Zion & Porzingis on the Knicks would be ‘box office’ - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman discuss Zion Williamson’s immense talent and his potential fit with the New York Knicks if they drafted the Duke freshman in the 2019 NBA draft.
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21-Dek, 2018

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Escobar Carter
Escobar Carter 20 soat oldin
Knicks nation
Joel Carrasquillo
Joel Carrasquillo 2 kun oldin
So they’re not going to mention Kevin Knox?
bob bib
bob bib 2 kun oldin
I rather R.J over Zion .i forget the term but i think its high ceiling high bust rate these stocky forward imo are so ehhh. I think Eddy Curry,Anthony Bennett,derrick favors,Michael Sweetney and Derrick Williams not all of them are bust .But just some role players that later in the rounds would be a good picks just not top 15
wroney16 3 kun oldin
What if the Knicks got KD, Kyrie and Zion in the offseason to go along with Knox, and Porzingis
niccolò maggia
niccolò maggia 3 kun oldin
Yo honestly i’d rather love to see Zion going somewhere else (like Chicago) and KP blocking his dunking at their first face 2 face.
Samiir Mohamed
Samiir Mohamed 3 kun oldin
I don’t know what max smokin porzingis was a top 20 players at best my guy wasn’t even in the discussion for top 10
Evan Case
Evan Case 5 kun oldin
Porzingis and Zion vs Larry Johnson pat Ewing would be lit
Chris Morén
Chris Morén 5 kun oldin
Hope Zion goes to Philly
Jason Kerns
Jason Kerns 6 kun oldin
Zion and kd and Kp wooo that’s a squad
QuestionRM19 6 kun oldin
did that dude call lehelp an elite defender? when did lebrick ever play defense?
Ryan caleb
Ryan caleb 6 kun oldin
Porzingis Williamson Durant Knox Hardaway Jr Best lineup in the league. If Williamson goes, Durant will probably go.
Adelain Derosin
Adelain Derosin 6 kun oldin
Puma wtf
Kendrick Woodruff
Kendrick Woodruff 6 kun oldin
Zion getting mad pussy Spartanburg stand up......sdotsee
yes mcgee
yes mcgee 6 kun oldin
DKNYBANKER 7 kun oldin
“Lebron is an elite defender”...lol yeah ok
James Moore
James Moore 7 kun oldin
New York City doesn't deserve Zion Williamson, NY is a cursed City!!
James Moore
James Moore 7 kun oldin
Fizdale is a trash coach!!!
D L 7 kun oldin
it's so funny : every year, everyone is dreaming of a Knicks revival and every year...nope
Wildfire 7 kun oldin
New York was a global laughing stock a long time before the downfall of the Knicks. The thing that makes NYC a laughing stock is it's people... the most insecure, egotistical people on planet Earth, in one of the shittiest, stinkiest, overcrowded cities on earth lol. Fuuucccccck that.
Joe Black
Joe Black 7 kun oldin
Im so proud of this kid!!! Go Carolinas!
Evan Lowell
Evan Lowell 7 kun oldin
Max must have been offa bean writin up his scripts gah damn
Matthew Tsui
Matthew Tsui 7 kun oldin
cant wait to use Zion in 2k
Larry G. Williams III
STOP it not the Knicks more like MILWAUKEE BUCKS
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk 8 kun oldin
Who’s Kristaps Porzigis?🤔🤔🤔
Green Green Clone State of mind
With a name like Zion and the skills this kid got on the court, you were born to be a star🌟 in New York. That's all Max was trying to say.
J R 8 kun oldin
RIP the Knicks all you want, they making the finals next season with Porz, either Kyrie or KD and Zion.
Johnathan Bush
Johnathan Bush 8 kun oldin
These ppl ACTUALLY gets paid ???? I'm in tbe wrong business !!!
PaulDogBaby 8 kun oldin
Can't wait to see this kid in year 3 in the NBA.... He'll be spectacular coming in the league..... but by year 3 we should be able to see his full potential at that moment.
Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas 8 kun oldin
Zion has a 40inch vert...not 46 or 47. However dude is unbelievably quick and explosive...crazy. he does need a lot of coaching. Cant wait to see how he develops
kevbo1756 8 kun oldin
If he is healthy.....KP is never healthy.....I wouldn't bring him back this year
Jerrold Williams
Jerrold Williams 8 kun oldin
In a few weeks, they will say Zion should demand a trade to play with Lebron.
Sasha Zvyagin
Sasha Zvyagin 8 kun oldin
Um, Stephen A. Smith is the dumbass who was shitting all over Porzingis and Doncic when they were signed by the Knicks and the Mavericks, respectively. So anything he says these days is just garbage, as far as I'm concerned.
