• River treasure hunting
San Marcos River Treasure
Yil oldin
All treasure found in the process of volunteering and snorkeling the San Marcos River in San Marcos TX.
Snorkelling for River Treasure: Sinkers and Floats
11 oy oldin
Snorkelling at Noosa for some river treasure, we found a few sikers and a float.
Treasure Hunting. Micky's Beer Bottle
Yil oldin
Looking for Treasure along the river banks. Power line Insulator, Flip-flop with beads, Micky's beer bottle and a boat engine cover.
Update 2 : River Treasure iPhone Collection !!! 50 iPhones !!!
4 oy oldin
Since i found my first iPhone 5 in the River back in 2013 i got more and more into it. 80% of those i found the last 2 years while checking more spots, cityes and ...
River Treasure #3(Found a golf ball)
4 oy oldin
Hope you enjoyed the video if you did punch that like button in the face... So basically all I did was look for River Treasure... Instagram: ...
River Treasure Hunting | Found an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge & LG V20 Phones, Lost Wristwatch
4 oy oldin
I found 3 phones (iPhone 6s, Galaxy S7 Edge and LG V20), a wristwatch, 3 pairs of Raybans (older drops), a junk earring, a bag with fins, a mask, snorkel, ...
River Treasure : 4Iphones, 2Gopros,Pentax WG2 And MOAR!!
7 oy oldin
River Treasure : 4Iphones, 2Gopros,Pentax WG2 And MOAR!!
American River Treasure Hunting
Yil oldin
Seeking and finding lost and tossed "treasures" in the American River near Sacramento California in swift currents. Fun stuff!
jackass Jinger River Treasure
6 oy oldin
Sluicing for Gold & River Gold Prospecting | Treasure Hunting | Day 3
11 oy oldin
6 Day 3 Sluicing for Gold, Small Scale Gold Prospecting! Come along on this RIVER GOLD MINING TRIP in the Great American West as the adventure ...
River/creek treasure hunting shovel
Oy oldin
This shovel I've made is specifically designed for underwater rocky bottom metal detecting.
Hunting for Sunken Treasure Under the Chao Phraya in Bangkok | Coconuts TV
4 yil oldin
Hunting for Sunken Treasure Under the Chao Phraya in Bangkok | Coconuts TV Weird, wonderful and real stories from Asia, subscribe to Coconuts TV now: ...
River Treasure. Found Rugby Ball and a Purse
Oy oldin
I went on an Urban Treasure Hunt looking for river treasure. This particular creek was overrun with pollution. It floods regularly and there are numerous trees ...
Ohio Arrowhead Hunting Archaeology Native American Fossils River Creek Treasure Relics
Yil oldin
Hunting on Creeks and rivers over the last few days..some decent items. Thanks for watching. Found a few other items as well I will include in a video in a few ...
River Treasure Hunting Magnet Fishing Park Creek
17 kun oldin
I went to Olde Rope Mill in Woodstock Georgia to go floating on the creek hunting for river treasures magnet fishing. I didn't find much but what I did find proved ...
More River Treasure
Yil oldin
Walking through the river and finding TREASURE.
Finding river treasure only two things
Yil oldin
via UZvid Capture.
Treasure Hunting down the Thames
5 yil oldin
ETrac open screen See my main metal detecting UK website/metal detecting ring/jewellery finding service in London or Essex at ...
Treasure Hunting on the banks of the river. Appalachian Trail Pocket knife
Yil oldin
Looking for Treasure along the river banks. Great find Appalachian Trail pocket knife.
XXL River Treasure Hunt! Found +60 Sunglasses! RayBan‘s  , UE Boom , Cash and more! ( Round 2 )
19 kun oldin
Enjoy! More River Treasure and Magnet Fishing videos soon! Got some previews on instagram : instagram.com/dave_river_hunter/ Don't forget to ...
Flynt is ready for river treasure hunting!
2 oy oldin
Turned 5 today and he's ready for his big day of fishing and his awesome underwater camera! He loves watching @dallmyd.
