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Darkroom Tutorial #01 by Andrea Calabresi
4 yil oldin
Analog Photography - Darkroom technique. A practical guide explaining how to choose exposure and contrast of the print starting ...
My darkroom printing routine
2 yil oldin
Showing a bit of my usual darkroom routine: split filter printing, dodging, burning, selenium toning, spot toning and matting ...
My TOP 10 Darkroom Tips...So Far.
Yil oldin
In this video I share my top ten tips that I have learned in the darkroom (so far). Hopefully some of the things that have stumped me ...
Making A Darkroom Print
Yil oldin
Join me in the darkroom to view the step by step process of making a photographic print with an enlarger and chemicals. For film ...
The dying art of the photographic darkroom
5 yil oldin
The dying art of the photographic darkroom Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: bitly.com/UvkFpD Mysterious, even magical ...
Darkroom In Use
7 yil oldin
How to make prints from 35mm negitives in a dark room Shot with the Canon 60D using the Canon 50mm f1.8 and Tokina ...
Darkroom: 120x150cm print
3 yil oldin
Video showing the process behind creating a 120x150cm print for art photographer Dag Alveng. Created from a 8x10″ negative.
This is THE BEST photo editing app. | Darkroom
3 oy oldin
Diving into why I love Darkroom and how it's becoming my main photo editing app.
Yil oldin
Seriously, I used to be a photographer. I still have my old Contax 159mm camera.
Making Your First Black & White Print
Yil oldin
There is nothing quite like the magic of seeing your first print appear in the tray. If you have always wanted to learn how to make a ...
Ten Sleep - Darkroom
Yil oldin
tensleepmusic.bandcamp.com/ soundcloud.com/ten-sleep facebook.com/TenSleep/
Darkroom With 30x40 (11x15") Vintage Enlargers
2 yil oldin
An epic story of suddenly finding a huge vintage enlarger, setting up a darkroom around it... and then finding a second one!
The Mobile Darkroom: printing without negatives and enlarger
Oy oldin
I was sick for a week, so I had a lot of time to think. And I came up with a little project: the Mobile Darkroom. In this video, I show ...
Darkroom Techniques: Combination Printing by Alexander Aitken
7 yil oldin
Darkroom Techniques: Combination Printing by Alexander Aitken Final Video for Introduction to Multimedia ARTS 395/495 Case ...
Darkroom Printing with Ilford MG Art 300 Paper
5 oy oldin
In this video, I am printing an image from a hike a few weeks ago with my Holga to test out Ilford's Art 300 fiber paper. This image ...
Film Photography - Darkroom Introduction
7 yil oldin
Film Photography Podcast (FPP) guys Mat Marrash and Michael Raso demonstrates and discuss the traditional black & white ...
The deadly race to the South Pole
Oy oldin
Two exploration teams raced to the South Pole. Only one made it out alive. Correction: A previous version of this video used an ...
Compact Darkroom Tips
5 yil oldin
Using 3-drawer storage boxes as darkroom processing trays.