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Barry Long Queenstown Heli Jump
8 yil oldin
Barry is the first paraplegic to bungy jump out of a helicopter.
Helicopter Bungy - Bavaria, Germany - 5th November, 2000.
9 yil oldin
Weekend trip organized by the Dangerless Sports Club. The jump takes place at around 400 metres!! Come see the Blind Man at play!
top things to do in new zealand | bungy | skydive | glacier heli hike | skyline luge |
9 oy oldin
a video compilation of our action packed must do new zealand adventure. skydive and heli hike in franz joseph. bungy jump at aj hackett queestown. luge ride at ...
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Check out our new Whistler Bungee promo video!! Whistler's Ultimate Adrenaline Rush!! Open all year round. www.whistlerbungee.com.
Heli Bungy - Catapult - Arizona USA -  by Sports Unlimited
11 yil oldin
Heli Bungy - World´s first 400m Catapult - filmed in Arizona / USA By Sports Unlimited & AJ Hackett www.stuntproduction.com www.ajhackett.com ...
Ecocopter - Heli Bungee
10 yil oldin
Ecocopter taking part of extreme sports.
Helicopter Bungy
7 yil oldin
Queenstown, New Zealand, 1994, and bungy stepped up a notch. For a dollar a metre, you could take a 1000 foot plunge out of an AS-350 Squirrel helicopter.
Words from Will Smith after his Heli Bungee jump into the Grand Canyon on his 50th Birthday!!!
20 kun oldin
Word from Will Smith right after his Heli Bungee jump into the Grand Canyon on his 50th Birthday!!!
Heli bungee Meglepkék élményajándék
3 yil oldin
Minden extrém sportlehetőséget kipróbáltál már? Jó helyen jársz! Európában egyedülálló szolgáltatást nyújtunk, melynek nevét a helikopterből történő bungee ...
My Heli Volcano
2 yil oldin
Pucón, Chile March 2016. Special thank you to Bungee.com, Casey Dale, McKenzie Dale, Danny Watson and our amazing pilot Eduardo Boisset. This was truly ...
Watching Will Smith heli bungee
19 kun oldin
On today's vlog I watch Will Smith heli bungee Thanks to all my subscribers.
Will Smith... We challenge you.
7 oy oldin
Will Smith's UZvid Channel: uzvid.com/show-UCKuHFYu3smtrl2AwwMOXOlg Will Smith...We challenge you to HELI BUNGEE JUMP!
Will Smith’s Terrifying POV of the Helicopter Bungee Jump
13 kun oldin
Before jumping out of a helicopter, Will Smith had a camera strapped to his wrist for a unique view into what he experienced hanging above the Grand Canyon.
Mein bester Feind #1: Helicopter-Bungee | Circus HalliGalli
3 yil oldin
Du setzt dein Leben aufs Spiel, dein bester Freund kassiert einen mittelmäßigen Preis: Eine gute weil fiese Idee, in die Tat umgesetzt von Joko Winterscheidt.
My First Time Bungee Jumping!
25 kun oldin
As Will prepares for his heli-bungee jump over the Grand Canyon, he looks back to his first time bungee jumping in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. Watch “Will ...
Will Smith Challenge | Bungee Jump | Helibungee | Coloring Book Pages for Kids
7 oy oldin
Will Smith Challenge | Bungee Jump | Helibungee | Coloring Book Pages for Kids Hi Everyone! Welcome to the world of colors for kids. In today's videos for ...
Jonathan Gibbs - volcano bungee jump from helicopter
2 yil oldin
Olympia, WA based entrepreneur, Jonathan Gibbs, bungee jumps from a helicopter into an active volcano in Chile. In this short documentary you can follow him ...
2 yil oldin
Helicopter bungee jumping
3 yil oldin
Bungee jumping nem a megszokott módon. Nem fejjel lefelé ugrasz, és nem a lábadnál van a rögzítés, hanem majdnem úgy, mint az ejtőernyősöknél.
