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LONI LOVE shows off her NEW MAN actor James Welsh | NEW info on Loni's BOYFRIEND! (Details Inside)
2 oy oldin
DaytimeTeaTime #Candice #LoniLove Loni Love has been flaunting her new relationship with her boyfriend Actor James Welsh! She discussed him being a ...
Loni Love Keeps It Real
2 yil oldin
The hilarious Loni Love tells us about her new movie, "Mother's Day." Then, Loni weighs in on the latest Hot Topics from plus-size model Ashley Graham ...
Dr. Drew Met James (Loni’s Man!)
Oy oldin
We grill Dr. Drew on what he thought of Loni's man, James, when he met him.
Loni Love CLAPS BACK at Whoopie and THE VIEW for saying The Real COPIED them! Jealousy over EMMY WIN
8 oy oldin
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Loni's Love and Dating Advice
4 yil oldin
Loni Love doesn't only guest DJ, she's got great advice on all things romance, and she dished it to Ellen's audience.
Loni Stresses the Importance of Education: ‘Don’t Take It for Granted’
3 yil oldin
The importance of education cannot be stated enough! During this REAL moment, Loni sheds tears as she shares why going to college was so monumental in ...
Ellen's Loni Love Matches
5 yil oldin
She promised to find Loni Love a good man, and she's got her first round of applicants! Lookin' good so far!
Loni Love reveals why Tamar Braxton was fired from the Real (TEA INSIDE!)
3 oy oldin
The ladies of the Real spilled a lot of tea during their visit on the Breakfast Club. The most interesting tea that was spilled was about Tamar Braxton getting ...
Producers Set To FIRE Loni Love From The Real!
8 oy oldin
Loni Love is next on the chopping block over at The Real! Media Takeout sources exclusively tell them that the producers of The Real are considering firing Loni ...
Loni Love's Love Advice
4 yil oldin
The comedian gave some advice of a romantic nature to members of Ellen's audience.
Tamera and Loni Can't Hold Back the Tears - Part 1
9 oy oldin
Is there a friend who has been there for you through a difficult time?
Loni Goes For a Pony Ride!
5 yil oldin
Loni Love is absolutely terrified of horses, which is why she could barely saddle up when a horse was brought into the studio. Though she was petrified, she was ...
Loni Love's Hilarious Performance Of 'My Prerogative' | Lip Sync Battle: Soul Train Awards Edition
Yil oldin
She's a woman of many talents, so it's no surprise she took the classic Bobby Brown hit to the next level! Still haven't subscribed to BET on UZvid?
Loni Love Catches Up with Ellen
5 yil oldin
The hilarious host of "The Real" was Ellen's guest DJ, and weighed in on all sorts of surprise topics.
Loni Gets a Smooch from Morris Chestnut
5 yil oldin
Morris Chestnut ("Kick Ass 2") has been happily married for 17 years, but when Loni Love asked for a kiss, he obliged! Watch how excited the host gets upon ...
After Four Seasons, Loni Love Finally Meets Idris Elba!
Yil oldin
IT HAPPENED! Get ready for a lot of emotions, because Loni finally met Idris!!! It's epic, don't miss it, Fri., October 6th!
Tamar Braxton is upset that Loni Love revealed why she was fired. She blames her sister!
3 oy oldin
Tamar Braxton is apparently upset after hearing that Loni Love revealed the truth behind her getting fired from the talk show, The Real. However Tamar's beef is ...
LONI LOVE Admits to DOING IT with Katt Williams! Loni GETS EMBARRASSED!!!
10 oy oldin
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Hosts of The Real On Why Tamar Braxton Really Left The Show, Girl Chat + More
3 oy oldin
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Mo'Nique & Loni's Tearful Reunion
2 yil oldin
Find out what brought Loni Love to tears during Mo'Nique's visit to "The Real."