David Michael
David Michael 9 kun oldin
Zions going to the Phx Suns
C Clem
C Clem 9 kun oldin
ZION will be on the PHOENIX SUNS Hookers.... Thats right one sided assholes.........
L318BLACKSHEEP 9 kun oldin
MotorBike Jay
L318BLACKSHEEP 9 kun oldin
RJ Barret looks like SA😂😂😂😂
RatedFlyBizzy 9 kun oldin
It must really be happening with Knicks because I been saying he should get drafted by the knicks.
Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen 9 kun oldin
crap call. defender's feet weren't planted. they never were. bad call
Paolo Panganiban
Paolo Panganiban 9 kun oldin
Zion is the next patrick ewing if you know what i mean :))
cash love
cash love 9 kun oldin
Boo lol jk
dustin barlow
dustin barlow 9 kun oldin
All Zion can do is Dunk, he cant shoot, he cant dribble drive without drawing fouls and is severely overweight to play the 3 or 4 in todays NBA, I would be more excited about Jarret Culver from Texas Tech. Or Bol Bol. All this love for Zion and he wont even come close to posting numbers Like Luka Doncic is currently posting. And yet the same people praising Zion are saying Luka is a bust.
Szilard Molnar
Szilard Molnar 9 kun oldin
6 minutes into the video... *Hears a female voice* Where the fuck did you come from?😂😂😂
cam 9 kun oldin
im trying to see porzingis throw some lobs to zion lmao
Mini Surf
Mini Surf 9 kun oldin
Knicks losssssssssse lossssssssssse losssssssse pleassssssseeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 better chance in drafting him!!!
cakesandpi 10 kun oldin
New York can have him as long as the Bulls land the #2 pick and draft Barrett.
CloutLife 10 kun oldin
Ricardo Millan-cepero
Black Rhino!!!
Emanuel Correia
Emanuel Correia 10 kun oldin
He's going to the Suns, either him or Barret....let's go Suns
Jeff O
Jeff O 10 kun oldin
This is borderline tampering
Thomas G
Thomas G 10 kun oldin
I want him to go to the BUCKS!
Jesse Tokpah
Jesse Tokpah 11 kun oldin
LOL! Stephen A. Smith slow down brother. The NBA is a different ball game not college basket ball.
Walter Castillo
Walter Castillo 11 kun oldin
Stephen a Smith is a an idiot ! Does anybody believe what this fool has to say ?
Clout Ninetynine
Clout Ninetynine 11 kun oldin
Kristaps is a top 20 player, not top 10. Max being bias lol.
Clout Ninetynine
Clout Ninetynine 11 kun oldin
Zion will be a Chicago Bull!
XxxericxxX 12 kun oldin
Repeat the first 2 seconds over and over
Jack B23
Jack B23 12 kun oldin
Aye it’s the coach of Newark
Black Berry
Black Berry 12 kun oldin
lebron elite defender nahhh
johnnie hotrod
johnnie hotrod 12 kun oldin
so stephen a. smith is now a fan of porzingis & luka77 ??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂
icemonkeyfire 12 kun oldin
He’s either going to the suns or bulls heard it hear
Nath Anter
Nath Anter 13 kun oldin
Rhino and Unicorn teaming up in New York
Daniel Yakovlev
Daniel Yakovlev 13 kun oldin
i agree he will have a bunch of hype if he goes to NY, but so did barkley and look how that turned out. He was best Rb in the nfl as a rookie in NY. The hype is gonna be real, but wont affect him too much
Charles Trimble
Charles Trimble 13 kun oldin
RJ aint better than Zion!! Stop it
Sokrates 13 kun oldin
3:27 man i wish NBA commentators weren’t so ignorant about soccer, the biggest soccer player is always gonna be a bigger name than the biggest basketball player c’mon. I mean Ronaldo is probably the biggest celebrity in the world
Ralph L
Ralph L 13 kun oldin
charles barkley 2.0
MegaMma4life 13 kun oldin
Knicks should package a deal for the number 1 pick if they can get have assets to trade up
MegaMma4life 13 kun oldin
Love the people who claim Dolan is the worst. Really He spend 100s of millions of dollars to get players here. He tried every legend alive to run the team they failed. He spend billions to rebuild the garden and billions on a state of the art training facility for the Knicks. Hes been a owner who spends and spends and nothing comes. He fired Jackson over kp trade rumors. Hired these new guys who seem to understand how to rebuild this team. Stop talking shit about Dolan he isn't the problem.
