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iPhone 7 underwater review with Lenzo housing
4 oy oldin
We took the iPhone 7 diving in Mexico, to test it's performance in low light, low visibility conditions.... and it performed surprisingly well - thanks to the Lenzo ...
Underwater Adventures iPhone & Android Game Trailer
5 yil oldin
Learn more and DOWNLOAD NOW for iOS or Android at UnderwaterAdventuresGame.com Dive into a fascinating and dangerous living world with the ...
Demonstration of how to use the ProShotCase iPhone App for Underwater Photography
Oy oldin
Learn how to use all of the features of the ProShotCase iPhone Application!
Come Swimming With Us, Underwater with my iPhone 7 plus | Mummy Lifestyle Vlog | Layonie Jae
Yil oldin
Wow I filmed this video under water with my iPhone 7 plus!!! We had so much fun during our weekend away and swimming was the best part! We captured ...
I Found an iPhone X, iPhone 7+ and Wallet Underwater in the River! (River Treasure)
19 kun oldin
River Treasure: I Found an iPhone X, iPhone 7+ and a Wallet Underwater in the River! Wow this River Dive was incredible! While snorkeling in the river for river ...
GoPro: Scuba Diving Thailand - 2015 UNDERWATER SHOWREEL HD ★★★★★
3 yil oldin
Have you ever experienced Scuba Diving in the Underwater World of Thailand? This underwater footage shows some of the best scuba diving with ...
iPhone 6 Underwater
3 yil oldin
quick underwater view with phone.
Underwater video iPhone 4s
5 yil oldin
Video taken underwater with an iPhone 4s with a lifeproof case. The whole cellphone was submerged.
How to clean underwater dive housing and maintain O ring (for iPhone Dive Housing)
4 yil oldin
This video shows you how to clean and maintain your dive housing for iPhone after use. Cleaning process Step 1: Soak your housing in slight warm fresh water ...
Testing IPhone 8 Plus Underwater
23 kun oldin
Hey guys welcome back to my channel...today I wanted to do a “Testing my IPhone 8 Plus Underwater” video for you all, so I hope you guys enjoy! If you you ...
Underwater with iPhone 6s Plus
2 yil oldin
Dubai July 2016.
Camden and David swimming underwater
6 yil oldin
Camden and David swimming underwater with iPhone.
iphone 7 talking underwater
Yil oldin
iphone 7 talking underwater test.
5 yil oldin
testing the wood radio box with screw on lid and rubber gasket, iphone water-tight no water damage.
iPhone X Underwater & Video Quality Test
2 oy oldin
Apple iPhone 10 Water Test - Swimming Pool - Video Test in HD Mode @30 fps Location - Royal Phuket City Hotel - Thailand , 2018.
2 oy oldin
DROWING MY IPHONE X FOR VIEWS (iPhone X Underwater Test) | Hey guys, in this weeks video I tested a few underwater iPhone accessories from RANVOO!
I-pix A5 underwater housing for i-phone 5 Dive test
4 yil oldin
Underwater video test using i-phone 5 together with I-pix A5 underwater housing from i-divesite.
Thomas and the Underwater Explorer.  (with iPhone underwater Camera)
2 oy oldin
Thomas gets to deliver the new Underwater Explorer to Sandy Bay. Watch as the explorer goes beneath the water with our new underwater iPhone camera!
Review: Kraken Sports Underwater Phone Housing Part 1
3 oy oldin
Just a quick demonstration and review of the Kraken Sports universal smartphone waterproof housing... Good for depths up to 80 Meters/263 Feet... Works with ...
Going underwater with phone
3 yil oldin
iPhone 5s with Lifeproof case on it. Dusty is jumping into the pool with it.
We found an iPhone X, iPhone 7 plus and wallet underwater!
7 kun oldin
We found an iPhone X, iPhone 7 plus and wallet underwater! Wow this River Dive was incredible! While snorkeling in the river for river treasure, we found some ...
iPhone underwater
5 yil oldin
Me and my cousin swimming.