River Funsies
10 oy oldin
San Marcos River Fun(sies). Tubing, snorkeling, spearfishing, treasure hunting, fossil hunting, invasive removal and consumption. Just another day in paradise.
River Treasure Finds!! (Gold ring, Phone, and MORE)
8 oy oldin
River treasure hunting finds for 2016 and 2017! I didn't hunt as much as I wanted but still found some neat things. Please Subscribe, Comment, Like, Share and ...
Underwater Treasure Hunting
Yil oldin
I didn't add my outro at the end of the video Drop a like in this video and share it Don't forget to subscribe!!!!
River Treasure Hunting ( Chasing Fish)
Yil oldin
So I started a new hobby and all I found was a big anchor not worthy of a video. I'm using my Go Pro hero 3+ Silver. Y'all Subscribe I'll be vloging and adding ...
Lost Valuables and River Treasure Found | Scuba Diving
2 oy oldin
In this video, I search for lost valuables by a popular swimming spot. Make sure to like, share, comment, and most importantly subscribe to help me reach my ...
Angry turtle + River treasure!
Yil oldin
Me [Masterbaiter] and TRK snorkeling in the Big Gunpowder, we were only going to see some fish but ended up finding lots of treasure instead!
Treasure Hunting - what will they find on the treasure hunt?
2 yil oldin
This is a cool video of me finding a treasure please watch the video and look for the bro show. I'm searching for a hidden treasure chest at home. I don't need a ...
Found VERY OLD mustard jar diving in the river treasure hunting
Oy oldin
Decided to go back to the Tay river last Sunday for a quick river dive. Ended up about a kilometer up the river from my last video in that area, turns out the water ...
River Treasure Hunting. Silver Coins, Bullets & Bottles
17 kun oldin
Had a great couple of hours in the river today. Found a few nice bottles some coins and an apple iPod. Two of the Coins were sterling silver and also got a mint ...
River Treasure Hunt Cakak Tranung
Yil oldin
Video ni aku nak ajak dan pupuk kesedaran kepentingan menjaga kebersihan alam sekitar sambil aku bersuka ria. Tak kira dimana sahaja korang pergi, ...
River Treasure hunting
Yil oldin
river treasure hunting in Cherokee equipment gopro us dive goggles hitfilm 4 dell All music credits go to Summer 16 by Drake Don't tell them by Jeremiah ...
Frame Of Ft. Ancient Arrowheads OHIO RIVER Personal Finds Relic Treasure Hunting History
2 yil oldin
Frame of various Ft.Ancient Triangles all found on several Ohio River sites over the past 30 yrs by me. Most of these have impact fractures to the tip on the river ...
River Treasure Hunting! Cannon Hole diving!
Yil oldin
Welcome to Shiftyy GD! Today we went diving for treasure and found some pretty cool stuff. Check it out!
River treasure hunt ..magnet fishing
Yil oldin
Magnet fishing chess whalf today I am absolutely gutted I ran out of film because shortly after the battery died we found a live (shotgun she'll which I will put pics ...
Lewis Emery Treasure Hunt 3
7 yil oldin
Lewis Emery Treasure Hunt 3.
River treasure
Oy oldin
Billy floyd 11.
Underwater treasure hunting equipment
4 yil oldin
Equipment I use underwater treasure hunting.
Treasure Hunting In The Creek (I Found A Phone does it work ?)
2 oy oldin
Went treasure hunting in the creek found a phone had a great time exploring.
River Treasure #5 : iPhone Cash iHome Raybans GoPros Weapon
10 oy oldin
River Treasure #5 : iPhone Cash iHome Raybans GoPros Weapon found gun, pistol, gun, fishing tackle, fishing lures, fishing gear, fishing, searching, snorkeling ...
River Treasure #9 : iPhone Cash iHome Raybans GoPros Weapon
10 oy oldin
River Treasure #9 : iPhone Cash iHome Raybans GoPros Weapon found gun, pistol, gun, fishing tackle, fishing lures, fishing gear, fishing, searching, snorkeling ...