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There's A Poop Crisis At The Border (HBO)
17 kun oldin
"I'm starting to smell it" Baron Partlow yelled into the estuary that sits between Tijuana and Imperial Beach, a small coastal town in ...
Border crisis is a national emergency: Former Border Patrol Chief
5 kun oldin
Former Obama administration Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan on the mounting debate over immigration reform. FOX Business ...
Border patrol shuts down nearly a dozen checkpoints
22 soat oldin
Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, R-Texas, on concerns over the mounting border crisis and the push for immigration reform.
Border Crisis! New Migrants Caravans Heading To U.S. Border Along With 700 Cubans!
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Welcome To Grand Supreme News Who We Are! We stand out against the fake media, we are republican, right winger, ...
We Camped Out On The Border To See What The So-Called Crisis Looks Like (HBO)
Oy oldin
In his never-ending push for a border wall, President Trump regularly warns of dangerous criminals pouring into the country, and ...
The true cost of illegal immigration and the ongoing border crisis
2 oy oldin
What must Congress do to fix the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border? Reaction from former ICE director Tom Homan and former ...
How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border
7 oy oldin
The open border has helped keep the peace for 20 years. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab.
Migrants Storm U.S. Border | MSNBC
4 oy oldin
Migrants in Tijuana, Mexico storm the United States border near San Diego, California.
Trump wall: President addresses nation on border 'crisis' - BBC News
2 oy oldin
US President Donald Trump has made his first TV address to the nation from the Oval Office, escalating a stand-off with Congress ...
Behind the Headlines: How the US-Mexico Border Crisis is Shaping Youth Culture in Tijuana
Oy oldin
On February 15, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to bypass Congress and free up billions for a border ...
Migrants arrested on both sides of U.S.-Mexico border after desperate attempt to cross
4 oy oldin
Mexico says it has deported some migrants who stormed the U.S. border Sunday, and the U.S. says it's arrested those who made ...
Is there a crisis at the US Mexican border? | DW News
Oy oldin
The Pentagon is sending more troops to its frontier with Mexico, mainly to put up additional wire barriers and install a new ...
What happens if Trump declares border crisis a national emergency?
2 oy oldin
Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason says Trump could go around Congress to build a wall along the southern border.
WATCH: Kirstjen Nielsen testifies on border security, future of border wall
20 kun oldin
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will talk about the future of border security along the U.S-Mexico border, including ...
Sen. Graham on Stunning Border Crossing Stats: 'If This Is Not a Crisis, What the Hell Would Be?'
20 kun oldin
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said the U.S. is being "flooded" with illegal immigrants attempting to cross ...
The facts behind the administration’s border ‘crisis’ claim
2 oy oldin
Ahead of his address on the government shutdown and border wall, President Trump tweeted that the situation at the U.S.-Mexico ...
Asylum: Beyond The Border Crisis
8 oy oldin
This special report follows the roots of the U.S. border crisis back to violence in Central America. Learn more about this story at ...