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The Wall | Trump's presidential promise a struggle to achieve | Sunday Night
5 oy oldin
"Build the wall" was the rallying cry - a wall to secure the U.S. border with Mexico. And it worked - it helped elect Donald Trump as ...
Trump wall: President addresses nation on border 'crisis' - BBC News
2 oy oldin
US President Donald Trump has made his first TV address to the nation from the Oval Office, escalating a stand-off with Congress ...
CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall
2 oy oldin
CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.
First Look At Trump's US Mexico Border Wall
Yil oldin
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M.A.M.O.N. - Latinos VS. Donald Trump short film cortometraje
2 yil oldin
M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) is a satirical fantasy sci-fi shortfilm that explores with black humor and ...
2020 budget: Trump to ask for additional $8.6 billion in border wall funding
15 kun oldin
President Trump is expected to request billions of dollars in new border wall funding when he delivers his 2020 budget proposal ...
President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico takes shape
Yil oldin
U.S. President Donald Trump's promise of a wall on the border with Mexico is taking shape. Testing is underway on eight ...
First Look at Trump's Border Wall With Patrol Road on Top
11 oy oldin
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Trump may divert funds from unbuilt military projects for border wall
6 kun oldin
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Trump administration's handling of illegal immigrants on the ...
Where Does Trump’s Border Wall Stand Today? | NYT News
11 oy oldin
After more than a year in office, President Trump has been unable to deliver on his promise of a wall on the border with Mexico.
Internet trolls Trump's steel border wall idea
2 oy oldin
The internet pokes fun at President Donald Trump's proposal on Twitter for a border wall made of steel slats to protect the ...
Border official shows Trump tunnels under wall
2 oy oldin
President Donald Trump said he is nearing a decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border, which he visited in ...
Trump's Wall: Life on the US-Mexico Border
Oy oldin
Even though it caused a 35 day government shutdown, President Trump is press on with plans to build a wall on the US-Mexico ...
Trump’s Border Wall: Who Profits?
Oy oldin
Infrastructure, military, and security companies line up to take a piece from the budget for the Border Wall, funded by Trump's ...
Trump's national emergency declaration, in 3 minutes
Oy oldin
President Trump declared a national emergency to build a border wall on Feb. 15. Here's what you missed. Read more: ...
Trump, Pelosi, Schumer spar on border wall in Oval Office
3 oy oldin
President Trump, Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer debate border security in front of reporters at the White House ahead of their ...
Donald Trump defends emergency funding for Mexico wall
Oy oldin
President Trump has resorted to extreme measures - and risked a major constitutional crisis - to get a wall built along the border ...
Trump makes case for border wall: Oval Office address
2 oy oldin
U.S. President Donald Trump's prime-time address, scheduled for 9 p.m. ET, will be the Republican president's latest attempt to ...
Trump's full speech declaring a national emergency for border wall funding
Oy oldin
President Trump on Feb. 15 declared a national emergency to allocate additional funding to build a wall at the southern border.
Donald Trump's Border Wall Fantasy | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
2 oy oldin
Encouraged by President Trump's insistence that Mexico will somehow pay for his proposed border wall, Jaboukie Young-White ...