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Democrats reject Trump's plan to end shutdown
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Democrats have rejected President Trump's plan to end the partial government shutdown. He proposed offering temporary protections to DACA recipients in ...
Democrats push back on Trump's immigration offer to end shutdown
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Democrats are rejecting President Trump's immigration plan to give temporary protections to DACA recipients and other immigrants in exchange for border wall ...
Trump makes big announcement about border wall and shutdown
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The president says he is prepared to extend temporary legal protections for the so-called "Dreamers."
Dems reject Trump's proposal as shutdown continues
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The president's offer to extend temporary protections for "Dreamers" in exchange for border wall funds was rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a ...
Day 31 of the government shutdown
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A record number of TSA workers are calling out due to financial difficulties, with as many as ten percent of workers not present on the job.
The government shutdown impacts security at US airports
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Some TSA workers are not showing up to work, mostly for financial reasons, as the shutdown reaches day 30.
Lil' T performs ‘Shutdown’: Blinds 1 | The Voice Kids UK 2017
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Subscribe for more: bit.ly/2rAkmop Broadcast on: 10/06/17 Like, follow and subscribe to the official channels for The Voice Kids UK. UZvid: ...
Government Shutdown 28 Days Later
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Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Friday, January 18. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: bit.ly/1nwT1aN Watch The Tonight Show ...
CNN anchor makes desperate plea amid shutdown
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CNN's Victor Blackwell urges viewers to help those affected by the government shutdown by donating to their local food banks. #CNN #News.
Democrats reject Trump's plan to end government shutdown
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As the government shutdown continued Monday on its 31st day, President Trump was hoping his latest proposal could end it. However, it was not well received ...
GOP lawmaker: This is an idiotic shutdown
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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tells CNN's Ana Cabrera he likes President Trump's offer to Democrats in exchange for border wall funding, but thinks that his ...
Federal Workers Tell Us How It Feels To Be Shut Down (HBO)
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The president's chief economic adviser is trying to spin the government shutdown as a kind of extended Christmas vacation for federal workers. “Huge share of ...
Sean Spicer: The shutdown could last for another two months
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America First Action PAC senior adviser Sean Spicer on President Trump's battle with Democrats over border wall funding amid the partial government ...
Are there any signs of progress towards ending the shutdown?
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Jeffrey Goldberg, Seung Min Kim, David Nakamura and Michael Crowley discuss the political implications of the government shutdown for both sides and how ...
Day 30 of shutdown: If compromise seems hopeless, what next?
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The hardest part about ending the government shutdown, now in it's 30th day, is that both parties have long standing ideals about immigration that align with the ...
TSA Callouts Reach Record High As Government Shutdown Hits 31st Day | NBC Nightly News
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Around the country, 10% of TSA's workers called in sick on Sunday -- compared to just three percent on the same day last year. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
Extended Government Shutdown Chaos
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Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, January 16, plus new Spider-Man movie trailer shows affects of the shutdown. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight ...
How will the shutdown end? These are Trump's options
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As the longest government shutdown in history continues, President Trump's options for reopening the government are becoming limited. Here are a few paths ...
Federal workers struggle without pay with no end in sight for shutdown
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As the government shutdown drags on, unpaid federal workers are struggling to put food on the table. Federal agencies are also feeling the impact, as some ...
Shutdown, TSA sick calls, and weather lead to travel delays
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Not only did a major weekend storm disrupt travel for millions of Americans, but the 31-day partial government shutdown also had an impact. Kris Van Cleave ...