• Border crisis
The facts behind the administration’s border ‘crisis’ claim
13 kun oldin
Ahead of his address on the government shutdown and border wall, President Trump tweeted that the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border was a humanitarian ...
Ted Cruz tells Hannity about the border crisis in Texas
11 kun oldin
Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn weigh in on the immigration crisis on the southern border and how it's affecting their home state on 'Hannity.
Border Crisis
20 soat oldin
In his Sat. address, President Trump highlighted the crisis at our Southern Border... See more at theDove.us Originally aired on theDove TV & Radio Follow ...
BREAKING: Trump Delivers CRITICAL Address on Government Shutdown and Border Crisis From White House
2 kun oldin
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Is There a Mexican Border Crisis? McAllen Texas Mayor Says No | NowThis
11 kun oldin
President Trump went to visit the border near McAllen, Texas, today to see the alleged immigration 'crisis. The Mayor of McAllen, Jim Darling, says no such crisis ...
What happens if Trump declares border crisis a national emergency?
16 kun oldin
Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason says Trump could go around Congress to build a wall along the southern border.
Who is to blame for the border crisis?
Oy oldin
What will it take for Republicans to step up? Rep. Steve Scalise and former ICE director Tom Homan weigh in.
President Donald Trump Special Announcement On The Humanitarian Crisis on Southern Border & Shutdown
2 kun oldin
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FULL: President Trump Major Announcement on Border Crisis 1/19/19
2 kun oldin
Join RSBN's Max Kleiber and Bailee Byers live from the nation's capital in Washington, DC for LIVE coverage of President Donald Trump's major announcement ...
Between Borders: American Migrant Crisis | Times Documentaries | The New York Times
3 yil oldin
From Central America, thousands of children fleeing poverty and danger make multiple attempts to reach the United States despite increased efforts by Mexico ...
How To Solve The Border Crisis
13 kun oldin
Andrew Klavan explains what is really going on at the border. Listen to this episode of The Andrew Klavan Show on iTunes: apple.co/2K8mQC7.
Trump Admin Planned Family Separation to Engineer Border Crisis (2019)
3 kun oldin
Trump Administration Planned Family Separation to Engineer Border Crisis. The release of a 2017 memo reveals that the boarder crisis was the intentional ...
Canada’s border crisis: Trump or Trudeau to blame?
7 oy oldin
A flow of asylum seekers are walking across the border from the U.S. What's driving it? Trudeau's #WelcomeToCanada tweet? Or Trump's immigration policies?
U S  Border Patrol, San Diego Sector Chief, Rodney Scott, on the Crisis at the Border
4 kun oldin
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President Trump's Todays Speech On The Southern Border Crisis In United States
Kun oldin
Watch President Trump's Todays Speech On The Southern Border Crisis In United States.
National emergency? Trump will make 'major announcement' on border crisis tomorrow afternoon
3 kun oldin
Synopsis: Is it coming tomorrow? House Democrats are still holding the line on denying President Trump his border wall. The $5 billion proposal led to the ...
Migrants Storm U.S. Border | MSNBC
Oy oldin
Migrants in Tijuana, Mexico storm the United States border near San Diego, California.
2 kun oldin
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The Crisis At The Border & Why We Need A Wall
9 soat oldin
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