Lake Holon ( iPhone 8 video test and underwater test)
5 oy oldin
Lake Holon Salacafe, Tboli, South Cotabato Philippines shot on iphone 8 music: tule - fearless ncs release.
Iphone 8 Plus Waterproof Test | iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera Underwater Test | Giveaway
11 oy oldin
Hi, this is my Iphone 8 Plus Waterproof Test, this video is using iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera to record video Underwater and also i will giveaway for you.
Dive with your iPhone - iPix underwater housing for iPhone
5 yil oldin
Used Iphone4S to take video with video light in Anilao and PG of Philippines. By iPhone4s in i-Pix A4 and video lights: i-Torch Carbonic 1, Pro5, Gen1.2, ...
Underwater Video taken with my iPhone 4 in Overboard OB1025BLK
7 yil oldin
www.waterproofcases.net/waterproof-digital-camera-case.html Having a little fun at the pool with my nephew --- who's grown some since our last ...
Underwater adventure submarine Android and iphone game APP
Yil oldin
Underwater adventures submarine is a completely free charming adventure game which will absorb you. Enjoy an underwater world filled with strange creatures ...
 iPhone 4S Filming Underwater - Wide Angle Lens & Red Filter FIRST IMPRESSIONS
5 yil oldin
freedom-divers.com Underwater Test using iPhone 4 in Underwater Housing with Magenta Filter, Red Filter and Wide Angle Lens (10 mm). Learn more ...
Watershot Underwater Highlights
4 yil oldin
Take a look at footage captured with the iPhone® and Galaxy - while safely protected inside the Watershot® housing. Video Credit: Alicia Franco Scuba Diver ...
ProShot underwater case for iPhone unboxing and review
Yil oldin
We open and review the Proshot underwater case for iPhone 6.
Optrix XD5 - Underwater Test
5 yil oldin
A simple underwater test of the Optirx XD5 housing. I'm Clay from Outdoor Photo Gear, and today we are testing the Optrix XD5. Here's my iPhone in this little ...
Testing Out the iPhone 4 Lifeproof Case Underwater...
5 yil oldin
At The Beach Club Palm Cove.
iPhone 7 WaterProof Test 🏊😊 ( Swimming, Vlog , Underwater)
Yil oldin
Hopefully you enjoy the Vlog and come back for more Amos : kythefirst Instagram: _K.Vibes.
THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!(Iphone 7 underwater!!)
Yil oldin
Hey guys,me anduzvid.com/video/video-DFX3ql1pZAE.html Where doing some fishing and he decided to see if the IPHONE 7 is actually water proof!!Like,Subscribe ...
iPhone goes underwater at Balicasag Island - AND SURVIVES!
Yil oldin
An awesome day on and in the water where we saw wonderful coral, so many fish and were lucky enough to see a sea turtle. All of the footage in this video was ...
iPhone 7 Plus Underwater
2 yil oldin
First test of my new underwater telephone.
Aquapolis Underwater City Builder Gameplay - Free On Android & iOS
3 yil oldin
Aquapolis Underwater City Builder Gameplay Trailer ▻ Click Here To Susbcribe ▻ bit.ly/1jYvX7W Thanks for watching. Game links & More can be found ...
Trees From Underwater
7 yil oldin
Trees shot underwater from the bottom of a creekbed with an iPhone in a SealLine ECase. Read about it @ WolfeWithAnE.com search: SealLine.
Real Freedom Productions Underwater TRAILER HD ★★★★★
3 yil oldin
Real Freedom Productions, your eyes into the unknown: Sharks Scuba VLOGS, GoPro & iPhone Underwater, incredible Fish Footage. Every Monday ...
Lake michigan underwater, iphone X  gold ear ring and a duck trying to steal our loot
Oy oldin
Took a look underwater to grab some cool things, hope you enjoy!!!!!! fuji film: ...