotta blend so aggressively 💀
JMR4life 13 kun oldin
Zhavia looks like a princess with those colors
I raped my uncle
I raped my uncle 13 kun oldin
I don’t see how you could use over 3 brushes for the look she did tho? Idk how that’s a shock
✨XXFABXXI✨ 14 kun oldin
Let’s be honest, his makeup skills are average and it looks pretty only because fake lashes make every makeup looks better.
She didn't even need like 60 brushes
XxVampiregirl17xX 14 kun oldin
How do i do makeup like her xD
Lil' Muffin
Lil' Muffin 14 kun oldin
*Nobody else is talking about how good they both sing together...?*
Rubie Jordancantu
Rubie Jordancantu 14 kun oldin
Their both really good looks james just did a more neutral look....but not gonna lie shavias look is reallllllly gooooood she coming for the beauty community ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤
I wanna be Winston But I’m already Tracer
They are both so talented but she did it better. It’s just that she used more outgoing and bold colors and that made her stand out.
Unskinny Bumpy
Unskinny Bumpy 14 kun oldin
James does his make so aggressive I just noticed...
Andrew Summer
Andrew Summer 14 kun oldin
James think he actually can sing, girl i-
Caroline Vallance
Caroline Vallance 14 kun oldin
It’s to compensate for that hair
Maahir Rahi
Maahir Rahi 14 kun oldin
I can do the same thing, but its called painting.
Amanda Dos Santos
Amanda Dos Santos 15 kun oldin
This is the best she’s so cute
Viktorie Tancosova
Viktorie Tancosova 15 kun oldin
To be honest, their makeup is better then mine. James doesn't have bad make up i don't understand how people say that, and she doesn't have bad makeup either. They just have different makeup styles, he is natural makeup while she has glam makeup, its simple.
ParanoiaGentlman 15 kun oldin
James charles is singing like a g minor meme
Kimora Flint
Kimora Flint 16 kun oldin
They both did good like why did u have to put that caption! I liked both of theirs! You are entitled to have your own opinion but like, why do u guys have to start stuff
Lena Bodkin
Lena Bodkin 16 kun oldin
The only reason why James tok so long is because, he is EXTRA. So he does a lot with his hands while he sings. Thats just Sistsr James for you.
Ludi Geodet
Ludi Geodet 16 kun oldin
Because she is better than him
StarlightStudios 16 kun oldin
Tbh I like James Charles makeup more cause he mostly uses natural shades which makes it look yknow NATURAL but makeup can never look natural so.
tavo teva Yra maybachas
I once had a thought that James Charles was doing her makeup and she is just pretending to do it herself
Queen Slays
Queen Slays 16 kun oldin
At least he didn't delete the video like when he deleted the video with Zendaya
angelcake.z 16 kun oldin
She can even sing better than him I-
Løvë Yøürßêł
Løvë Yøürßêł 16 kun oldin
I would like to see Zhavia in a different hairstyle 💁‍♀️
Weekly Tae And kookies
What music is used for Zhavia?
Hshshsdb Jsjssjsjn
Hshshsdb Jsjssjsjn 14 kun oldin
Man armys are *EVERYWHERE* 😂
Celia 17 kun oldin
james literally like slams his eyelids i feel so bad for his eyeballs lmao like zhavia was calm and gently pushing in but James just rips that shit across his eyeball
AJ Cortez
AJ Cortez 17 kun oldin
The sound fx is killing me
Jaune. Kim
Jaune. Kim 17 kun oldin
They both do they're makeup better than me 😂
Lori Worthey
Lori Worthey 18 kun oldin
A naturally beautiful WOMAN just accentuating her natural beauty with makeup is easy, and MAN packing on tons of makeup trying to look like a woman, but always looks like a drag queen, will never look better!
Angel Dively
Angel Dively 18 kun oldin
What's with the tampon with the smiley face at the end?
Ala Szafran
Ala Szafran 19 kun oldin
Together they sound sooo gooood YAAAAAS😂💙