Girl Chat: First Dates, and Unattractive Mates
6 kun oldin
Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley discuss what to do when your feelings shift for your partner. They also chat all about ...
Loni Love Gets 'Cozy' With Actor James Welsh  😍
2 oy oldin
Loni Love has been posting pictures of herself with actor James Welsh for months now! Most recently she posted a picture of them getting cozy on a sofa bed.
Loni Love Chats With Her Wigs
7 oy oldin
Loni Love confesses she has pep talks with her wigs. Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Houghton and guest co-host Amara La Negra have ...
Adam & Tamera Visit Loni's Love Court
2 yil oldin
The honorable Judge Loni Love hears a case between Tamera and her hubby Adam. What do they need Loni's help to settle? Check out this adorable clip to ...
Loni's HUGE Bedroom Mistake
Yil oldin
Friday on "The Real," be ready to LOL as Loni Love tells the story of her huge bedroom mistake. Check out more of the hilarious conversation in tomorrow's Girl ...
The Real: Tamara, Adrienne & Loni Debate Ice Cream On IG Live! 🍦
2 oy oldin
Loni Love BREAKS DOWN On The Real "If I Was To Take Off My Wig You Would Laugh"
Yil oldin
Poor Loni. She broke down in tears on "The Real" today when discussing how harshly women criticize other women. She even went as far as to say, "If I was to ...
Loni’s I Woke Up Like This
3 yil oldin
Check out Loni's morning routine in this edition of I Woke Up Like This.
Loni Love Opens Up about Suffering a Miscarriage
Yil oldin
Tuesday on "The Real," Loni Love bravely shares her story of suffering a miscarriage.
Loni's Best Moments On The Real Part 1
27 kun oldin
All rights reserved to: (The Real Daytime) Compilation of some of my favourite moments on The Real from (as Aiden would call her) the purple lady. What are ...
Loni Love Breaks Down Avoiding Extra Charges
Yil oldin
Some workers try to scam and upcharge you depending on how you look or where you live. Loni Love breaks down how to avoid being upsold. Have you been ...
Loni Love CRYING on 'THE REAL' about her NATURAL HAIR! Loni shows her REAL HAIR!
Yil oldin
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Loni Love from 'The Real' Talks About Tamar Braxton Getting Fired | The Breakfast Club
3 oy oldin
The Cast of 'The Real' talks about Tamar Braxton and how they didn't know she was going to be fired from the show. Find REVOLT on TV here: ...
Loni’s Door Knock Dinner
4 yil oldin
It's Loni's turn to pop in on one of her biggest fans with an at-home meal. During Door Knock Dinner, the comedienne surprises a family of six with a BBQ! Watch ...
Comedian Loni Love Hooks Up Bibi at the Improv!
7 yil oldin
After treating Bibi's cystic acne and boosting her self-esteem, Dr. Drew and Loni Love give her the opportunity of a lifetime: performing stand-up at the Improv ...
Friday on 'The Real': Tank
18 soat oldin
We have Tank joining us, and the hosts offer highly discounted fashionista finds!
Loni Love Moves Forward With Her OWN Television Show!
5 oy oldin
ongratulations to Loni Love who has signed a deal with Warner Bros. Television to develop a scripted comedy series based on her "larger-than-life" persona as ...
Loni Love on Christian Mingle
5 yil oldin
She's looking for Mr. Right, but Ellen wanted to offer her guest DJ a little help with love. See how she fixed her profile!
Loni Love Introduces New Boyfriend After Getting Caught The Jeannie Mai&Freddy Harteis Divorce Drama
2 oy oldin
The Real star managed to her herself in trouble with the internet after supposedly throwing major shade at one of her co-hosts, Jeannie Mai.As we all know by ...
Loni Love's Top 5 HILARIOUS "Love Corner" Segments On The Real
Yil oldin
All rights reserved to: (The Real Daytime) She's a star on the stand up comedy circuit and acts as the moderator on The Real. In this count down I've chosen my ...