Latoya LatoyaWilliams
Wherever he goes just stay healthy n focused I wouldn't mind swing him n Levine in the chi tho not Cleveland stepping in James shadows James got boys for that the Knicks um Idk but Zion isn't the only duke player being seen they have a whole squad being looked at they all probably go to Cleveland the Sun's Knicks or Chicago which is still good for the league n fans😊
LoSoNBanks22 14 kun oldin
If we get zion or Rj and Kp shows he’s fully healthy before the draft. We may have a shot at Kevin Durant. Knicks could be very dangerous next year with also Knox, trier, Robinson and kanter. We should try to move Courtney lee and Hardaway To a team who needs scoring to make a run
Haywood Jablomy
Haywood Jablomy 14 kun oldin
Stfu SAS. Knicks aint gettin shit.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
If The NYK can land Zion in the draft KD will follow. I guarantee it 💯
David Flors
David Flors 14 kun oldin
Zion is box office by himself
James Hall
James Hall 14 kun oldin
The NBA needs him in New York for marketing so the NBA will make it happen. AKA its all rigged. Is there any reason we have small market teams if everything is stacked against them?
vajonesboy10 14 kun oldin
Who is he guarding in the paint at 6’6. Like the kid but be realistic with Professional players
vajonesboy10 14 kun oldin
Future Anthony Bennett
ChessMaster 14 kun oldin
I see Steph A Shit i dislike. Sorry. He just racist AF.
Hamza El Housseiny
Hamza El Housseiny 14 kun oldin
I think he’ll be a Bakst and we’ll never be better than Lebron. Lebron could pass, go to the rim, play D in his prime, Athlethism, carry a team, shoot and clutch Zion: athlethism and drive to the rim and play D
Three West
Three West 14 kun oldin
Zion porzingas and Kyrie?
Alasdair Macintyre
Alasdair Macintyre 14 kun oldin
Bol bol and porzingus.
Nick Conrad
Nick Conrad 14 kun oldin
New York Knicks always box office because it's fucking new york. Team always gets attention and they don't even deserve it. They are one of the worst ran franchises in North American sports.
Og jay Loc
Og jay Loc 14 kun oldin
Dude in the middle low key hating lmao
subjektproductions 14 kun oldin
Zion, Porzingis and Kemba Walker!
Condy Loid
Condy Loid 14 kun oldin
Imagine Zion and Porzingis and on the bench Melo and TMac
Alexander Ortigoza
Alexander Ortigoza 15 kun oldin
I reckon this Zion guy will go in the first round
Ralphie Decongilio
Ralphie Decongilio 15 kun oldin
could the nba just fix the fucking draft and give the knicks the number 1 pick....we need it th nba and me as a knick fan need this guy......who the fuck wants to see him on the scrub caves or the stupied suns who draft a center with the number 1 pick when the league is a guard league....u hade LeBron......give the knicks something...number pick sign a free agent and shit im happy 2 be in the playoffs
elsipotesal marroquin
I am sure the nba is going to make it happen , is going to make extra millions to nba is all about making billions !!!!!!!!!!
kam johnson
kam johnson 15 kun oldin
My 2K my league says different
GOAT AG 15 kun oldin
old chris is a faggot New Chris Is A ATHLETIC GOD!!!!
Leon Gibson
Leon Gibson 15 kun oldin
Barrett is NOT better than Zion. Zion’s IQ is higher. He’s not only a scorer, he’s a play maker. His defense is light years better as well. The kid is the truth.
8thVVonder 15 kun oldin
Porzingis top 10 player?
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 15 kun oldin
1. Unhealthy 2.cant shoot.
Jamal Abir Maahir
Jamal Abir Maahir 15 kun oldin
Marcos Rodriguez
Marcos Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
I agree with Stephen a. Zion will be ok.
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 16 kun oldin
Yea make the Knicks even more pathetic 🤣
F Chin
F Chin 16 kun oldin
I just hate this black guy talks, disgusting
Danny the loose cannon Delgado
He is either going to suns or knicks but he will be wearing the suns jersey! Him with the suns will make more nose then him going the knicks!!!
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 16 kun oldin
Mudiay Frank Durant Zion KP
Christian Letellier
Christian Letellier 16 kun oldin
I hate how niggas throw out "from a player's perspective..." well my guy go get kobe or iverson or someone. You were barely a player. SAS and Max have been covering sports for ages. They know just as much as you, believe it or not.
grospipo20 16 kun oldin
Zion needs to continue developing unfortunately the knicks do not develop their players,
Ren Koji
Ren Koji 16 kun oldin
If Lebron is thanos then Zion is darkseid the bigger better version 😂😂