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Loni Love - Stand-Up Comedy (#LookLaugh)
2 yil oldin
This laugh was made possible by: LAFFAPALOOZA! America's Urban International Comedy Arts Festival. LAFFAPALOOZA!
Loni Love Keeps It Real
2 yil oldin
The hilarious Loni Love tells us about her new movie, "Mother's Day." Then, Loni weighs in on the latest Hot Topics from plus-size ...
Loni Love Learns to Pole Dance w/ Nicole Williams at Allure Dance Studio (Ellen Show)
5 yil oldin
The Ellen show went to Los Angeles to visit the #1 Studio Allure Dance & Fitness and to pair Loni Love up with International Pole ...
Loni Love reveals why Tamar Braxton was fired from the Real (TEA INSIDE!)
5 oy oldin
The ladies of the Real spilled a lot of tea during their visit on the Breakfast Club. The most interesting tea that was spilled was ...
LONI LOVE shows off her NEW MAN actor James Welsh | NEW info on Loni's BOYFRIEND! (Details Inside)
4 oy oldin
DaytimeTeaTime #Candice #LoniLove Loni Love has been flaunting her new relationship with her boyfriend Actor James Welsh!
Dr. Drew Met James (Loni’s Man!)
4 oy oldin
We grill Dr. Drew on what he thought of Loni's man, James, when he met him.
Loni Love - Brown Liquor
9 yil oldin
From Loni Love's 1 hour stand up special, "America's Sister" re-airing May 13th at 12:00am on Comedy Central!!!
Does Loni Have a New Love?
10 oy oldin
In Loni's Love Court, we investigate whether Loni has a man in her life! What do you think the evidence shows?
Soul Plane: Mo'Nique & Loni Love, Best Duo
8 yil oldin
THIS IS NOT OUR WORK:: Soul Plane is a comedy film from MGM, starring Kevin Hart, Method Man, Tom Arnold, D.L. Hughley, ...
Loni's Best Moments On The Real Part 1
3 oy oldin
All rights reserved to: (The Real Daytime) Compilation of some of my favourite moments on The Real from (as Aiden would call ...
Loni Stresses the Importance of Education: ‘Don’t Take It for Granted’
3 yil oldin
The importance of education cannot be stated enough! During this REAL moment, Loni sheds tears as she shares why going to ...
Loni Love CLAPS BACK at Whoopie and THE VIEW for saying The Real COPIED them! Jealousy over EMMY WIN
10 oy oldin
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