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Zumba With Nicky - Zoomer - Les Jumo (African Dance)

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2-Okt, 2011




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Judy Kelly
Judy Kelly Yil oldin
I love the older Zumba music. You move with grace and ease. This version is not complicated and I'm stealing it (excuse me, permanently borrowing it :D). I love your smile, it's huge and so infectious. I have just subscribed to your channel so I am hoping you are still posting. Good work!
Markéta Lazarova
Markéta Lazarova 2 yil oldin
RUBY McMILLIAN 3 yil oldin
Luv it Nicky! You have to move it yourself. It is great to have good music to move to always! Thanks for sharing those great moves. Stay Healthy Forever.
flo spinazzola
flo spinazzola 3 yil oldin
Luv the routine!!!! Was this song on a MM or DVD? If so, which one? Thanx!!!
Derry Jones
Derry Jones 4 yil oldin
Just found this video. It's perfect for us. Not too complicated, but full of feeling! Thanks!
daughterofthesun 5 yil oldin
So glad I found your Zumba channel! It's almost like being there and taking another one of your classes that was so much fun!
Is Zumba african? I know what afro latino is by the way and I know that the music is afro latino(the genres the african created in latin america like samba, bachata, salsa, Lambada ect. so I know what afro latino is). The music is afro latino, but they said that the actual ZUMBA isn't latin american. So is it african?
Sumros Giri
Sumros Giri 5 yil oldin
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Leana Edwards
Leana Edwards 5 yil oldin
Ah! You have such a lovely smile!
bibiana teibl teibl
yeah that what i call zumba love it
Vanessa Schulze
Vanessa Schulze 6 yil oldin
love your energy! great job, girl! :) keep it up
Coral Bay
Coral Bay 6 yil oldin
Love it ♥ thank you
islangyal 6 yil oldin
Great routine and energy, Nicky. If you guys want to check out the original song and video that's done by the French African group Les Jumo, plug in Zoomer Les Jumo in your UZvid browser and get ready to partay!!! They're amazing!!!
zumbaprincesszoe 6 yil oldin
Just Too Cute!!
Dominique Marie
Dominique Marie 6 yil oldin
Thanks so much Nicky and love your gorgeous smile!!! :)
josy cruz
josy cruz 6 yil oldin
Very nice the dance
JC4HIM777 6 yil oldin
MsRubicon2010 6 yil oldin
Keep smiling girl, you're beautiful! Great routine, thanks for sharing!
denienne 6 yil oldin
Love your choreo and your energy!! Made me smile because you look as if you were genuinely enjoying yourself. Awesome!
christineday2 6 yil oldin
Great job!! Love your energy and Choreo!! Thanks for sharing!
ilona060985 6 yil oldin
Messiah Mews
Messiah Mews 6 yil oldin
This is very much like the moves we do to this song at our Zumba Class. Love this song too!
Ephetas Norman
Ephetas Norman 6 yil oldin
Good stuff Nicky!! Great routine.. keep dancing my girl!!
Swtjne1 7 yil oldin
I don't post comments very much, but every time I see this video, you make me smile. I really enjoy your choreo and you exude such happiness through your smile and expressions. I may have to use some of your moves if you don't mind. :)
Kacy Christabel
Kacy Christabel 7 yil oldin
u form Africa ???
Susie Warner
Susie Warner 7 yil oldin
SONG FoRyOu 7 yil oldin
VERY nice...!!! I like this dance, it's very cool!
BailandoLee 7 yil oldin
Very nice. You are energetic and know how to move! Also, you inspire me because you make good use of a small space/area, which is what I have to work with at home :-)
Marilyne Yaguibou
Marilyne Yaguibou 7 yil oldin
@DrinkaCofee vraiment beau sourire! belle fille
rey romeroh
rey romeroh 7 yil oldin
Hey ..you are a nice looking black girl i mean a good dancer. Dont forget this is ZUMBA and you are dancing an african top song..let the peolpe know what you feel inside of your body. You dont have to dance this song like the rest. Let see your african roots next time. So please dont get me wrong and Good luck !
1zumbalove 7 yil oldin
cute! You are adorable. Totally using this!
yummygranny 7 yil oldin
I love watching your video ! your moves are very authentic , and your smile brightens the entire room ! love your energy girl !!! keep it up ! zumba love to you !!! :)
llurbanski 7 yil oldin
Love you and your smile!! Thank you!!
Christine62489 7 yil oldin
Awww - what a great job! Love this! May I borrow?
sickmonkey77 7 yil oldin
outstanding choreo girlfriend! its easy enough to follow and hard enough to work up a sweat :o)
isabelmqt 7 yil oldin
Fun and accessible choreo. Thanks.
camanie 7 yil oldin
NYC is a bit far for me otherwise you could count me in!
Dance CultuRise
Dance CultuRise 7 yil oldin
Love it, Well done to you. I watched your whole rountine many times because I'm Lovin your energy!!! xoxoxo
Dasme Dasme
Dasme Dasme 7 yil oldin
Your choreography fits the spirit of the piece so well. Great fun!
CorinnaZumba 7 yil oldin
Good Choreo!!!!!
JouwVlinderEffect Priscilla Bouwman
Really great energy, I love your choreo. It's the best so far. Thank you so much! Kind regard from Holland. Priscilla
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