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The Last Days of Freddie Mercury
3 oy oldin
Queen singer Freddie Mercury was fiercely protective of his privacy, and he continued to guard it jealously even as his health ...
Freddie Mercury // Interview Collection
3 oy oldin
A one hour collection, of Freddie Mercury interviews. facebook.com/MediaCollectionYT/
Watch Freddie Mercury's Rare 1982 ET Interview (Exclusive)
4 oy oldin
The legendary Queen frontman opened up about his onstage persona and public image in a 1982 sitdown with Entertainment ...
Michael Jackson и Freddie Mercury There Must Be More to Life Than This (Джексон и Меркурий)
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Поделитесь этим !! Давайте получим 20 миллиона просмотров !! Подпишитесь на другие дуэты! Фредди Меркьюри и Майкл Джексон ...
Freddie Mercury Transformation - From Baby To 45 Years Old
4 oy oldin
Freddie Mercury, original name Farrokh Bulsara, (born September 5, 1946, Stone Town, Zanzibar-died November 24, 1991, ...