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BuzzFeed Victoria Reaction
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If you spoke to your co-workers like kids....Before&After kids.............Thank you in once again sorry about the nosie in the background....Dont forget to follow me ...
Buzzfeed Recipes Tested | Taste Test
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Open for more info! ♡ Previous video: uzvid.com/video/video-nIF2W7ixo58.html ................................................................................. Don't forget to subscribe...
Countries of the World - Buzzfeed
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Visiting yet another Countries of the World challenge, we check out social media hub and clickbait central Buzzfeed to see what this challenge offers. Check it ...
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yall this was so funny fgdgjdfgld check us out on twt me @TaeminWithAGun m @niceskrt ecks dee @shovelworld see yall soon.
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Hello everybody! So today I did some Ariana Grande Buzzfeed quizzes in celebration for her new album SWEETENER! MAKE SURE TO PRE-ORDER AND ...
How Much of a Book Addict Am I? // BuzzFeed Quiz
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If you want to do the quiz too: www.buzzfeed.com/isaacfitzgerald/give-me-all-the-books-and-nobody-gets-hurt?utm_term=.iddLxD0Yx#.aloJa9q4a ...
Random Quizzes| Buzzfeed
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Today we do a bunch of random quizzes!!! The Pugs99: uzvid.com/show-UCTR3CPKpUevgTgmbh5ojuRg.
Codifying the Design Process // Tom Harman, BuzzFeed [FirstMark's Design Driven]
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Tom Harman, Design Manager at BuzzFeed, spoke at Design Driven NYC on September 13, 2016. Tom discussed the importance of institutionalizing the design ...
UN News Centre meets Hayes Brown of Buzzfeed
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United Nations - During the United Nations Social Media Day, the UN News Centre met with Hayes Brown, Foreign News Editor and Reporter for Buzzfeed ...
Buzzfeed Changed My Life! Absolutely Ridiculous Buzzfeed Quizzes
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Taking some of Buzzfeed's best quizzes they have to offer. They made my life SO much better! (Sarcasm) Hope you guys enjoyed. Make sure to like and ...
The Struggles of Getting Comfy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Sky Q
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Just when you've found that perfect spot...
Drone journalism at Buzzfeed
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My First Project.
More "Enlightening" Buzzfeed Quizzes
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Ever wanted to get a deeper understanding of yourself? Sorry about the low-quality screen capture. I meant high school Kyle.
Banana Kale Smoothie - Buzzfeed Clean Eating Food Challenge Warmup
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I'll probably livestream some of the mealprep and cooking on my Twitch Channel www.twitch.tv/syntria You'll find me live nearly everyday there with ...
BTS: Lake Nowhere ( BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Series)
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Lake Nowhere behind the scenes Buzzfeed murder mystery series Source: buzzfeed on Snapchat All belongs to BuzzFeed.
Google Marketing Platform, Surveys 360: BuzzFeed Case Study
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See how BuzzFeed uses Google Surveys 360 to test ad effectiveness.
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TRY OUT THE RECIPE TOO! www.buzzfeed.com/christinebyrne/gimme-smore-pancakes ❤ SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM: ...
Buzzfeed Tasty Video Fellowship Application- Easy 3 Ingredient Green Smoothie
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Buzzfeed Tasty Video Fellowship Application by Tiffany Liang Easy 3 Ingredient Green Smooth.
DSS LA | Content Metrics At BuzzFeed
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Presented by Ali Baghshomali, Data Scientist at BuzzFeed Next DSS LA on 9.13 ...
We take Buzzfeed Quizzes!
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Decided we should do some online buzzfeed quizzes! If you want to take them click the link and comment your answers!
Are Buzzfeed quizzes accurate?!?!? Testing out Buzzfeed quizzes || Kaylee’s Life
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WATCH THIS VIDEO: uzvid.com/video/video-U3-bqN_EUb4.html *WATCH IN HD* Today I will be testing out buzzfeed quizzes to see if they are accurate, make sure to stay ...
Buzzfeed's Ben Kreimer speaks at Digital Innovators' Summit, 21 March 2016
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Play to work: telling stories through drones and 360º videos Buzzfeed's Open Lab in San Francisco brings in experts from a broad range of backgrounds for ...
Dear Buzzfeed
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YES I AM WORKING ON THE ANIMATION DW Check out my Tumblr; boaintindahouse.tumblr.com/ Check out my DeviantART; ...
BuzzFeed Quizzes....