World Highest Bungee Jump - Helicopter @ 500m / 1650ft
12 yil oldin
Heli Bungee - Thats world's highest bungee jump (Jochen Schweizer). Bungy out of a helicopter at about 500 meters / 1650 feet. And yes, there is a need for that ...
Will Smith to celebrate 50th birthday with helicopter bungee jump near Grand Canyon
21 kun oldin
According to the Associated Press, Smith will be jumping over the Little Colorado River gorge, east of the Grand Canyon National Park, on the Navajo Nation.
Bungy Pioneer Henry van Asch 150m Heli Bungy
5 oy oldin
AJ Hackett Bungy co-founder Henry van Asch Bungy jumped 150m from a helicopter over the Dunedin waterfront in celebration of 30 years of Bungy in New ...
Volcano bungee jumping in Chile
2 yil oldin
Helicopter bungee jumping over the active Villarrica volcano in Pucon, Chile in 2016 Bungee.com provides VIP service for premier bungee jump packages.
Will Smith Accepts YouTube Challenge to Heli-Bungee Over Grand Canyon
7 oy oldin
Cell Phone and Computer Repair Courses: Click Here: tinyurl.com/ycrawpkt Laptop Repair Course: Click Here: tinyurl.com/ybdngov5 Will Smith ...
Celeb News: Will Smith Plans to Helicopter Bungee Jump for 50th Birthday
3 oy oldin
Check out all the latest hot topics on OK! magazine's news section. Discover exclusive celebrity news about your favourite soap news...
Heli Bungy Jumping - Grand-Canyon -  by Sports Unlimited
11 yil oldin
World´s first Heli Bungy Jump into the - Grand-Canyon - Weltrekord / Worldrecord By Sports Unlimited & AJ Hackett www.stuntproduction.com ...
Exclusive Volcano and waterfall heli- bungee jump
2 yil oldin
Jumping into a volcano in Pucon Chile from a helicopter and jumping over a waterfall from a helicopter. Bungee.com.
WILL SMITH - THE JUMP | Heli-jumping on 50th birthday |Bungee jumping Grand Canyon | Full Video
20 kun oldin
On his 50th birthday, Will Smith decided to jump out of a helicopter by accepting the challenge of Yes Theory.
Will Smith Accepts Heli Bungee Challenge... But Its above the Grand Canyon
7 oy oldin
will smith accepts the challenge to bungee jump out of helicopter, but he is gonna do it over the grand canyon instead video snippets from will smiths videos.
Will Smith Heli Bungeed over the Grand Canyon!!!!! And it was on his 50th birthday!!
20 kun oldin
On 9/25/18 Will Smith Heli Bungeed(Bungee jumping out of a helicopter) over the Grand Canyon!!!!! He could of died, and it was on his 50th birthday.
Heli beim Bungee-Running
10 yil oldin
Heli beim Bungee-Running in Wallsee.
Will Smith is Bungee Jumping The Grand Canyon For Charity
2 oy oldin
To mark his 50th birthday, Will Smith is set to take part in a charity bungee jump over the Grand Canyon in Will Smith: The Jump and is offering one lucky fan the ...
MACHOBAT -  Heli Bungy
8 yil oldin
Bungy Jump from a helicopter.
Will Smith accepts challenge to helibungee
7 oy oldin
Will Smith to helibungee over the Grand Canyon.
7 yil oldin
Bungee jumping from a helicopter.
Bungee Donauwörth 500 m
8 yil oldin
Einfach nur Geil !! Welthöchster öffentlicher Bungeesprung aus einem Heli. Eins meiner coolsten Erlebnisse überhaupt.
Will Smith Plans to Helicopter Bungee Jump for 50th Birthday
3 oy oldin
Will Smith Plans to Helicopter Bungee Jump for 50th Birthday: www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00122843.html. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more ...