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Help Me... Instagram: instagram.com/ben_does_skits/?hl=en Twitter: twitter.com/BenDoesSkitsYT Want To Loose The Will To Live?
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Heyyyy. This is our very first video!!!! where you learn a little about each of us. This will be a Lifestyle Channel that includes Vlogs, cooking tutorials, makeup ...
how accurate are buzzfeed's 'type a or type b' quizzes??
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the editing is so messy kms - this took significantly longer than it should've to edit as well bc i kept getting sucked into reading suggested buzzfeed articles while ...
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At "SOS BUZZFEED" we don't just display contingent content but create and curate every little illumination or virtual experience that will help you with your ...
Best Friends Take Buzzfeed Quizzes
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what better way to know who you are than by taking a personality quiz! (sorry, I don't know what was happening with the audio ...) take the quiz yourself: Garfield ...
Taking weird Buzzfeed quizzes
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Hey everybody welcome back to another Show's got to Show, I'm your host DAISEY!!!!!!!! Today I took some really weird buzzfeed quizzes! Slime season playlist ...
Buzzfeed Quizzes w/ Gamelan Animations
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Welcome to my channel! Today i did some buzzfeed quizzes with my friend Gamelan Animations! Check out her channel!
BuzzFeed Manages & Secures Googles Apps with FlashPanel
4 yil oldin
Learn how BuzzFeed uses FlashPanel to manage and secure their Google Apps domain from Justine Bienkowski, the company's IT Team Lead.
Jon Steinberg, BuzzFeed on CNBC (April 27, 2012)
6 yil oldin
CNBC "Disruptors" Series on Squawk Box: April 27, 2012. Discussing the shift to Social Advertising and Social Publishing. Transcript: how does buzzfeed work?
How To Take A Buzzfeed Quiz
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Step-by-step instructions on making your life better!
Why BuzzFeed's Traffic Doubled in Six Months
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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- BuzzFeed's Peter Lauria discusses the site's success with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg) ...
Buzzfeed Recipe Review | Nashville Hot Chicken
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Original Recipe: www.buzzfeed.com/seanpreston/heres-how-to-make-nashville-style-hot-wings-that-are-packed#.ul6jjqGrWV Follow me for daily #gains ...
Buzzfeed's Kate Burns and Search Unlimited's Matt Lowe on Digital In Healthcare
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Kate Burns discusses how consumers engage with Buzzfeed's content and how this is impacting on Healthcare, whilst Matt Lowe looks at how the Pharma ...
One Last Thing - Gene the French Fry (Official Video) [Buzzfeed Unsolved] ⚠️ BRIGHT FLASH WARNING ⚠️
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WARNING ⚠ there are bright flashes in this video at 1:07-1:20 and 1:27-1:34. Clip from Buzzfeed Unsolved's Forrest Fenn Q+A: video • yo...
Buzzfeed test #1
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BUZZFEED QUIZZES: Which Disney Princess Are You?
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Buzzfeed Quizzes time! I take 3 BuzzFeed Quizzes. 1. Which Emoji Are You? [Buzzfeed quiz] 2. Which Disney Princess Are You? [Buzzfeed quiz] 3. What Grade ...
How to market like Buzzfeed (part 1)
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youzign.com/casestudy Discover how Buzzfeed uses visual marketing to get more clicks and views.
Impossible BuzzFeed Quiz?!?! | asprinkleoflove
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Today im going to attempt to answer an "impossible" buzzfeed quiz! Let me know down below your answers to the questions! Be sure to stay until the end for ...
Dumb Buzzfeed Quizzes
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I found some pointless Buzzfeed quizzes & they changed my whole perspective on life! Do you & go pet a dog!
BuzzFeed quiz part 4
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Buzzfeed Beauty Products Tested!
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Hi loves! In this video I put BuzzFeed's "Holy Grail Products" to the test! I hope you enjoyed this video! Leave it in the comments below if you tried any of these ...
Taking Buzzfeed Quizzes!
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It's been a while since the last time I've sat down and had a discussion. Let's get reconnect through a few Buzzfeed quizzes! Previous video: Bogong Moth ...
Who Will Be My Valentine? || Buzzfeed Quizzes
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this is as much a learning experience for me as it is to entertain you as i practice my editing skills, so excuse the weird audio levels... background music is "Don't ...
Testing Buzzfeed TASTY Recipes! /w Clo! // ReeSees
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SO... A few weeks ago Chloe and I were looking at Buzzfeed TASTY recipes and said "OMG WE NEED TO TRY THESE!!!" So we found some favourites and took ...